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IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2015 for age group athletes and professionals over the half-iron distance: 1.93-km swim, 90-km bike, 21.1-km run. Everyone is welcome.

Sochi is the capital of 2014 Winter Olympics. It is the best-known Russian resort city with wonderful climate, splendid beaches, remote bays and spectacular mountain cluster. The competition takes place in “Imeretinsky” Resort & Hotel, an ideal place for trainings and rest due to its developed infrastructure for sports and entertainment. Near the resort district, there is “Formula 1” track and Sochi Olympic park, where key Russian business and sports events are held. The starting camp, the transition area, the starting and the finish lines of all the triathlon stages are within two-minute walk from the “Imeretinsky” and the “Radisson Blu Resort” beach hotels, situated on the Black Sea shore. A new amusement park available for the participants and their family any day during the sports weekend is also situated within pedestrian accessibility.

The swimming stage of the competition is held in the yacht marine of the Imeretinsky Bay. Yacht port’s waters are safely protected from gales with two piers, which secures more advantageous conditions in comparison with the open sea to the sportsmen. The temperature in the Bay is 2 degrees warmer than the one in the open waters of the Black Sea, and varies from 17 to 25 degrees during the period from June to October.

The cycling stage starts in “Imeretinsky” Resort & Hotel, runs along Sochi Olympic park and includes the most spectacular road of the country – the road to Krasnaya Polyana. The first half of the distance is a smooth rise, and the second half is downhill. This cycling course corresponds to all international standards and is considered the best one in Russia. It lets cyclists enjoy the views on 2014 Winter Olympics objects and marvelous mountain landscapes on their way to Krasnaya Polyana and back.

The running stage consists of four laps around “Imeretinsky” Resort & Hotel and includes the Black Sea beach promenade. The race ends fabulously – numerous supporters cheering the participants will undoubtedly be attracted by the triathlon competition, skillfully turned by IRONSTAR into a joyful event dedicated to sports.

September 27, 2015 The beginning of the holiday season in the city of Sochi. While many people will have just started to dream about the sun and the sea, IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2015 participants will be already cleaving the Black Sea waters and enjoying the beauties of 2014 Winter Olympics capital at the distance.


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