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The Russian Cup, the Open Championships and Krasnodar Region Championship IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2016 for age group athletes and professionals over the half-iron distance: 1.93-km swim, 90-km bike, 21.1-km run. Everyone is welcome.

Sochi is the capital of 2014 Winter Olympics. It is the best-known Russian resort city with wonderful climate, splendid beaches, remote bays and spectacular mountain cluster. The competition takes place in “Imeretinsky” Resort & Hotel, an ideal place for trainings and rest due to its developed infrastructure for sports and entertainment. Near the resort district, there is “Formula 1” track and Sochi Olympic park, where key Russian business and sports events are held. The starting camp, the transition area, the starting and the finish lines of all the triathlon stages are within two-minute walk from the “Imeretinsky” and the “Radisson Blu Resort” beach hotels, situated on the Black Sea shore. A new amusement park available for the participants and their family any day during the sports weekend is also situated within pedestrian accessibility.

The swimming stage of the competition is held in the yacht marine of the Imeretinsky Bay. Yacht port’s waters are safely protected from gales with two piers, which secures more advantageous conditions in comparison with the open sea to the sportsmen. The temperature in the Bay is 2 degrees warmer than the one in the open waters of the Black Sea, and varies from 17 to 25 degrees during the period from June to October.

The cycling stage starts in “Imeretinsky” Resort & Hotel, runs along Sochi Olympic park and includes the most spectacular road of the country – the road to Krasnaya Polyana. The first half of the distance is a smooth rise, and the second half is downhill. This cycling course corresponds to all international standards and is considered the best one in Russia. It lets cyclists enjoy the views on 2014 Winter Olympics objects and marvelous mountain landscapes on their way to Krasnaya Polyana and back.

The running stage consists of four laps around “Imeretinsky” Resort & Hotel and includes the Black Sea beach promenade. The race ends fabulously – numerous supporters cheering the participants will undoubtedly be attracted by the triathlon competition, skillfully turned by IRONSTAR into a joyful event dedicated to sports.

June 4, 2016. The beginning of the holiday season in the city of Sochi. While many people will have just started to dream about the sun and the sea, IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2016 participants will be already cleaving the Black Sea waters and enjoying the beauties of 2014 Winter Olympics capital at the distance.


Race course

Route of IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2016




Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
0002 Aleksnadr Fedorov Russia
0017 Aleksandr Sharov Russia I LOVE RUNNING Group TEAM
0019 Sergey Molkoedov Russia ЦиклON
0026 Aleksandr Taraskin Russia
0049 Artem Kovalenko Russia
0058 Yuriy Yurchenko Belarus
0074 Dinar Gabidullin Russia Triatlet
0098 Grigory Mezentsev Russia РЖД Логистика, ILR
0107 Ilya Nikolaev Russia
0113 Egor Volkov Russia Дом ру
0115 Boris Pivovar Russia
0126 Artem Golik Russia РЖД Логистика
0127 Dmitriy Zaloga Russia Ювента Спорт Пермь
0131 Artem Sadykov Russia РЖД Логистика
0140 Daniil Khovrin Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0142 Denis Loshkarev Russia Триатлон-НН
0154 Georgiy Seleznev Russia Never Stop
0156 Grigoriy Lazarev Russia Never Stop
0166 Mikhail Shutov Russia
0167 Nikita Chubukov Russia Cycleon
0179 Aleksey Miroshkin Russia World Class
0181 Aleksey Rozhin Russia Триатлон-НН
0186 Ilya Chukhlyaev Russia Adventum
0190 Aleksandr Moiseev Russia ДальГАУ
0191 Denis Drobotenko Russia -
0197 Valeriy Goryukhanov Russia
0212 Evgeniy Nikitin Russia JusTTri Team
0214 Sergey Ermolaev Russia
0215 Vitaliy Karamov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0218 Mihail Peshkov Russia TopLigaKrasnodar
0221 Andrey Kuznetsov Russia Циклон
0227 Ilya Doynyak Doynyak Russia
0238 Anatoliy Sedov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0246 Mikhail Trusov Russia Studio 8
0252 Vladimir Merzlikin Russia
0263 Devyatyarov Valentin Russia Pro Trener
0266 Andranik Margaryan Armenia
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
0003 Aleksey Bezrukov Russia
0004 Alexander Tsimbal Russia
0006 Andrey Tkachyev Russia
0008 Anton Kudryavtsev Russia Pro Trener
0015 Semen Chernonozhkin Russia МозгоБойня
0016 Maksim Zheleznyak Russia Нет
0022 Ilya Maryutin Russia
0023 Vyacheslav Golubev Russia STT
0024 Oleg Karataev Russia Красный бык
0029 Pavel Khegay Russia
0031 Roman Bauer Russia
0039 Igor Sibirkin Russia Temp
0042 Leonid Tokmantsev Russia TriAtlet Ural Triathlon Team
0045 Artem Nikishanov Russia Триатлета
0054 Sergey Bobin Russia TriAtlet
0057 Aleksey Panchenko Russia
0060 Andrey Dementev Russia I love drinking
0062 Aleksandr Shmelev Russia CycleON
0063 Stepan Digonskiy Russia
0069 Mikhail Golubev Russia Gamma team
0072 Alexey Ilyasov Russia trilife
0073 Artem Teslitskiy Russia
0075 Dmitriy Kobgunov Russia Triathlon Sochi
0081 Viktor Kilyakov Russia циклон
0083 Irek Akhunianov Russia David Warden Coaching
0084 Alexander Smirnov Russia David Warden Coaching
0088 Rustam Nabiev Russia
0095 Ilya Zharinov Russia Трилайф
0096 Anton Kvashnevskiy Russia
0099 Valeriy Annikov Russia ООО "Магна"
0100 Artyem Maslov Russia
0101 Aleksey Zemlyanoy Russia
0110 Aleksandr Lybanev Russia Трилайф
0114 Maxim Suslov Russia
0116 Vasiliy Demin Russia Триатлета
0118 Evgeniy Bakunov Russia TriStars
0120 Aleksandr Solovev Russia
0121 Roman Bogomolov Russia
0133 Anton Kalinin Russia
0134 Dmitriy Malyshkin Russia Iron Lions
0137 Anton Ryzhikov Russia RyzhikovTeam
0145 Igor Duka Russia Жирные банковские коты
0148 Denis Batalov Russia Триатлон-НН
0150 Pavel Limanskiy Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0160 Maksim Nizhnik Russia TOP LIGA BAND
0165 Aleksandr Klyuchnikov Russia
0171 Konstantin Novlyanskiy Russia JustTTri
0177 Vadim Drozdov Russia Marina Club
0182 Vladislav Vasilevskiy Russia WinGG's
0183 Dmitriy Prosvirov Russia Жирные Банковские Коты
0184 Maksim Koryako Russia
0188 Vladimir Pimenov Russia
0198 Sergey Myachkov Russia I love running
0199 Anton Gorbachev Russia ROWE TEAM
0200 Alexander Vyborov Russia
0205 Aleksey Sudakov Russia SKOLKOVO Triathlon Team
0206 Ilya Kiryukhin Russia
0207 Andrey Shishkin Russia циклон
0213 Aleksandr Adelev Russia World Class
0222 Aleksey Chizhov Russia GoPro
0223 Sergey Tumanov Russia
0226 Aydar Akhmetzyanov Russia Terminatorlar
0235 Aleksandr Chernykh Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0236 Aleksandr Bobkov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0237 Anton Shama Russia
0242 Pavel Gorik Russia
0243 Ivan Sakovich Russia I love running
0245 Aleksey Danilchenko Russia
0247 Evgeniy Lenkevich Russia I Love Running_KMR
0248 Sultan Akhanov Kazakhstan
0250 Andrey Moiseev Russia
0254 Roman Zaytsev Russia
0256 Yuriy Ustinov Russia Битва за марафон
0258 Andrey Kotkov Russia Pro Trener
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
0005 Roman Rubtsov Russia i love running
0009 Azizbek Gabdullin Kazakhstan
0010 Anton Leonov Russia
0013 Roman Lobachev Russia ТЕМП
0036 Ruslan Shakirov Russia CycleON
0037 Zaurbek Ayagan Kazakhstan Skolkovo Triathlon Team
0038 Alex Nikitin Russia trilife
0050 Roman Partin Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0051 Baykal Maldybaev Kyrgyzstan I LOVE RUNNING
0052 Artyem Parshentsev Russia
0056 Andrey Panchenko Russia
0059 Vitaliy Kuznetsov Russia
0061 Denis Kleptsyn Russia
0064 Oleg Yasenov Russia
0065 Denis Sapronov Russia World Class
0077 Belyankin Ilya Russia
0087 Kirill Rassomakhin Russia Pro-Trener
0089 Maksim Kholopov Russia
0102 Arsalan Sambuev Russia
0103 Evgeniy Ryzhov Russia
0104 Igor Bilous Russia SKOLKOVO Triathlon Team
0106 Valeriy Alekseev Russia
0109 Aleksey Shloyda Russia DRY DRY triathlon team
0117 Roman Evgrafov Russia Terminatorlar
0123 Ruslan Khismatullin Russia Easy Running
0125 Ilya Vakolyuk Russia
0128 Yovitsa Peulich Serbia Триатлон клуб "Динамик" Нови Сад
0129 Mikhail Klenin Russia
0130 Mikhail Martyanov Russia Trilife
0132 Arman Akhanov Kazakhstan
0135 Ivan Zhukov Russia
0136 Sergey Khlopov Russia Динамо бежит? Все бегут!
0138 Pavel Rasskazov Russia
0143 Aleksandr Borisov Russia Триатлон-НН
0144 Yuriy Tkachev Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0146 Vadim Temirkhanov Russia Триатлон-нн
0147 Sergey Topolyan Russia TopLigaClub
0149 Mikhail Kolmakov Russia ТРИАТЛОН-НН
0155 Marat Shayakhmedov Russia Беги, Ростов Беги
0159 Vitaliy Demchenko Russia
0161 Andrey Dumchev Russia SOCHI SKYRUNNING TEAM
0163 Sergey Gavrilenko Russia TopLigaClub
0172 Dmitry Sheybak Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0174 Andrey Pozharitskiy Russia
0176 Yaroslav Semenov Russia Общественная палата Российской Федерации
0180 Dmitriy Marchenko Russia AMBERMAN
0192 Nikolay Sokolov Russia TopligaCup
0193 Nikolay Mazur Russia Temptraining
0194 Vladimir Pogrebenko Russia
0210 Stanislav Podgurskiy Russia Лично
0220 Sergey Babenko Russia
0225 Dmitry Afanasiev Russia Нет
0228 Aleksandr Zelenov Russia
0229 Mikhail Rozanov Russia МАУФСЦ Кубинка
0231 Pavel Yanshevskiy Russia Skolkovo Triathlon Team
0232 Aleksey Bogdanov Russia S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
0239 Zyabkin Dmitriy Russia TRIMAN
0244 Vladislav Shulga Russia Циклон
0251 Alexey Maslov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0253 Dmitry Alexandrovich Russia Planet extreme team
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
0014 Petr Popov Russia I LOVE TRIATLON
0021 Arman Zograbian Russia
0030 Igor Yashayaev Russia ILR
0032 Sergey Peredelskiy Russia Туапсе
0034 Valeriy Pilipenko Russia z3team
0040 Vitaliy Romanosov Russia
0041 Vadim Zelenskiy Russia Zelenski Run Club
0043 Aleksandr Kuts Russia
0044 Igor Belskikh Russia SVR Motorsport
0047 Anatoliy Natey_golenko Russia TRIATLETA
0048 Alexey Makeev Russia Лично
0053 Aleksandr Vasilev Russia Триатлета
0055 Pavel Smachkov Russia Trilife
0066 Ilya Lebedev Russia
0068 Oleg Frakin Russia I love drinking
0071 Vadim Shashkov Russia Атриум фитнес
0078 Oleg Marochkin Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
0085 Aleksandr Luft Russia Команда Ух
0092 Nikolay Voutchkov Bulgaria
0093 Aleksey Melnikov Russia Skatovka Sport Team
0094 Yuriy Popov Russia
0097 Viktor Saltykov Russia SBR88
0124 Mikhail Shchukin Russia O.Briens
0141 Mikhail Yarmolyuk Russia Top Liga Club
0151 Ruslan Zharkov Russia I LOVE TRIATHLON
0158 Aleksey Eroshenko Russia OKN-PROEKT
0162 Dmitry Prosekov Russia
0164 Vitaliy Spasskiy Russia Redlava Team
0169 Yuriy Merkulov Russia IMPulse Sports
0170 Igor Tyushin Russia Высшая лига
0175 Aleksandr Brechalov Russia
0185 Ruslan Bulko Russia Ростов Дон Бегущий
0195 Anton Pronin Russia TopLigaClub
0202 Dmitriy Globenko Russia
0204 Mikhail Zhuryutin ILR
0211 Vitaliy Kotov Russia RuLLeZ team
0230 Aleksandr Samarin Russia
0240 Ivan Smirnov Russia
0241 Vladimir Klyushkin Russia РОЗА ХУТОР курорт
0255 Andrey Klementev Russia Да
0261 Johan Moolman South African Republic InnerFight Endurance
0264 Alexander Nekrasov Russia Skolkovo triathlon team
0999 Konstantin Tsybunov Russia PLANET EXTREME TEAM
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
0007 Aleksey Nikiforov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0012 Andrey Zhuravlev Russia ЦиклОн
0020 Oleg Zhuzhgov Russia TRIATLET
0025 Dmitriy Pashchenko Russia ProCat
0070 Ilya Yaroshenko Russia Pro Trener
0086 Aleksandr Stepanov Russia ILR
0111 Andrey Lopatin Russia
0112 Dmitry Somin Russia Worldclass
0201 Aleksey Pshenichnyy Russia TopLiga
0208 Alexander Dobakhov Russia
0216 Nikolay Odintsov Russia red lava
0219 Aleksandr Kefeli Russia
0234 Sergey Novikov Russia TERMINATORLAR
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
0079 Vyacheslav Sharapov Russia клуб бокса Гайва, клуб Nutrilite
0080 Andrey Sokolov Russia Trilife
0091 Igor Efremov Russia Skatovka Sport Team
0108 Joerg Erlebach Germany
0122 Dmitriy Dordulya Russia нет
0139 Sergey Karacharov Russia Триатлон-НН
0153 Sergey Levozhinsky Russia TopLigaClub
0189 Oleg Krivoguzov Russia КлимТим
0203 Aleksandr Folomkin Russia
0217 Andrey Saraev Russia КЛТ
0249 Alexey Abdurakhimov Russia тристарс
0260 Yuriy Kolobov Russia GoPro
0262 Muratkhan Tokmadi Kazakhstan Казахстанская Федерация любительского триатлона
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
0196 Aleksandr Isaev Russia Триатлон-НН
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
0011 Alissa Rogozhina Kazakhstan
0028 Mariya Shishkanova Russia
0046 Anna Rulevskaya Russia
0119 Svetlana Ushakova Russia UshaTriTeam
0157 Anzhela Giloian Russia AVANTEL
0168 Anastasia Ryabochkina Russia Avantel
0187 Yuliya Poletaeva Russia Общественная палата Российской Федерации
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
0027 Katya Kiryukhina Russia Zubov Team
0076 Galiya Latypova Russia
0152 Veronika Markina Russia СТРЕМИТЕЛЬНЫЕ РЫСИ
0224 Elena Sankina Russia
0233 Evgeniya Sukhoruchenkova Russia ГБУ КК ЦСП№1
0313 Nadezhda Makarkina Russia I love drinking
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
0018 Diana Pushkar Russia
0090 Svetlana Afonina Russia Skatovka Sport Team
0265 Valeriya Merkulova Russia IRONLADIES
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
0035 Natalya Pilipenko Russia нет
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
1000 swim Vadim Prokopyshak Russia UFC Bank Triathlon Team
bike Sergey Arefev Russia
run Andrey Karbovsky Russia
1001 swim Dmitriy Samarskiy Russia ОПОРА КУБАНИ
bike Igor Aryslanov Россия
run Sergey Naguchev Россия
1005 swim Kirill Patuev Russia AVANTEL
bike Pavel Ananev Russia
run Yuri Radionov Russia
1008 swim Sergey Eliseev Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team #1
bike Davletberdin Salavat Россия
run Sergey Tolstykh Россия
1010 swim Andrey Knyazkov Russia UFC Bank Triathlon Team
bike Andrey Knyazkov Russia
run Anton Zemtsov Russia
1014 swim Nikolay Mrochkovskiy Russia Спортом по кризису
bike Anton Kornyshov Россия
run Alexandr Gorenuk Россия
1018 swim Konstantin Sharoglazov Russia KIV23
bike Vitaliy Demidov Russia
run Ivan Volkov Russia
1019 swim Vladlen Poletaev Россия Общественная палата Российской Федерации
bike Pavel Lanin Russia
run Dmitriy Kushchin Россия
1021 swim Ilya Kirichenko Russia STK-ROSTOV
bike Daniil Sinyakov Russia
run Andrey Tekuchev Russia
1023 swim Kirill Kimaev Russia \"СВОИ\"
bike Anton Kimaev Russia
run Evgeniy Gagarin Russia
1024 swim Evgeniy Kolosov Russia World Class
bike Zubov Matvey Russia
run Artem Parienko Russia
1027 swim Viacheslav Maratkanov Russia Random team
bike Andrey Znatnov Russia
run Vladimir Shipkov Russia
1029 swim Iurii Malinin Russia Трое против ветра!
bike Yuriy Kartsev Russia
run Dmitry Trushko Russia
1032 swim Aleksandr Chapaykin Russia Богатыри
bike Vladimir Zakharov Russia
run Vladimir Zakharov Russia
1035 swim Evgeniy Parlyuk Россия GSP-UPETROM
bike Alexander Seldemirov Russia
run Roman Mullin Россия
1039 swim Andrey Kozlov Россия InPulse
bike Andrey Kotkov Kotkov Russia
run Dmitry Bondar Россия
1042 swim Dmitry Dolzhenkov Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 1
bike Pavel Rudlevskiy Россия
run Nikolay Starikov Russia
1044 swim Alexey Mazgushin Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 2
bike Alexey Pechenin Russia
run Sergey Shablykin Россия
1045 swim Ilya Dudkovskiy Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 4
bike Aleksey Porkhachev Russia
run Andrey Kuznetsov Россия
1054 swim Sergey Polyubin Russia Наш девиз - педальки вниз
bike Sergey Polyubin Россия
run Aleksandr Pankov Россия
1012 swim Olga Bogutskaya Russia Girls Band
bike Julia Polishchuk Russia
run Tatyana Martynenko Russia
1022 swim Valeriya Dzugulova Россия Top Liga Club women
bike Lyubov Kovalchuk Russia
run Oksana Sokolova Россия
1030 swim Mariya Skorikova Россия BONAMAN
bike Irina Ivanova Russia
run Ekaterina Mitrofanova Россия
1033 swim Aleksandra Kremenets Russia В Сочи на три ночи
bike Valeria Lobanova Russia
run Viktoria Shvedova Russia
1041 swim Elena Sheppard Россия UBLO
bike Olga Lashinskaya Russia
run Elena Gribenko Россия
1052 swim Anfisa Voronina Russia РБК Плюс
bike Elizaveta Osetinskaya Russia
run Nataliya Dokuchaeva Russia
1053 swim Elena Leonova Russia Pro Trener
bike Olga Ledeneva Россия
run Elena Zatonskaya Россия
1002 swim Yuliya Shadrina Россия Russian Post Outdoor Team
bike Sergey Cherkasov Russia
run Arkadiy Kremnev Россия
1003 swim Olga Khiuppenen Russia Hot Runny Cabany
bike Artur Sinitsin Russia
run Alexandra Novikova Russia
1004 swim Alexey Skidan Russia AVANTEL
bike Mariya Sorina Russia
run Semen Gordeev Russia
1006 swim Andrey Arkhangelsky Russia Hydroptere
bike Andrey Chepur Russia
run Anna Sokolova Russia
1007 swim Ekaterina Zharnikova Russia Hot Shots
bike Taras Terekhov Russia
run Dmitry Nazarov Russia
1009 swim Varvara Grigoreva Russia GSV
bike Semen Grigorev Россия
run Varvara Grigoreva Россия
1011 swim Maria Borovikova Russia 3хE
bike Rishat Khatmullin Russia
run Elena Kokoeva Russia
1013 swim Arkadiy Matvienko Russia Горные пингвины
bike Konstantinov Aleksandr Russia
run Musatova Diana Russia
1015 swim Anna Selezneva Россия МЕЛЬДОНИЙ TRIATHLON TEAM
bike Valeriy Belokurov Россия
run Marina Konovalova Russia
1016 swim Sergey Filippenko Россия BONAMAN
bike Andrey Chizhov Russia
run Zhantieva Natalya Россия
1017 swim Vera Sukhikh Rossiya VAK Team
bike Aleksey Kolesnikov Russia
run Konstantin Vdovchenko Rossiya
1020 swim Evgeniya Beloshitskaya Russia Chicks\'N\'Dude Team
bike Sergey Popov Russia
run Alina Gaisarova Russia
1024 swim Evgeniy Kolosov Russia World Class
bike Zubov Matvey Russia
run Artem Parienko Russia
1025 swim Olga Yegorycheva Russia Авантел
bike Iosif Adamishin Russia
run Timur Galimov Russia
1026 swim Roman Ivanov Russia Логика бизнеса
bike Aleksandr Bogdanov Russia
run Anastasiya Fedorova Russia
1028 swim Roman Lukyanchikov Russia GRIZZLY
bike Nikolay Klimov Russia
run Anna Burkova Russia
1031 swim Anna Antonova Russia Rotor Team
bike Igor Chaplinskiy Russia
run Dmitriy Nikitin Russia
1034 swim Denis Turantaev Россия FTST
bike Andrey Saryan Россия
run Ekaterina Nizhegorodova Russia
1037 swim Maria Zatolochnaya Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team #3
bike Anzor Kabardaev Россия
run Denis Zharkov Россия
1038 swim Roman Chunarev Russia АНГАРА
bike Oksana Kolodyuk Украина
run Yuliya Goloshumova Россия
1040 swim Ornella Malova Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 5
bike Mikhail Kandyba Russia
run Olga Ganyushkina Россия
1043 swim Irina Moroz Россия SAP CIS Triathlon Team 3
bike Robert Hermann Jaich Германия
run Evgeny Derkatch Russia
1046 swim Natalya Koren Россия ROSNEFT Triathlon Team #2
bike Ruslan Emelkhanov Russia
run Sergey Kirichenko Россия
1047 swim Oksana Zhilyaeva Россия TRINITY
bike Dmitry Karasev Россия
run Anna Akimova Russia


Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
1036 swim Alexey _ Vitaliy Lapshinov _ Nikylin Россия Марафон в темноте
bike Elena _ Nikolay Fedoseeva Россия
run Artem Rassokhin Russia
1048 swim Vladmir Polskiy Russia Сильные духом
bike Yulia Dubinskaya Россия
run Sergey Burlakov Россия




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