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IRONLADY is a women's race, which we decided to hold on the eve of the IRONSTAR Triathlon competition especially for the beautiful ladies. The distance is 5 km.

Do you participate in the triathlon in Sochi? Are you going to support your athlete? Do you like running and want to feel the "iron" atmosphere of the main start of the year? This race is for you!

Girls themselves gave us the idea of the women’s race. We fulfill your request!
IRONLADY starts off on Friday, before STARKIDS, opposite the main entrance of the Imeretinsky Hotel. The distance is 5 km. You will run by the picturesque route along the embankment of the Black Sea and the pier of Imeretinskaya Bay. The next day, along the same route will run "iron" people and participants of the Olympic triathlon. But first, here will be you. Good luck!

For the participation you must be 16 years old or elder and have a health certificate with permisson for running 5 km distace or more. We accept medical certificates in any language.

After finishing, you will have plenty of time for rest and cheering the young runners - participants of STARKIDS.

Register for the IRONSTAR competition with whole of your family!


Race course




The starting town as well as the finish line of IRONSTAR are to be located in the close vicinity of the hotel and the transit area is to be opposite to the main entrance of the Imeretinskiy hotel.
You can get a special price for your accomodation by using promo-code ISTRIATHLON.
Accommodation and travel packages are provided by OLYMPICO Events company

In case of questions please contact us at
phone: +7 (989) 756-18-44


Race number Name and Surname Country Team
0001 Svetlana Sharipova Russia
0002 Anzhelika Kryzhanovskaya Russia
0003 Irina Agaeva Russia
0004 Aminat Anatova Russia
0005 Irina Kolesnikova Russia
0006 Anna Sazonova Russia
0007 Clara Ignatyeva Russia I Love Running
0008 Kristina Belousova Russia
0009 Elena Balashova Russia Nike running
0010 Marina Mitrokhina Russia PSS-Pro
0011 Dinara Baykhina Russia
0012 Inga Kavun Russia
0013 Valentina Kveliashvili Russia
0014 Svetlana Akbasheva Russia
0015 Renata Shakirova Russia
0016 Olga Shakirova Russia
0017 Mariya Chuykina Russia
0018 Alexandra Kuzmina Russia
0019 Linara Korchagina Russia I love Running
0020 Ludmila Maletskova Russia I love Running
0021 Ekaterina Vaksova Russia
0022 Anastasiya Ramenskaya Russia
0023 Mariya Korosteleva Russia
0024 Tatyana Dergacheva Russia
0025 Inna Sennikova Russia I love running Tyumen
0026 Olga Bolotova Russia
0027 Ekaterina Popova Russia
0028 Valentina Galanova Russia ОРИЕНТИР
0029 Marina Grebennikova Russia
0030 Olga Troshinskaya Russia
0031 Oksana Bebko Russia
0032 Elena Maksimenko Russia Рязань
0033 Gulnur Gilyaeva Russia
0034 Irina Tishina Russia FESS
0035 Aleksandra Bazarbaeva Russia FESS
0036 Dina Akhmetshina Russia
0037 Marina Anikushina Russia
0038 Darya Litvinenko Russia
0039 Svetlana Eseva Russia
0040 Anna Trubach Russia
0041 Anastasiya Gavrilova Russia
0042 Anastasiya Pan Russia
0044 Nadezhda Skorobogatko Russia Chelny Triathlon Team
0045 Gulnara Salikhova Russia IRONSTAR TEAM
0046 Guzel Sergeeva Russia
0047 Darya Chernukhina Russia ILR
0048 Marina Iskhakova Russia
0049 Olga Dogonkina Russia
0050 Olga Bereznyak Russia
0051 Irina Ismailova Russia
0052 Mariya Mikheeva Russia
0053 Mariya Rylnikova Russia
0054 Ksenia Korotina United Arab Emirates
0055 Valentina Kharkova Russia
0056 Anastasiya Abramova Russia World class
0057 Elena Khasiyatullina Russia ABBYY LS Triathlon Team
0058 Svetlana Tomashevskaia Russia Z3TEAM
0059 Elmira Agaeva Russia
0060 Vera Torotenkova Russia I love running
0061 Viktoriya Yarmukhametova Russia #Womenbz
0062 Kseniya Milovankina Russia
0063 Violetta Mironova Russia
0064 Elvira Sharipova Russia
0065 Lyudmila Serebryakova Russia
0066 Nadya Lisapova Russia
0067 Anna Kuznetsova Russia
0068 Yulia Nikitenko Russia
0069 Natalya Khmelnitskaya Russia
0070 Larisa Kuznetsova Russia
0071 Anna Gavrilova Russia
0072 Lada Spiridonova Russia
0074 Almagul Kamitova Russia SAP Triathlon Team
0075 Inna Yurchenko Russia
0076 Marina Kravets Russia
0077 Leyla Galiakhmetova Russia
0078 Diana Garifulina Russia Железный Варяг
0079 Viktoriya Kovalyeva Russia
0080 Ira Lebedeva Russia
0081 Liliya Kosolapova Russia correct_audit_tri
0082 Kseniya Kim Russia
0083 Nataliya Maksimenko Russia ILR
0084 Lyubov Volkova Russia
0085 Sofya Volkova Russia
0086 Alena Ilicheva Russia
0087 Rakvere Reshetnyak Russia I LOVE RUNNING
0088 Aliya Akhmetbekova Kazakhstan
0089 Valentina Zotova Russia




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