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The Russian Cup IRONSTAR 113 KAZAN 2016 for age group athletes, half-iron distance: 1.93-km swim, 90-km bike, 21.1-km run. Everyone who has registered and paid the entrance fee is welcome.

The competition takes place in the very heart of Kazan. The city has hosted Universiade 2013 and the 16th FINA World Championships, and due to this has acquired a unique infrastructure. The Agricultural park and Kazan Kremlin are within walking distance of the venue.

The competition will start on the spectacular Kazanka River embankment. The Kazanka is ideal for holding the swimming stage due to its pure running water, wide water area and the absence of waves. The itinerary is planned so that the participants will not have to make sharp turns in water. There is no doubt that the swimming stage will be comfortable  – the reviews from World Championships participants who have swum in the open water have all been positive.

The cycling stage will proceed along the main streets of the Universade 2013 capital. The participants will enjoy nice views of one of the oldest towns in Russia.

The running course is mapped along the Kazanka embankment. A perfectly smooth covering of the embankment without ascents will definitely help you do your best at the final stage of the race. You will have to overcome five laps – from Kazan Kremlin to the Millennium Bridge, passing Kazan National Cultural Centre and other city attractions.   

The spectators on the embankment will always find themselves in the center of the race, and the athletes will feel like center of their supporters’ attention.

August 27, 2016. Your chance to visit one of the most beautiful towns in Russia.



Race course

Route of IRONSTAR 113 KAZAN 2016





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Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
0021 Vadim Naprienko Russia Ski Triathlon Team
0029 Artur Zaripov Russia Terminatorlar
0031 Timur Khabibulin Russia
0035 Dmitriy Ovchinnikov Russia SunPetrol
0036 Timerbulat Bagautdinov Russia
0056 Nikolay Galanyev Russia Пионер
0062 Ruslan Ibragimov Russia
0076 Evgeniy Bazarov Russia Iloverunning
0078 Asyl Akhambay Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0081 Yaroslav Rapoport Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
0088 Aleksandr Korovin Russia
0090 Erdni Kuskiev Russia BlueLagoon
0108 Aleksey Timchenko Russia Ski Triathlon Team
0116 Ilya Bogushov Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0118 Anton Tokmakov Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0120 Andrey Yarosh Russia
0121 Boris Klimenko Russia
0132 Sergey Karpenko Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
0137 Dima Kolesnikov Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0139 Egor Mukhortov Russia Rosatom Triathlon
0146 Igor Kistanov Russia
0153 Dmitriy Kolesnikov Russia skolkovo triathlon team
0166 Andrey Kolpakov Russia David Warden Coaching
0168 Ivan Polukarov Russia КЕРОГАZZ
0172 Ivan Golenko Russia Run Plus
0173 Evgeniy Baranov Russia
0179 Ayrat Mukhametgaliev Russia
0188 Platon Kiselev Russia
0191 Artem Shevchuk Russia TriBrothers
0192 Yuriy Skorobogatko Russia Chelny Triathlon Team
0194 Artyem Meshcheryakov Russia
0204 Omar Idris Syria IronDoctor
0210 Ivan Vavilov Russia
0216 Misha Makarov Russia I love running samara
0220 Kirill Solovov Russia
0221 Denis Gladkiy Russia НГУ / Creatiff Inside
0224 Evgeniy Romanov Russia
0225 Aydar Gayfutdinov Russia
0226 Dmitry Vostrikov Russia Неудержимые
0231 Vitaly Si Russia
0237 Stepan Kostyukhin Russia
0247 Timur Iglikov Kazakhstan Fidelity Fit & Well
0256 Andrey Terentev Russia Keep moving
0258 Aleksey Shingarev Russia KEEP MOVING
0260 Dmitriy Korabelnikov Kazakhstan Fidelity Fit & Well
0264 Ilya Tkachenkov Russia
0268 Sergey Sokolov Russia
0276 Slava Bukatin Russia
0281 Denis Loshkarev Russia Триатлон-НН
0283 Arseniy Mamitov Russia MAMITOVBROTHERS
0291 Roman Nikolaev Russia JusTTri Team
0312 Andrey Lykov Russia
0313 Nikolay Derzhavin Russia SBERBANK TRIATHLON TEAM
0325 Roman Yarkin Russia
0326 Aleksey Debrov Russia Без клуба
0329 Konstantin Nikitichev Russia KEEP MOVING
0332 Yuriy Gurov Russia
0354 Vyacheslav Orlov Russia TriAtlet
0361 Ivan Boldov Russia Creatiff Inside Team
0368 Aleksandr Shults Russia
0373 Oganes Gabrielyan Russia
0375 Aleksandr Moroz Russia Строительный двор
0380 Rinat Sharipov Russia
0382 Sergey Milyutin Russia
0390 Pavel Kucheryavenko Russia
0401 Yuriy Yurchenko Belarus
0402 Vladimir Rybakov Russia
0411 Sergey Antonov Russia Федерация триатлона Республики Карелия
0414 Konstantin Gopa Russia Темп
0418 Ivan Kogtikov Russia
0419 Sergei Ermolaev Russia
0436 Alexander Murtakov Russia Ski Team Evdo
0441 Devyatyarov Valentin Russia Pro Trener
0445 Igor Cheremnykh Russia VolgaSwim
0452 Nikita Bolshakov Russia
0455 Ilya Konyshev Russia
0462 Melnik Sergey Russia
0473 Mikhail Umnov Russia
0475 Evgeniy Muravev Russia Free Run
0477 Ruslan Ishmuhametov Russia
0487 Grigoriy Navrotskiy Russia David Warden Coaching
0493 Evgeniy Nikitin Russia JusTTri Team
0496 Anatoliy Sedov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0497 Vitaliy Kulagin Russia Триада
0503 Aybulat Khayrullin Russia Терминаторлар
0506 Stanislav Darchinov Russia -
0507 Evgeniy Zyryanov Russia
0511 Roman Novikov Russia ИОХ РАН
0514 Vasiliy Mokrousov Russia Триатлон-НН
0516 Evgeniy Ignatenko Russia
0520 Andrey Shokhin Russia Циклон
0521 Igor Kibanov Russia блог @kibanovigor
0528 Aleksey Kostyushov Russia Sechenovo Team
0529 Sergey Ivanov Russia Триатлон-НН
0539 Vladislav Litvinchuk Russia
0543 Sergey Mikhaylov Russia
0546 Aleksandr Elizov Russia
0547 Sergey Molkoedov Russia
0551 Andrey Belotelov Russia I Love Running
0552 Aleksandr Maksimov Russia
0560 Kirill Kirilyuk Russia jusTTri Team
0568 Evgeniy Rulevskiy Russia
0575 Dmitriy Kuzin Russia
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
0002 Vladimir Razuvaev Russia
0005 Vadim Matveyev Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0008 Gleb Makin Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0010 Rifat Garipov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0011 Kirill Zhorkin Russia Raketa
0013 Azim Rakhmatov Russia Ракета
0017 Evgeniy Yashenkov Russia ILR Kemerovo
0019 Semen Chernonozhkin Russia МозгоБойня
0020 Maksimov Oleg Russia Triathlon Team Perm
0023 Vyacheslav Golubev Russia STT
0024 Ilya Gubarev Russia
0026 Roman Skvortsov Russia Etalon Club
0028 Petr Devyatov Russia Триатлета
0033 Andrey Ulyashev Russia
0040 Andrey Smirnov Russia
0044 Nikolay Zubko Russia Danaflex Team
0045 Igor Duka Russia Жирные банковские коты
0048 Lyubomir Makashin Russia
0049 Ramis Valiullin Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0051 Ivan Fost Russia I love running
0052 Anton Vidineev Russia Gipsy team (MGIMO MBA triathlon)
0053 Artem Shevchenko Russia
0057 Askar Maylyubaev Kazakhstan AlmatyBroTeam
0065 Alexander Mokryak Russia mokryakrunningteam
0066 Mikhail Golubev Russia Gamma team
0069 Anton Khaldin Russia Trilife
0072 Evgeniy Barkhatov Russia Новотор
0077 Vyacheslav Kudryashov Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
0079 Sergey Vankov Russia
0080 Azat Baltaev Russia SBERBANK Triathlon Team
0083 Aleksandr Volkov Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
0091 Sergey Moskvin Russia #снамитысможешь
0096 Evgeniy Tomal Russia
0097 Maksim Solovov Russia
0100 Aydar Akhmetzyanov Russia Terminatorlar
0105 Aleksandr Lybanev Russia Трилайф
0107 Dmitriy Klimchuk Russia
0112 Lenar Rakhmanov Russia Sinergia Sports Team
0122 Andrey Balashov Russia
0124 Evgeniy Ermilov Russia
0127 Maxim Kuzmin Russia
0128 Kirill Osipov Russia КРЫЛЬЯ
0134 Evgeniy Gryaznov Russia
0135 Daniyar Khabiev Russia 21runners
0136 Artem Pervin Russia
0138 Vyacheslav Seryakov Russia Enisey Engineering Team
0145 Andrey Abdulin Russia
0149 Sergey Rybkin Russia
0155 Arseniy Semiletenko Russia Альфа-Битца/Альпклуб МАИ
0160 Anton Kudryavtsev Russia Pro Trener
0163 Anton Popov Russia Trilife
0165 Konstantin Nikitin Russia ЗВЕЗДА
0174 Aleksandr Sinyukov Russia
0175 Yuri Popov Russia Самарские Рыси
0176 Vladimir Bondarev Russia
0181 Antons Bondarenko Latvia Zoorbagan
0196 Vadim Ryabtsev Russia X
0197 Tokarev Dmitriy Kazakhstan Алматы Марафон
0198 Vyacheslav Sokolov Russia
0200 Aleksandr Filyutich Russia
0203 Roman Kopev Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0207 Dmitriy Antonov Russia R Team
0211 Viktor Gorguraki Russia
0217 Ivan Tomal Russia
0233 Aleksandr Shabalin Russia КЛБ "ВИТА", г.Пермь
0234 Vladimir Elkin Russia Циклон
0239 Aleksey Romanov Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0248 Aleksandr Klyuchnikov Russia
0250 Aleksey Gotovskiy Russia
0257 Roman Bogomolov Russia
0261 Alexander Tsimbal Russia
0262 Ivan Kuznetsov Russia
0263 Artur Asadullin Russia
0270 Aleksandr Khristyuk Russia Трилайф
0272 Oleg An Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0275 Denis Kornilov Russia
0278 Dmitriy Evsyukov Russia E-team
0279 Nikolay Frolov Russia
0280 Andrey Tkachyev Russia
0282 Konstantin Krestin Russia Триатлон-НН
0284 Pavel Nesterov Russia
0285 Dmitriy Ivanov Russia
0293 Nikolay Novozhilov Russia
0294 Marat Bagautdinov Russia Innopolis
0295 Boris Lepinskikh Russia Training System
0299 Andrey Tumanov Russia major lift
0301 Sergey Denisov Russia WinGG's
0303 Oleg Ivchenko Russia
0308 Konstantin Gorbach Russia RRC Run Club-STT
0317 Artur Khasiyatullin Russia ABBYY LS TRIATHLON TEAM
0318 Aleksandr Borisov Russia
0319 Salavat Davletberdin Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0322 Vyacheslav Moskovskiy Russia ЦиклON
0323 Leonid Italyantsev Russia Hard Rock triathlon club
0324 Mihail Oshurkov Russia Триатлет
0327 Vladislav Vasilevskiy Russia WinGG's
0334 Erzhan Izdikov Kazakhstan
0349 Aleksandr Tyulenyev Russia
0353 Mikhail Sytyy Russia ряженки
0355 Pavel Andreev Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0356 Dmitriy Andreev Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0362 Aleksandr Telnov Russia DWC
0369 Aleksandr Adelev Russia World Class
0378 Vladimir Pimenov Russia
0381 Ilgam Makhmutov Russia
0385 Sergey Bobin Russia TriAtlet
0392 Semyen Beresnev Estonia PEDALIADA
0396 Anton Kalinin Russia
0397 Aleksandr Shmelev Russia CycleON
0405 Maksim Mezhevikin Russia БОДРЫЕ г. Бузулук
0409 Aleksandr Stratilatov Russia
0412 Alexander Vyborov Russia
0417 Sergey Bagdasaryan Russia Trilife
0422 Oleg Kuzminskiy Russia Traektoria
0424 Evgeniy Korshakov Russia Irondrive
0426 Dmitriy Pogorelskiy Russia
0428 Ilnar Ismagilov Russia TERMINATORLAR, Cycleon
0439 Sergey Kruglov Russia TERMINATORLAR
0442 Aleksey Chizhov Russia YUMA
0443 Evgeniy Bakunov Russia
0457 Evgeniy Dushenok Russia LikeSKI
0464 Anton Neskorodev Russia Trilife
0467 Sergey Kurochkin Russia TRILIFE
0474 Ruslan Emelkhanov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0478 Alexey Kuznetsov Russia Training System
0479 Aleksey Volodin Russia
0480 Roman Chistostupov Russia
0483 Aleksandr Cherednichenko Russia
0484 Yuri Kozhushniy Kazakhstan
0495 Maksim Khoraykin Russia Уголок здоровья
0501 Galitskiy Dmitriy Russia Trilife
0504 Dima Terekhin Russia Бонаман
0505 Niyaz Garaev Russia Касаясь Толстоты
0509 Pavel Rastrygin Russia INSPAER
0512 Roman Zaytsev Russia
0513 Dmitriy Kapstin Russia Триатлон-НН
0522 Dmitriy Volkov Russia Касаясь Толстоты
0525 Andrey Shishkin Russia темп
0526 Valeriy Annikov Russia ООО "Магна"
0527 Oleg Gaus Russia
0537 Aleksey Antonov Russia Триатлон-НН
0540 Andrey Evgrafov Russia
0554 Ilya Kiryukhin Russia
0556 Vasiliy Fokin Russia Трилайф
0559 Andrey Shikhov Russia
0561 Maksim Kriukov Russia KruMi
0563 Denis Faterkin Russia
0567 Ng Kartik India Team India
0574 Dmitry Shaulskiy Russia
0577 Maksim Koryako Russia
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
0004 Azamat Abdulmenov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0006 Kharis Sadykov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0009 Ivan Artemov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0014 Ruslan Yakupov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0015 Maxim Boulatov Russia
0018 Anton Kreslin Latvia Zoorbagan
0025 Timur Kupan Russia Terminatorlar
0030 Ted Vyrypaev Latvia Zoorbagan
0034 Maksim Buvalin Russia TERMINATORLAR
0043 Vladimir Gordeev Russia
0046 Pavel Rudko Russia Триатлета
0050 Khadzhimurat Gazaliev Russia Unistroy Team
0058 Igor Bilous Russia SKOLKOVO Triathlon Team
0059 Aleksey Alepko Russia
0064 Ilya Anastasev Russia
0067 Aleksandr Postnyy Russia лично
0082 Aleksandr Letunov Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
0084 Aleksey Shloyda Russia
0085 Oleg Shekhtman Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
0086 Artem Khizbulin Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0095 Michael Zaozerskiy Russia
0101 Ayrat Ikhsanov Russia
0102 Rais Shaehov Russia
0104 Dmitriy Gitelman Russia Zh-team
0110 Roman Evgrafov Russia Terminatorlar
0113 Maks Nastusenko Russia
0115 Aleksey Rakhimov Russia
0117 Alexey Maslov Russia Inter RAO triathlon team
0119 Oleg Trofimenko Russia
0125 Sergey Mayamsin Russia
0131 Grigoriy Isaev Russia DW Coaching
0133 Maksim Sobolev Russia Триатлета
0141 Ruslan Suleymanov Russia Клуб Единоборств №1
0142 Ivan Dvoluchanskiy Russia
0143 Sergey Maramokhin Russia Alex Baryga Ski Team (ABST)
0147 Andrey Li Kazakhstan Almaty Running Club
0148 Evgeniy Rogotnev Russia
0150 Mikhail Martyanov Russia
0157 Alexander Gavrilov Russia I Love Triathlon
0158 Sergey Korobov Russia Trilife
0159 Andrey Kireev Russia Trilife (Республика Карелия)
0164 Stanislav Kuznetsov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0169 Aleksey Baryshnikov Russia Alex Baryga Ski Team
0177 Aleksandr Grigorev Russia
0182 Maksim Konnov Russia
0184 Alexey Seryodkin Russia l Love Running
0185 Azizbek Gabdullin Kazakhstan лично
0186 Igor Fedorov Russia Ёteam
0193 Dmitry Sheybak Russia
0195 Vladimir Rybakov Russia KEEP MOVING
0218 Vladimir Sitnov Russia
0223 Dmitriy Akhromov Russia
0228 Nikita Bushuev Russia ЦиклON
0229 Maksim Knyazev Russia
0230 Vyacheslav Bushuev Russia "Касаясь толстоты"
0236 Rustam Iseev Russia
0238 Oleg Yasenov Russia
0240 Ilnar Miftakhov Russia
0253 Roman Rubtsov Russia i love running
0254 Dmitriy Vasilkov Russia MySwim
0255 Roman Lobachev Russia
0259 Oleg Borovkov Russia REDLAVA
0266 Vadim Nuriakhmetov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0267 Vitaliy Biryukov Russia БегОм
0274 Yaroslav Semenov Russia Общественная палата Российской Федерации
0277 Shamil Zamanov Russia
0287 Yuriy Arkhipov Russia
0289 Aleksey Melentev Russia Вологодские равнины
0292 Artem Bubelov Russia
0300 Alan Tsarikaev Russia
0305 Aleksey Zaytsev Russia Федерация Триатлона Тюменской области
0309 Alexander Appanov Russia RRC Run Club
0310 Ruslan Shakirov Russia CycleON
0311 Aleksandr Vasilev Russia GARAGE
0315 Marsel Khasanov Russia
0320 Sergey Laushkin Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0321 Ruslan Sharipov Russia
0328 Evgeniy Gasnikov Russia
0338 Fedor Malyugin Russia
0339 Nikolay Tomarev Russia DWC
0343 Igor Bogatyrev Russia Выхухоль
0344 Sergey Khlopov Russia Динамо бежит? Все бегут!
0347 Kuanysh Sydykov Kazakhstan
0348 Konstantin Sadartinov Russia Triathlon Team Perm
0357 Kirill Batarin Russia
0358 Aleksandr Bolotov Russia Triatlon Team Perm
0359 Denis Turishchev Russia
0366 Evgeniy Butorin Russia TRI59
0374 Kirill Chechelev Russia TriOpaliha
0376 Andrey Serebryakov Russia
0386 Dmitriy Petrov Russia
0387 Evgeniy Ivanov Russia ТОЧКА СПОРТА
0391 Mikhail Kutkov Russia DWC
0395 Samat Akhilbekov Kazakhstan
0399 Ivan Bondarev Russia
0413 Evgeniy Ignatenko Russia
0420 Yuriy Trofimov Russia
0423 Sergey Stavenko Russia
0425 Andrey Ivkin Russia MICoaching
0430 Artur Sinitsin Russia I Love Running
0438 Irek Takiullin Russia
0440 Igor Telushko Russia Trilife
0449 Pavel Kaysin Russia
0450 Aleksandr Kudryavtsev Russia
0454 Igor Shevchuk Russia TriBrothers
0456 Pavel Smirnov Russia i love triathlon
0468 Serjio Cherkasov Russia Trilife
0469 Sergey Alpatov Russia
0471 Aleksandr Borisov Russia Триатлон-НН
0482 Denis Kuksenok Russia KMS
0485 Evgeniy Morozov Russia Бодрые
0486 Ramil Salyakhov Russia
0488 Zaurbek Ayagan Kazakhstan
0490 Aleksandr Skakun Russia
0492 Vasily Bochkarev Russia Кемерово
0494 Mikhail Fomin Russia CityLink
0531 Roman Glushchenko Kazakhstan выступаю лично
0533 Evgeniy Boyarskikh Russia
0534 Oleg Nasonov Russia
0544 Nikita Belov Russia Training system
0557 Aleksandr Rusin Russia
0564 Nikolay Mazur Russia Темп
0565 Mikhail Nosov Russia I love running
0566 Rafael Askarov Russia ILoveTriathlon
0570 Andrey Platonov Russia
0571 Ilya Derbenev Russia
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
0007 Rashid Kusembaev Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0022 Yuriy Melnik Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0038 Pavel Gudovskiy Russia World Class OUTDOOR TEAM Пушкинский
0039 Aleksey Rubezhnyy Russia
0041 Dmitriy Bratanov Russia World Class OUTDOOR TEAM Пушкинский
0047 Alexey Makeev Russia Лично
0061 Nikita Vasilev Russia
0068 Omari Mkrtchyan Russia Темп
0071 Mikail Agaev Russia самостоятельно
0073 Vyacheslav Zubakov Russia Озёрск ФГУП ПО " МАЯК ''
0111 Aleksey Kuzovlev Russia
0114 Oleg Semeko Russia Sberbank triathlon team
0140 Timur Bikbov Russia TRAINING SYSTEM
0151 Valeriy Pilipenko Russia trilife
0154 Dmitriy Sergeenkov Russia
0161 Andrey Fomin Russia
0170 Aleksandr Ushakov Russia RedLava Team
0183 Sergey Mishin Russia ЦиклON
0199 Petr Popov Russia I LOVE TRIATLON
0202 Sergey Shevchuk Russia TriBrothers
0208 Aleksandr Kochukov Russia TL
0209 Pavel Lebedev Russia ЦиклОН
0213 Dmitriy Savin Russia Дантист
0215 Rustem Saetgaraev Russia
0219 Petr Koltypin Russia SBERBANK Triathlon Team
0235 Vladislav Voronov Russia
0251 Nikolay Voutchkov Bulgaria
0252 Denis Polonskiy Russia
0273 Aleksandr Brechalov Russia
0290 Sergey Morozov Russia TriBrothers
0297 Rustam Khamadeev Russia Triatletekb
0306 Igor Ryzhov Russia Pro Trener
0314 Ruslan Zharkov Russia I LOVE TRIATHLON
0316 Ivan Makarov Russia Training System
0330 Nikolay Tychinin Russia
0331 Anton Petukhov Russia
0336 Aleksandr Toroshchin Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0340 Aleksandr Karavanov Russia
0341 Dmitriy Aleshkin Russia
0345 Alexey Sudets Russia
0351 Andrey Andreev Russia TeamPerm
0352 Dmitry Batov Russia
0364 Nikolay Fartushnyak Russia ратибор
0384 Anton Sysoev Russia
0388 Aleksey Grigorev Russia
0389 Oleg Dobrolyubov Russia
0393 Denis Frolov Russia
0394 Konstantin Volkov Russia ТЕМП
0398 Viktor Saltykov Russia Red Lava
0408 Aleksandr Bogdanov Russia
0410 Aleksandr Chistyakov Russia
0415 Tair Nazkhanov Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0416 Aleksandr Malashenko Russia Ратибор
0427 Vladimir Nikolaev Ukraine SBR88
0432 Yuriy Kan Russia RYAJENKI
0433 Igor Chaplinskiy Russia
0447 Rinat Batkaev Russia ABST
0448 Rustem Gafarov Russia
0451 Vladislav Shevchenko Russia Outdoor team Пушкинский
0458 Aleksandr Samarin Russia
0459 Vitaliy Kotov Russia Ironstar Team
0461 Pavel Shevtsov Russia
0472 Ivan Markin Russia
0476 Aleksey Bobkov Russia
0499 Ruslan Grabar Russia БОДРЫЕ
0500 Aleksey Spiridonov Russia
0510 Andrey Nikitin Russia
0517 Evgeniy Kudryavtsev Russia
0536 Mikael Gevorkyan Russia Red Lava
0538 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia
0542 Aleksandr Batalov Russia
0545 Aleksandr Makarov Russia
0549 Denis Kalinkin Russia
0558 Dmitriy Globenko Russia
0562 Boris Zheleznyakov Russia Лично
0573 Aleksandr Suchkov Russia
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
0001 Ramil Khayrullin Russia Терминаторы
0016 Sergey Vishnyakov Russia World Class
0037 Fedor Bobkov Russia World Class OUTDOOR TEAM Пушкинский
0042 Vladislav Guskov Russia Лидер
0075 Vasil Khasanov Russia Велоклуб "Крылья"
0093 Pavel Nikitin Russia World class Иркутск
0106 Vladimir Ognev Russia Лыжный клуб "Измайлово"
0156 Dmitriy Pashchenko Russia TADEM
0189 Oleg Aleksievich Russia David Warden Coaching
0205 Valeriy Fazlutdinov Russia
0206 Artur Ivankov Russia КнАГТУ
0249 Yuriy Malov Russia Атлант
0271 Aleksandr Stepanov Russia ILT
0288 Sergey Arefev Russia
0307 Oleg Zhuzhgov Russia TRIATLET
0337 Dmitriy Batakov Russia
0370 Normand Jerome France
0377 Dmitriy Manakov Russia Trilife
0379 Dauren Bliev Kazakhstan WorldClass Almaty
0406 Vladimir Shapenko Russia Trilife
0434 Sergey Novikov Russia TERMINATORLAR
0453 Yuriy Rastegaev Russia Piramida racing
0515 Vyacheslav Fedin Russia Cycleon
0523 Aleksandr Kefeli Russia
0553 Dmitriy Nakaryakov Russia
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
0070 Sergey Kostynich Russia БИМ
0087 Grigoriy Gankin Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0201 Igor Dudar Russia ABST
0227 Vladimir Tsaplin Russia Triliffe
0232 Vladimir Volkov Russia
0244 Rinat Gabidullin Russia
0269 Rustam Yuldashev Russia
0286 Oleg Krivoguzov Russia Меркурий
0335 Ayrat Gaynullin Russia
0342 Viktor Krutikhin Russia Лыжный клуб "Шижма"
0350 Andrey Sokolov Russia Trilife
0360 Sergey Domashnev Russia
0400 Vladimir Drobakhin Russia ЦПС "Темп", ГАУ РК "Коми региональный лесопожарный центр"
0403 Aleksandr Stradze Russia
0421 Yuriy Kolobov Russia GoPro
0431 Konstantin Komyakov Russia Любительская Лыжная Лига
0489 Valeriy Sokolskiy Russia Личник
0491 Sergey Karacharov Russia Триатлон-НН
0502 Abdurafik Abdulahadov Russia Terminatorlar
0569 Valeriy Khudokormov Russia
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
0178 Temirlan Kussaiyn Kazakhstan
0446 Leonid Kapin Russia
0460 Lev Petrov Russia КФХ "Энеж"
0524 Sergey Golub Russia
M60 (Age Group 60 Male Athletes)
0365 Marat Khannanov Russia
0372 Valerio Curridori Italy villacidro triathlon
0470 Valentin Kudymov Russia Велоклуб ЗВЕЗДА
0530 Gennadiy Petrov Russia Клуб любителей лыжного спорта
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
0012 Natalya Bokhonova Russia
0103 Aleksandra Semenova Russia
0109 Elena Kozhevnikova Russia JustTri
0243 Yana Kachaley Russia World Class Almaty
0245 Nargiza Iglikova Kazakhstan Fidelity Fit & Well
0298 Yuliya Poletaeva Russia Общественная палата Российской Федерации
0302 Ekaterina Lelyuk Russia
0304 Maria Olshevskaya Russia
0363 Yuliya Yakovleva Russia I Love Triathlon Krs
0383 Mariya Lemeseva Russia Angry Boys Sports
0407 Alissa Rogozhina Kazakhstan
0463 Polina Razbitskaya Russia adidas runners
0465 Tatyana Filippovich Russia Новотор
0466 Lyudmila Tebenkova Russia ВИНЕВ
0508 Ekaterina Chernysheva Russia
0519 Rezeda Khabibulaeva Russia
0532 Anastasiya Zubkova Russia Темп, World Class Земляной
0535 Anastasiya Naydenko Russia -
0548 Zoya Metreveli Russia Циклон
0572 Olga Kondrateva Russia Крылья
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
0003 Svetlana Metneva _erofeeva Russia SkolkovoTriathlonTeam
0054 Evgeniya Golubeva Russia
0089 Saltanat Kazybayeva Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0092 Tatyana Filatova Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0098 Anastasiya Uarova Russia
0130 Galiya Latypova Russia
0167 Elena Seybanova Russia David Warden Coaching
0190 Tatyana Shcherbanenko Russia ЛК Геология
0346 Darya Saveleva Russia TopLigaClub
0367 Elena Yazovskaya Russia Тихоходы
0429 Elena Novoselova Russia
0435 Natalya Sharova Russia BodyBend
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
0027 Svetlana Soloshchenko Russia Peloton
0063 Elena Vashurina Russia S. A. Ricci Triathlon Team
0074 Natalya Grigoreva Russia лично
0099 Galina Osina Russia David Warden Coaching
0126 Elvira Dabaeva Russia
0129 Anna Rozmakhova Russia Sberbank CIB Triathlon Team
0144 Elena Leonova Russia Pro Trener
0187 Kseniya Vybornykh Natalya Studenikina Russia World Class
0242 Mariya Popova Russia Триатлета
0296 Gulnara Salikhova Russia Fedoskino Team
0404 Liliya Fatkhutdinova Russia
0518 Alla Radchenko Russia Темп
0541 Olga Zakurina Russia
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
0055 Natalya Shtrombakh Russia Fitness one
0152 Natalya Pilipenko Russia нет
0180 Olga Generozova Russia
0212 Ekaterina Melnichenko Russia Дантист
0246 Elena Merkina Kazakhstan World Class
0437 Anna Mikhaylova Russia Вологда
0498 Eleonora Semenovskaya Russia
0550 Tatyana Mukonina Russia
F45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Female Athletes)
0481 Natalia Shkurko Russia Perm triathlon team
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
1000 swim Artem Gerasimenko Russia GoGA
bike Irek Akhunianov Russia
run Maxim Golubkov Russia
1001 swim Dmitriy Zhidkov Россия S.A.Ricci Triathlon Team
bike Aleksey Bogdanov Russia
run Pavel Yanshevskiy Россия
1002 swim Danil Khabibullin Russia Sinergia Sports Team
bike Igor Platonov Russia
run Marat Timbakov Russia
1007 swim Vitali Gusev Russia V.A.D. TriTeam
bike Anton Pokazeev Russia
run Dmitriy Burma Russia
1017 swim Denis Minkin Россия Три Белых Коня
bike Viacheslav Georgievskii Россия
run Denis Bobrov Russia
1021 swim Timur Gazizov Россия Воины Дракона
bike Salavat Valeev Russia
run Vadim Fakeev Россия
1022 swim Yuriy Kudinov Россия Циклон/Cycleon
bike Igor Belskikh Russia
run Anton Chuchko Россия
1024 swim Alexander Averkin Россия S.A. Ricci Triathlon Team II
bike Yuriy Babonin Россия
run Dmitriy Astrein Russia
1025 swim Anton Sannikov Россия Производственное объединение \"Маяк\"
bike Vasiliy Kudinov Россия
run Igor Bedryagin Russia
1031 swim Maksim Gonchar Russia Triathlon Team SIBUR 1
bike Andrey Ovchinnikov Россия
run Maksim Gonchar Россия
1036 swim Stanislav Samarin Russia Triathlon Team SIBUR 2
bike Andrey Martinov Россия
run Stanislav Samarin Россия
1037 swim Emil Milikov Россия Физтех.Финиш
bike Evgeniy Ponomaryev Россия
run Fedor Kitashov Russia
1038 swim Artur Mukhametshin Russia Sinergia Stars
bike Artur Nigmatullin Россия
run Ildar Kharipov Россия
1039 swim Dmitriy Khan Казахстан FIDELITY
bike Dmitriy Khan Казахстан
run Yaroslav Kruglikov Kazakhstan
1040 swim Arthur Galimov Россия FIX
bike Gleb Beliaev Russia
run Ralif Murtazin Россия
1041 swim Andrey Kolomiytsev Россия IRONDEER
bike Fedor Bakulov Russia
run Dmitry Bondar Россия
1043 swim Nikita Yashin Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 3
bike Alexey Pechenin Russia
run Evgeny Derkatch Россия
1044 swim Alexey Mazgushin Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 2
bike Almaz Saifugaliev Россия
run Fedor Aksenenkov Russia
1046 swim Andrey Khalpukov Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 5
bike Aleksey Porkhachev Russia
run Andrey Kuznetsov Россия
1049 swim Vladimir Leonov Россия TriTat
bike Naum Kulkov Россия
run Vadim Yangirov Russia
1055 swim Artem Kireev Россия Tatenergo-Generation Company Triathlon Team
bike Aydar Sagetdinov Russia
run Aidar Dinmuhametov Россия
1058 swim Sergey Kazakov Russia Эльвадоре
bike Roman Cherezov Россия
run Ivan Tukmachev Россия
1060 swim Konstantin Timofeev Россия Одинцовские лыжники
bike Pavel Rasskazov Russia
run Mikhail Devyatyarov Россия
1061 swim Ayrat Mardikhanov Россия Tatenergo-Generation Company Triathlon Team
bike Anton Dmitriev Россия
run Nail Sattarov Russia
1062 swim Ravil Nogumanov Russia 116
bike Alexander Bespalov Россия
run Renat Kashapov Россия
1063 swim Pavel Shishkin Россия Swiftman
bike Andrei Rudin Россия
run Yuriy Korchyemkin Russia
1065 swim Vladlen Poletaev Россия ОПРФ
bike Pavel Lanin Russia
run Mikhail Peshkov Россия
1066 swim Damir Fattakhov Russia Самир
bike Andrey Semenov Россия
run Rustem Safin Россия
1005 swim Gulnara Akhmetova Russia СберТрёшки
bike Mariya Byakina Russia
run Aleksandra Sadovnikova Russia
1013 swim Olesya Kirilenko Russia Веселые Пираньи
bike Polina Ermoshina Россия
run Natalia Frayman Россия
1028 swim Valeria Khmelevskaya Россия Прочерк
bike Tamilla Nagieva Россия
run Tamilla Nagieva Russia
1029 swim Lada Savina Russia Барсучата
bike Julia Borisenko Россия
run Yuliya Popova Россия
1032 swim Anna Shcherenko Россия Н.А.С. не догонят
bike Anastasia Shcherenko Russia
run Svetlana Grebeneva Россия
1053 swim Anna Fomina Россия Олимпийские надежды
bike Valeriya Merkulova Russia
run Anna Burkova Россия
1054 swim Olga Tsvetkova Россия DRESS OFF
bike Katya Kiryukhina Россия
run Elena Lyubtsova Russia
1056 swim Nina Sinitsyna Russia adi star girls
bike Yulia Shaposhnikova Россия
run Anastasia Chelysheva Россия
1003 swim Anna Bolshakova Russia
bike Victor Bolshakov Russia
run Anna Bolshakova Russia
1004 swim Olga Bogutskaya Russia BBI
bike Natalia Buraya Russia
run Victor Ikonnikov Russia
1006 swim Yulia Zlobina Russia TriTovarisha
bike Konstantin Kamyshnyy Russia
run Natalia Bodrova Russia
1008 swim Denis Gavrin Russia БегИмоты
bike Valeriy Zakharov Россия
run Irina Dmitrieva Россия
1009 swim Albina Antipina Russia НФН ТОМ
bike Vladimir Kurilov Russia
run Roman Seleznev Russia
1010 swim Marina Klochkova Россия DoubleDecker
bike Damir Tazheev Russia
run Marina Klochkova Россия
1011 swim Tatiana Matuzani Russia Brave&Batty
bike Pavel Blagikh Россия
run Aleksey Svirin Россия
1012 swim Mari Skvortsova Russia ТрикАтлеты
bike Mikhail Kazupeev Россия
run Julia Haritonova Россия
1014 swim Damir Samigullin Россия Пуля
bike Oleg Vasilkov Россия
run Tatyana Vasilkova Russia
1015 swim Yuliya Brovkovich Russia JET
bike Eduard Telnov Россия
run Yuliya Brovkovich Россия
1016 swim Natalia Kalashnikova Россия Синие стрелы
bike Yulia Zilberg Россия
run Aleksandr Kuzmin Россия
1018 swim Evgeniya Kapitonova Россия Breeze
bike Vladimir Rakhov Russia
run Sergey Bochkin Россия
1020 swim Svetlana Kirsanova Russia SberStars&Slava
bike Svyatoslav Ostrovskiy Россия
run Maksim Petukhov Россия
1023 swim Filip Milevcic Хорватия Эчпочмак Лаверс
bike Sergey Popov Russia
run Alina Gaisarova Россия
1026 swim Viktoriya Reshetilova Russia Rocket jump
bike Alexander Belgorodsky Россия
run Anna Saenko Россия
1027 swim Kliment Danilov Казахстан Fidelity
bike Ravkat Rakhimzhanov Kazakhstan
run Karina Tapalova Казахстан
1030 swim Aleksandra Sadovnikova Россия Ironmatrёshki и Ко
bike Aleksandr Denisov Russia
run Tatyana Kryuchkova Россия
1033 swim Elizaveta Gosteva Россия ABST mix
bike Nikolay Salnikov Russia
run Anna Maltseva Россия
1034 swim Nataliya Yadykina Russia Triathlon Team SIBUR 3
bike Pavel Chechnev Россия
run Sergey Elinson Россия
1035 swim Eduard Kitsenko Россия IRONSTAR + I LOVE RUNNING DUBAI
bike Rinat Mustafin Russia
run Natalya Sedykh Россия
1042 swim Ilya Dudkovskiy Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 4
bike Mikhail Kandyba Russia
run Elena Kavkina Россия
1045 swim Oksana Stanevich Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team
bike Pavel Rudlevskiy Россия
run Nikolay Starikov Russia
1047 swim Marina Smolyarenko Россия I TRI’d
bike Aleksandr Sharov Россия
run Aleksandr Sharov Russia
1048 swim Denis Tumanov Россия MushRoomS tEam
bike Rustam Nabiev Russia
run Natalya Konovalova Россия
1050 swim Anna Selezneva Russia Мельдоний Triathlon Team
bike Valery Belokurov Россия
run Mikhail Vasilyev Россия
1051 swim Marina Zasurtseva Россия Ликос
bike Roman Kunilovskiy Russia
run Marina Zasurtseva Россия
1052 swim Daria Gaeva Russia Адамант
bike Andrey Kuznetsov Россия
run Vitaly Lisapov Россия
1057 swim Vlad Egorov Россия Снежная королева
bike Ruslan Almazov Россия
run Evgeniya Kostina Russia
1059 swim Inna Nikitina Россия Sociable Sociopaths
bike Anton Kharchenko Россия
run Anton Kharchenko Russia
1064 swim Gavrilova Anna Russia ЖиММ
bike Mikhail Kiselev Россия
run Andrew Edunov Россия
1067 swim Elina Maksumova Россия TERMINATORLAR
bike Anton Mikhalev Russia
run Ruslan Rybakov Россия


Race number Name and Surname Country Triathlon leg
0576 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia
0777 Yaroslav Svyatoslavskiy Russia
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
1019 swim Vladmir Polskiy Russia сильные духом
bike Aleksandr Seldemirov Россия
run Sergey Burlakov Россия







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