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IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2017 for age groups in the following "half-iron" distance: swim 1.93 km, bike 90 km and run 21.1 km. 

The ‘half-iron’ distance in triathlon is a real challenge for amateur athletes. The IRONSTAR team makes this trial a spectacular event for all the participants. You are invited to an unforgettable sports weekend in Sochi – the Olympic Games capital offering amazing views, rich sports and entertainment infrastructure and boundless choice of sports and leisure activities.

The start, transition and finish areas for all triathlon stages are located two minutes away from the Imeretinsky and Radisson Blu Resort Hotels on the Black sea shore. 80% of IRONSTAR participants come with their families and we have taken care that they should not waste any time to get ready for the competition. The major points of events are conveniently located for both fans and athletes.

The swimming stage takes place in the Imeretinsky Bay Yacht marina protected from waves and currents by two malls. The start conditions will be made most comfortable and advantageous. The water temperature here is 2 degrees higher than that in the open Black Sea, and from June to October it varies from 17 to 25 degrees. Dry suits are allowed in case the water temperature is below 24.6 C.

The bike race will start at the Imeretinsky Resort Area to proceed along the Formula-1 Track. The participants are to complete a circle at the SOCHI Car-Racing Track. There is a special ranking envisaged for the fastest F-1 course winner. The competition will result in the fastest ‘half-iron’ bike racer. Then the participants will go up the mountains along the most up-to-date and picturesque road in Russia connecting Adler and Krasnaya Polyana. The first half of the route is a steady rise and the second one is a speedy downhill race.

The race of the ‘half-iron’ distance includes 4 laps around the Imeretinsky Resort Area and the mall hedging the Imeretinsky Bay from waves. It is this part that makes the racing course unique. The race will end in a spectacular finish with the applauds by fans. In June Sochi already welcomes numerous tourists who will definitely be attracted by large-scale competitions in triathlon that IRONSTAR invariably turns into a real sport festival.


Race course

Course map IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2017
Swim run IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2017
Bike course IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2017
Run course IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI 2017



The starting town as well as the finish line of IRONSTAR are to be located in the close vicinity of the hotel and the transit area is to be opposite to the main entrance of the Imeretinskiy hotel.
You can get a special price for your accomodation by using promo-code ISTRIATHLON.
Accommodation and travel packages are provided by OLYMPICO Events company

In case of questions please contact us at
phone: +7 (989) 756-18-44


Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
0015 Denis Natopta Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0023 Sasha Kuzmin Russia
0029 Evgeniy Morenko Russia Томаровка RUN
0042 Denis Tarasov Russia
0044 Evgeniy Rodnyanskiy Russia жукRUNКлаб
0049 Igor Lekhanov Russia
0050 Vladimir Shcheblykin Russia
0070 Sergey Morozov Russia Moroz"off
0071 Daniil Eremin Russia FSK "AKVANT"
0079 Yuriy Skorobogatko Russia Chelny Triathlon Team
0081 Aleksey Cherepanov Russia
0090 Pavel Mikheev Russia
0101 Nikolay Kushnir Russia TriIce
0106 Dmitriy Volkov Russia
0114 Evgeniy Nikandrov Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0120 Mikhail Grishin Russia
0123 Demid Balashov Russia World Class Tverskaya
0139 Andrey Stremin Russia
0142 Andrey Kolomiytsev Russia ЛК Измайлово
0146 Vladimir Rybakov Russia
0150 Andrey Gavrikov Russia Adidas Run Club
0159 Ivan Vavilov Russia
0162 Yuriy Sushkov Russia #YuYuRunners
0165 Igor Kotkov Russia Триатлон-НН
0185 Valeriy Belokurov Russia Мельдоний Triathlon Team
0189 Ilya Smolin Russia
0191 Pavel Baranov Russia
0193 Andrey Yanchak Russia
0196 Sergey Sokolovskiy Russia S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
0197 Dmitriy Melkov Russia S.A.Ricci
0203 Ilya Tkachenkov Russia
0216 Ilya Khodarin Russia
0219 Sergey Antonov Russia Федерация триатлона Республики Карелия
0221 Konstantin Lopatin Russia
0225 Aleksandr Korovin Russia sberbank triathlone team
0227 Vladislav Meriin Russia
0229 Maksim Shpakovskiy Russia
0231 Vitaliy Karamov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0239 Nurgali Gizatullin Russia "Proбег"
0244 Mikhail Kuznetsov Russia
0257 Aleksandr Zhabotinskiy Russia
0272 Vadim Plakhotin Russia Adidas runclub
0273 Anton Veligodskiy Russia
0283 Valeriy Cherkasov Russia
0289 Aleksey Zolotarev Russia Alfa
0301 Kirill Mazhukhin Russia Skatovka Sport Team
0308 Dmitriy Shilin Russia
0313 Evgeniy Derevyago Russia
0320 Aleksey Kostin Russia
0321 Aleksey Astashkin Russia
0328 Dmitriy Litvinenko Russia
0330 Immanuil Lyuboshits Russia
0334 Dmitriy Zaloga Russia ляцдримтим
0342 Anastas Panchenko Russia JetSki St.Petersburg team
0352 Andrey Ostashkin Russia adidas runners
0356 Ilya Nikulin Russia
0361 Andrey Bakhaev Russia Temptraining
0363 Nikolay Makhnenko Russia
0369 Igor Garkavenko Russia World Class
0370 Daulet Kurmanbaev Kazakhstan Триатлет
0374 Mikhail Goncharov Kazakhstan
0381 Aleksey Borisov Russia
0386 Stanislav Badyshev Russia Smart Recovery
0394 Victor Polovyan Russia Hornet swimming team
0407 Skrepka Troitskiy Russia
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
0003 Vasiliy Fokin Russia Трилайф
0006 Leonid Kharlamov Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0010 Vitalii Kalmykov Russia I LOVE RUNNING
0013 Pavel Golikov Russia Iloverunning
0014 Igor Duka Russia Жирные банковские коты
0019 Maxim Nemtsov Russia
0024 Stanislav Komanov Russia
0028 Vyacheslav Malyshkin Russia
0032 Anton Bereznyak Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0046 Vladimir Pleshkov Russia
0047 Petr Kireev Russia
0048 Konstantin Solovev Russia I LOVE TRIATHLON KRSK
0058 Dmitriy Kryuchkov Russia
0064 Mikhail Konovalov Russia
0066 Dmitriy Ovechkin Russia Triathlon Top Liga Club
0075 Denis Minkin Russia
0077 Petr Sychev Russia
0080 Evgeniy Vasilev Russia
0083 Maksim Malkov Russia KPMG Running club
0086 Max Reshettsev Russia Hilti
0091 Nikolay Bryukhoveckii Russia Hilti
0095 Pavel Romashkov Russia Stride Running Club
0099 Roman Balashov Russia
0102 Sergey Bobin Russia TriAtlet
0107 Igor Manzhos Russia
0113 Alexander Tsimbal Russia
0118 Dmitriy Chuchkov Russia
0119 Pavel Blagikh Russia Fitness one
0125 Ivan Vyunik Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0130 Dmitriy Akimov Russia Горный бег в Новороссийске
0131 Maksim Nizhnik Russia TOP LIGA BAND
0140 Evgeniy Skorodumov Russia Runners
0145 Dmitriy Galitskiy Russia Trilife
0156 Aleksandr Blaginin Russia Runtime Ekb
0175 Mikhail Lyubich Russia
0187 Pavel Gorik Russia
0202 Andrey Veselov Russia
0204 Artem Kokoteev Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0210 Nikolay Glukhov Russia
0217 Dmitry Borisenko Russia Всех жарь!!!
0220 Yuriy Nosov Russia
0228 Sergey Bakastov Russia TriMan
0234 Sergey Terskov Russia Аэробия
0240 Viktor Krasnousov Russia Runners Siberia
0241 Roman Polyakov Russia Легенда
0246 Fanis Nurmukhametov Russia Касаясь Толстоты
0253 Kirill Ivanteev Russia Ёлка Девелопмент
0254 Ildar Ishbulatov Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0256 Farit Matygullin Russia ЮТА
0261 Andrey Piskunov Russia
0262 Aleksandr Bobkov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0263 Anton Ryzhikov Russia RyzhikovTeam
0264 Askar Maylyubaev Kazakhstan WorldClass Almaty
0265 Sergey Markov Russia
0267 Aleksandr Konstantinov Russia Top Liga Club
0270 Semyen Beresnev Estonia PEDALIADA
0271 Roman Kopev Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0274 Evgeniy Boyko Russia SBR88
0276 Maxim Kuzmin Russia
0278 Artemiy Adrianov Russia Ski Team Tosno
0279 Mihail Oshurkov Russia Триатлет
0284 Pavel Nemkevich Russia
0287 Buzov Dmitriy Russia TRIATLET
0290 Maksim Marchenko Russia
0295 Anton Solodskiy Russia
0303 Ilya Pleshchinskiy Russia Касаясь толстоты
0310 Vasiliy Ryzhako Russia
0311 Alexander Kozlov Russia
0312 Denis Ivanov Russia
0314 Grigory Sharkov France Trilife
0315 Sergey Telitsin Russia
0318 Aleksandr Fedorov Russia
0324 Roman Utkin Russia
0327 Nikolay Mrochkovskiy Russia
0335 Eldar Sufiyanov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
0339 Nikolay Efremov Russia David Warden
0343 Yuriy Trofimov Russia
0350 Aleksandr Smirnov Russia
0354 Mikhail Kazupeev Russia
0355 Anton Gorbachev Russia ROWE TEAM
0357 Sergey Milyutin Russia
0359 Anton Vasilev Russia Триатлон-Уфа
0360 Pavel Berdutin Russia Prime running
0366 Artem Shevchenko Russia Личный зачет
0367 Maksim Marin Russia
0377 Aleksandr Telnov Russia DWC
0382 Dmitry Frank Russia Kalinin's Team
0384 Aleksey Golomedov Russia
0385 Anton Kvashnevskiy Russia
0387 Aleksandr Trifonov Russia
0388 Irek Akhunianov Russia David Warden Coaching
0390 Volker Voit Germany
0391 Aleksandr Adelev Russia World Class
0393 Pavel Karpov Russia ТЕМП
0397 Anton Sarapkin Russia
0398 Pavel Maksachuk Russia K2Sport
0400 Vladimir Pavlovskikh Russia
0406 Aleksandr Agatiy Russia
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
0002 Roman Danshin Russia GEPARD
0007 Ivan Artyemov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0008 Anton Kudryavtsev Russia Pro Trener
0012 Anatoliy Kotibenko Russia ILOVERUNNING
0017 Oleg Yasenov Russia
0018 Aleksandr Lybanev Russia Трилайф
0020 Ilya Moroz Russia Вордкласс
0022 Andrey Nechpay Russia
0025 Andrey Ovchinnikov Russia СИБУР
0026 Nikolay Gorodnov Russia
0033 Brsoyan Mushegovich Russia лично
0043 Aleksandr Kozhinov Russia Trilife
0045 Petr Goncharov Russia
0053 Aleksey Kavtsevich Russia
0060 Roman Rubtsov Russia i love running
0061 Eduard Alvares Russia Casa Naturale
0063 Ilya Gavrilovich Russia
0068 Igor Bilous Russia SKOLKOVO Triathlon Team
0084 Ruslan Naumov Russia Бегом по жизни
0092 Nikolay Cherednichenko Russia Hilti
0100 Khadzhimurat Gazaliev Russia Unistroy Team
0103 Leonid Ponomarev Russia Триатлет
0104 Kirill Zhorkin Russia Raketa
0121 Sergey Eliseev Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0126 Oleg Govorov Russia ООО "Град-Сервис"
0127 Sergey Laushkin Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0128 Aleksandr Enilin Russia
0132 Ruslan Sharipov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0133 Maks Nastusenko Russia
0135 Grigory Plekhotkin Russia
0136 Michael Zaozerskiy Russia
0143 Lavrentiy Gomzin Russia
0149 Azizbek Gabdullin Kazakhstan лично
0167 Sergey Verteletskiy Russia
0173 Alan Guschin Russia
0181 Anton Belyakov Russia Ё-team
0183 Dmitriy Malyshkin Russia
0184 Artem Akimov Russia Runners
0188 Aleksandr Borisov Russia Триатлон-НН
0201 Ilya Kravets Russia
0208 Grigoriy Isaev Russia DWC
0209 Aleksey Zaytsev Russia TriTime
0213 Sergey Nozhov Russia
0224 Evgeniy Borisenko Russia
0232 Alexey Pechenin Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
0237 Aleksand Androsov Russia Тритайм
0238 Aleksandr Kondraov Russia
0245 Aleksandr Zykov Russia СК ProБег
0247 Mikhail Kozyr Russia Runners
0255 Roman Lobachev Russia
0258 Denis Nesterenkov Russia Ростовский шоссейный клуб
0259 Andrey Averin Russia Serpantin
0260 Anton Leonov Russia
0268 Zyabkin Dmitriy Russia TRIMAN
0282 Oleg Nedelko Russia
0286 Dmitriy Trubitsyn Russia
0291 Sergey Babenko Russia TopLiga Club
0293 Maxim Orlov Germany
0297 Sergey Pastukhov Russia Триатлон - НН
0298 Aleksey Igonkin Russia
0302 Maxim Boulatov Russia Касаясь Толстоты
0304 Aleksandr Kim Russia нет
0306 Vyacheslav Bushuev Russia "Касаясь толстоты"
0309 Ivan Chernysh Russia
0316 Vitaliy Folts Russia Runners
0329 Yuriy Klochko Russia ЦиклOn
0331 Aleksey Kuznetsov Russia ЦиклOn
0338 Sunkar Nurmagambetov Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0345 Igor Zhilenko Russia
0346 Nikolay Tomarev Russia DWC
0347 Andrey Balakirev Russia Темп
0351 Alexey Maslov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0353 Anton Semenov Russia
0358 Mikhail Medynskiy Russia Hornet Swimming Team
0364 Stanislav Podgurskiy Russia Лично
0376 Andrey Merenkov Kazakhstan Apple city team
0378 Ilnar Miftakhov Russia
0383 Stanislav Andreev Russia
0392 Vlad Tsarev Kazakhstan Apple city team
0395 Evgeniy Sarbaev Russia
0401 Andrey Gerasimov Russia
0408 Sergey Bodrov Kazakhstan KAZ GEO
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
0004 Georgy Kovalenko Russia
0005 Aleksey Shloyda Russia
0011 Sergey Zhuravlyev Russia Lawyard Legal Run
0030 Sergey Tambovtsev Russia ЦиклON
0037 Igor Plotskiy Russia TOP LIGA RUN
0039 Dmitriy Zinkin Russia
0040 Andrey Shutov Russia
0052 Mihhail Borouhhin Finland
0056 Pierric Duthoit Russia Google
0069 Andrey Fomin Russia
0085 Nikolay Badeykin Russia
0088 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia
0096 Yuriy Demichev Russia
0097 Marat Bashirov Russia Йошкар-Ола
0115 Omari Mkrtichyan Russia
0122 Andrey Shevchenko Russia
0124 Sergey Kim Russia VHV TRIATLON TEAM
0129 Aleksey Eroshenko Russia OKN-PROEKT
0134 Aleksey Trofimov Russia
0141 Sergey Loginov Russia Три океана
0147 Denis Rubbo Russia TRIATLET
0148 Sergey Motyshen Russia
0157 Aleksey Gusev Russia SHTRADA
0160 Askar Zhumagaliev Kazakhstan Taraz Triathlon Team
0161 Vyacheslav Kan Kazakhstan Taraz Triathlon Team
0166 Evgeniy Turov Russia
0171 Roman Nizhankovskiy Russia
0174 Oleg Rzhevskiy Russia
0177 Ilya Anastasev Russia
0182 Denis Frolov Russia
0190 Sergey Gavrilenko Russia TopLigaClub
0192 Aleksandr Karavanov Russia
0194 Aleksandr Toroshchin Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0195 Aleksandr Golota Russia ПАО Газпром г.Хабаровск
0198 Ruslan Khismatullin Russia Easy Running
0200 Sergey Khlopov Russia Динамо бежит? Все бегут!
0205 Andrey Andreev Russia TeamPerm
0206 Andrey Popov Russia TRIATLET
0207 Vitaliy Romanosov Russia
0214 Anton Suravegin Russia Триатлет
0218 Aleksey Kuzovlev Russia
0223 Denis Volman Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
0236 Dmitriy Petrov Russia Циклон
0252 Pavel Palatov Russia Трилайф
0277 Albert Zaripov Russia
0288 Andrey Saprygin Russia Iloverunning
0296 Dmitriy Semenov Russia ЦиклON
0317 Aleksey Makeev Russia TriLife
0319 Vladimir Kapranov Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0323 Anton Feoktistov Russia Pro Trener
0326 Aleksandr Kuts Russia
0337 Artyem Parshentsev Russia
0341 Sergey Belyakov Russia ай лав ран
0344 Timofey Kondrenkov Russia Школа правильного бега Runner's
0349 Andrey Antipinskiy Russia TriLife
0368 Neil Cabral United Arab Emirates
0371 Pavel Sivko Russia I LOVE TRIATHLON
0372 Konstantin Orlovskiy Russia :Е-team
0375 Viktor Saltykov Russia SBR88
0379 Denis Turantaev Russia Фитнес лайф
0389 Yuriy Popov Russia
0399 Alexander Nekrasov Russia Skolkovo triathlon team
0402 Solovev Grigoriy Russia Fitness Life
0403 Sergey Tatarinov Russia ORENBURG TRIROZA
0405 Pashnin Maxim Maxim Russia ТЕМП
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
0021 Aleksey Kiselev Russia
0027 Ilya Yaroshenko Russia Pro Trener
0035 Leonid Shvetsov Russia
0041 Kravtsov Eduard Russia
0051 Andrey Danilov Russia Danilov & Konradi
0055 Anton Palukhin Russia
0057 Arman Zograbian Russia
0073 Vadim Zelenskiy Russia
0074 Vadim Zelenskiy Russia Zelenski Run Club
0076 Igor Volkov Russia EVASTAR
0078 Sergey Arefev Russia
0087 Nikolay Odintsov Russia red lava
0094 Mikhail Yarmolyuk Russia Top Liga Club
0098 Vladislav Guskov Russia Лидер
0138 Dmitriy Kashinov Russia Нет
0152 Dauren Bliev Kazakhstan WorldClass Almaty
0158 Oleg Zhuzhgov Russia TRIATLET
0168 Radislav Romanov Russia
0169 Aleksandr Ushakov Russia RedLava Team
0170 Aleksey Dubrovskiy Russia
0178 Aleksandr Afanasev Russia
0179 Andrey Mironov Russia TRILIFE
0199 Konstantin Volkov Russia ТЕМП
0211 Vyacheslav Fedin Russia Cycleon
0235 Viktor Mikheev Russia Южный Центр Триатлона FortRun
0249 Aleksandr Stepanov Russia ILR
0280 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia
0285 Yuriy Belov Russia личное участиие
0340 Anton Volkov Russia
0348 Vasiliy Povarnitsyn Russia Rosneft triatlon team
0373 D_gorizontov_gmail_com Gorizontov Russia
0396 Yuriy Trubitsyn Russia TopLigaClub
0404 Konstantin Yakukhin Russia ORENBURG TRIROZA
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
0059 Bruno Pol Lepru France N/A
0065 Sergey Levozhinsky Russia TopLigaClub
0093 Vyacheslav Sharapov Russia клуб бокса Гайва, клуб Nutrilite
0154 Konstantin Dudnik Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0164 Aleksandr Folomkin Russia
0172 Sergey Shikalev Russia
0180 Andrey Zhuravlev Russia ЦиклОн
0233 Andrey Sokolov Russia Trilife
0299 Igor Efremov Russia Skatovka Sport Team
0332 Aleksandr Kozlov Russia Банк России
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
0248 Vladimir Murugov Russia
0380 Aleksandr Isaev Russia Триатлон-НН
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
0038 Olya Siruk Russia
0067 Lyudmila Tebenkova Russia ВИНЕВ
0109 Yuliya Makarova Russia
0110 Anna Nesterova Russia
0137 Anastasiya Ivanyuta Russia
0151 Ekaterina Vasilenok Russia Adidas Run Club
0163 Yuliya Levitskaya Russia #YuYuRunners
0226 Polina Gozhanovskaya Russia
0230 Mariya Sorina Russia AVANTEL
0243 Anastasia Ryabochkina Russia Avantel
0250 Margarita Chernysheva Russia
0266 Irina Ezhova Russia TempTraining
0307 Mayya Katolina Russia
0322 Clodagh Nugent Russia
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
0034 Darya Olenina Russia
0072 Irina Melekhina Russia Ракета Team
0108 Olga Doronina Russia
0116 Mariya Berezina Russia
0176 Georgiy Abramyan
0186 Mariya Shishkanova Russia
0215 Olga Sorokina Russia Три Катлетки
0251 Olya Lazareva Russia
0269 Anzhela Giloian Russia AVANTEL
0292 Darya Saveleva Russia TopLigaClub
0294 Mari Skvortsova Russia I LOVE RUNNING
0305 Elena Malyanova Russia Top Liga Club
0362 Ekaterina Pikhtina Russia SBR88
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
0001 Diana Pushkar Russia
0009 Elena Leonova Russia Pro Trener
0031 Anna Tambovtseva Russia
0054 Tatiana Podvoyskaya Russia
0062 Anna Krylova Russia Bryukhankov team
0082 Natalya Grigoreva Russia лично
0089 Elena Altukhova Russia
0144 Diana Musatova Russia Top Liga Club
0212 Anastasiya Anosova Russia
0242 Dina Shaymerdenova Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0275 Kseniya Fedoseeva Russia IRONZEL Sport Team
0300 Svetlana Afonina Russia Skatovka Sport Team
0325 Sofya Kuts Russia
0336 Tatyana Sukhacheva Russia
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
0281 Anna Ivanova Russia TRIKO.CLUB
F45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Female Athletes)
0117 Natalya Shtrombakh Russia Fitness one
0153 Elfira Dudnik Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
0365 Zulfiya Gilmutdinova Russia
F50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Female Athletes)
0112 Natalia Buraya Russia
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
1003 swim Yuriy Kudinov Россия Циклон
bike Igor Belskikh Russia
run Anton Chuchko Россия
1004 swim Damir Fattakhov Россия Железяки
bike Efim Klimov Russia
run Delus Sirazetdinov Россия
1005 swim Vladimir Pogrebenko Россия GXE Team
bike Pavel Rasskazov Россия
run Mikhail Klenin Russia
1006 swim Alexander Vyborov Россия 3A
bike Aleksandr Shmelev Russia
run Anton Kalinin Россия
1010 swim Alexander Vertyankin Россия IRONDEER
bike Fedor Bakulov Россия
run Dmitry Bondar Russia
1011 swim Oleg Balan Russia Belgorod Sber Team
bike Alexandr Nemykin Россия
run Yuriy Lukyanchenko Россия
1013 swim Dmitry Zhidkov Россия S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance
bike Aleksey Bogdanov Russia
run Pavel Yanshevsky Россия
1014 swim Anatoliy Kuznetsov Россия Tribrothers
bike Mikhail Sobolev Россия
run Anton Kuznetsov Russia
1015 swim Alexander Averkin Россия S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club II
bike Denis Kondrashin Россия
run Dmitry Astrein Russia
1019 swim Vladimir Solovev Russia Oceanman Russia
bike Fedor Teplukhin Россия
run Dmitriy Tarasov Россия
1021 swim Dmitriy Brenkov Россия ROSNEFT Triathlon Team 3
bike Ilmir Khasanov Россия
run Evgeniy Ustinov Russia
1022 swim Evgeniy Parlyuk Россия По-русски
bike Alexander Seldemirov Россия
run Sergey Burlakov Russia
1024 swim Alexander Chebotarev Россия skatovka sport team
bike Aleksey Melnikov Russia
run Artem Skachkov Россия
1025 swim Nikolay Kozak Russia Leroy Merlin Triathlon Team. Russia Poland France
bike Krzysztof Pawlik Польша
run Sylvain Richon Франция
1027 swim Galeev Artur Россия G2K TEAM
bike Ildus Karimov Russia
run Ildar Karimov Россия
1029 swim Evgeniy Iogansen Russia Бюро
bike Artem Hvatov Россия
run Petr Lobanov Россия
1030 swim Vladimir Sidorov Россия FESS TEAM
bike Andrey Volnov Россия
run Nikita Nesterov Russia
1032 swim Ivan Salomatov Россия NYF
bike Arkadii Gurevich Россия
run Aleksey Solovev Russia
1033 swim Kirill Patuev Россия AVANTEL
bike Aleksey Shagin Russia
run Denis Novikov Россия
1002 swim Tatyana Minayeva Russia Astral Girls
bike Marina Slobodina Россия
run Irina Berezhnaya Россия
1008 swim Natalya Rafikova Russia MOEX Girls
bike Aygul Ganieva Россия
run Tatyana Nikitina Россия
1009 swim Olga Tsvetkova Tsvetkova Russia DressOff!
bike Katya Kiryukhina Россия
run Elena Lyubtsova Россия
1034 swim Tamilla Nagieva Russia FORCE TIME
bike Lidija Avdeeva Россия
run Lidija Avdeeva Россия
1000 swim Konstantin Laanvee Эстония VKG EV
bike Stepan Pidvysotskiy Estonia
run Jelena Pidvysotskiy Эстония
1001 swim Varvara Grigoreva Russia GSV
bike Semyon Grigorev Россия
run Varvara Grigoreva Россия
1007 swim Filip Milevchich Croatia Aperol Hunters
bike Sergey Popov Россия
run Alina Gaisarova Россия
1012 swim Irina Denisova Россия ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
bike Mikhail Popov Россия
run Natalya Potekhina Russia
1016 swim Viktoriya Zyabkina Russia TRIMAN
bike Yury Korneev Россия
run Roman Marinich Россия
1017 swim Natalya Koren Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team 1
bike Davletberdin Salavat Россия
run Sergey Kirichenko Россия
1018 swim Anna Belkova Россия ROSNEFT Triathlon Team 2
bike Ilnur Khasanov Россия
run Igor Bannov Russia
1020 swim Anna Lazareva Россия Sister&Brothers
bike Simon Lazarev Россия
run Grigoriy Lazarev Russia
1023 swim Tatyana Volostnova Россия ТВИкс
bike Vladimir Krasilnikov Россия
run Irina Maydanyuk Russia
1026 swim Ilya Emelyanov Россия MINT
bike Marat Khisyametdinov Russia
run Natalia Zhuravleva Россия
1028 swim Kseniya Kandalintseva Kandalintseva Russia Long Vehicle
bike Ilya Kandalintsev Россия
run Vladimir Panasyuk Россия
1031 swim Albina Antipina Russia ДримТимЕПТ
bike Vladimir Kurilov Россия
run Vasiliy Anikushin Россия
1035 swim Maria Borovikova Russia 3xEnergy
bike Rishat Khatmullin Россия
run Elena Kokoeva Россия


Race number Name and Surname Country Triathlon leg
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team




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