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The IRONSTAR 1/4 ZAVIDOVO 2017 is a new and unique format of the Russian triathlon. Distance: 1 km - swimming, 45 km - biking, 10 km - running. It's 1/4 of "iron" distance.

In addition to the uniqueness of the distance, it is also the first home start of the IRONSTAR that will take place just 100 km from Moscow, on the prestigious resort of Zavidovo.

Zavidovo is a unique natural area perfect for sports and family holidays. Moreover, Zavidovo is located in the transport accessibility from Moscow: it takes 2 hours to reach it by commuter train or car.

The distance is suitable for beginners in triathlon and advanced athletes.

The swim race starts on the banks of the Doybitsa River, which flows into the Volga. The bike and run courses will be held along the picturesque trails of the territory of the “Yamskoy Les” natural park. Sandy beaches, forest trails, clean water, and premium infrastructure are waiting for you

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Tverskoy boulevard, 2
Varaksino, Tver region - 171266

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Race course

Route of IRONSTAR 1/4 ZAVIDOVO 2017




Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
0009 Sergey Muratov Russia Pro Trener
0019 Dmitriy Smirnov Russia
0063 Sergey Boyarshinov Russia
0085 Sergey Morozov Russia Moroz"off
0095 Egor Yudakov Russia
0116 Viktor Chibisov Russia
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
0002 Kazim Abasov Russia
0005 Artyom Alekseev Russia
0006 Artem Klimov Russia
0010 Ilya Nikolaev Russia
0013 Alexander Sivkov Russia
0018 Andrey Muzhichkov Russia
0022 Nikolay Gavrilov Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0029 Maksim Marin Russia
0032 Sergey Bertov Russia
0033 Artur Khasiyatullin Russia ABBYY LS TRIATHLON TEAM
0034 Vadim Lukyanov Russia General Gas
0035 Mikhail Peregudov Russia
0042 Nikolay Tregubov Russia I LOVE RUNNING
0043 Sergey Yudin Russia
0045 Dmitriy Zhuchev Russia Health Active
0047 Andrey Piskunov Russia Zubov Team
0048 Artem Shevchenko Russia Личный зачет
0051 Dmitriy Shalagin Russia iloverunning
0054 Pavel Blagikh Russia Fitness one
0062 Andrey Tkachyev Russia
0065 Dmitriy Golovashchenko Russia
0079 Vyacheslav Luganskiy Russia
0081 Nikolay Lukyanenko Russia
0083 Kirill Ivanov Russia LL Team
0089 Mikhail Trusov Russia Studio 8
0092 Ayrat Kalimullin Russia
0093 Aleksey Pimenov Russia Реальные Кабачки
0102 Marat Fakhrutdinov Russia Initrun
0106 Andrey Grunichev Russia
0110 Artem Kuznetsov Russia HEALTH ACTIVE
0114 Stanislav Karpushkin Russia HealthActive
0117 Anatoliy Karpov Russia TRIKO.CLUB
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
0004 Aleksandr Sinegubov Russia
0007 Takhir Minazhetdinov Russia Школа Бега "Бегай с умом"
0017 Viktor Meshchenkov Russia
0020 Mikhail Belyaev Russia
0021 Aleksey Steblevskiy Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0023 Artur Sarukhanov Russia
0027 Igor Gustomyasov Russia
0028 Igor Zhilenko Russia
0030 Jens Heitland Germany David Warden Coachig / DWC
0031 Andrey Kutuzov Russia
0037 Pavel Pavlusenko Russia Нет клуба
0039 Sergey Varganov Russia
0041 Maksim Tsibulin Russia
0052 Sergey Pyzhikov Russia Ironzaichiki
0056 Aleksey Zabudko Russia
0069 Ilya Moroz Russia WorldClass Triumf
0071 Anton Kudryavtsev Russia Pro Trener
0074 Semen Morozov Russia WebHubPub
0084 Dmitriy Egorov Russia InnerFight
0087 Zhirov Konstantin Russia Steel People DMD
0090 Aleksandr Alshannikov Russia SAP CIS Triathlon team
0091 Timur Grib Russia
0094 Sergey Egorov Russia
0100 Aleksey Tibirkov Russia HEALTH ACTIVE
0103 Aleksey Kavtsevich Russia
0105 Sergey Tripaka Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0107 Kenneth Kurata USA TNT
0108 Ilya Barabin Russia I love triathlon
0109 Aleksey Bogdanov Russia S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
0112 Denis Turishchev Russia Health Active
0115 Andrey Gorozhankin Russia
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
0001 Semion Pariy Russia
0003 Pavel Anokhin Russia
0008 Oleg Mukhamedshin Russia Pro Trener
0038 Artem Obolenskiy Russia
0059 Oleg Marochkin Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
0064 Andrey Savelev Russia ЦиклON
0066 Dmitriy Mikhaylov Russia Циклон
0073 Roman Mornev Russia
0076 Denis Katoshin United Arab Emirates I Love Running Dubai / I Love Triathlon Dubai
0077 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia
0078 Aleksey Makeev Russia TriLife
0082 Konstantin Zakharov Russia World Class Triathlon
0098 Aleksey Levkin Russia World Class
0099 Aleksandr Komarov Russia
0101 Denis Snedkov Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0113 Boris Vasilev Russia
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
0015 Denis Laptev Russia
0024 Vladmir Polskiy Russia
0040 Stefan Schmid USA TSV Steingaden
0055 Roman Doroshenko Russia Ironzaichiki
0080 Aleksey Fomin Russia I Love Running
0104 Yury Ivanov Russia TRIKO.CLUB
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
0001 Arkadiy Afanasev Russia
0012 Roman Avdeev Russia
0014 Konstantin Sikachev Russia ЛК Измайлово
0016 Aleksey Piskunov Russia Нет
0036 Aleksandr Stradze Russia
0070 Vladimir Krasilnikov Russia
0088 Evgeniy Fokin Russia Studio8
M60-69 (Age Group 60-69 Male Athletes)
0060 Evgeniy Marochkin Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
0011 Kseniya Kukushkina Russia
0044 Polina Ermoshina Russia ProfStyle
0057 Mariya Vasileva Russia
0058 Anna Novikova Russia
0061 Anastasiya Krylova Russia
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
0025 Anna Varfolomeeva Russia ILOVERUNNING
0026 Sophia Grinberg Russia I love running
0067 Olga Ganyushkina Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
0072 Anna Balabaeva Russia
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
0046 Olga Gashkova Russia I love running
0049 Yuliya Grishina Russia
0050 Zhanna Palyutina Russia
0068 Diana Pushkar Russia
0086 Natalya Lyadovaya Russia
0096 Galina Byvsheva Russia TRIKO.CLUB
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
0075 Elena Lukyanova Russia VIP Sunshine
F45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Female Athletes)
0053 Natalya Shtrombakh Russia Fitness one
F50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Female Athletes)
0097 Alla Korotkova Russia World class
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
0500 Gregory Edmonds Russia Relentless Advanturers
Howard Golden Russia
0505 swim Andrey Smirnov Россия 2XU-SIS
bike Michael Skripnikov Россия
run Danila Kurnikov Russia
0509 swim Sergey Sokolovskiy Russia S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
bike Dmitriy Melkov Россия
run Evgeniy Kolesnik Россия
0512 swim Dmitry Zhidkov Россия S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
bike Renat Yarullin Russia
run Dmitry Astrein Россия
0511 swim Galina Nimaeva Россия S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
bike Angelina Yashnikova Россия
run Alissa Bond Russia
0500 swim Oleg Maklakov Россия 3nTi
bike Vadim Ryabtsev Russia
run Evgeniya Romanova Россия
0501 swim Svetlana Kirsanova Россия Невыносимые улитки
bike Oleg Semeko Russia
run Sergey Tsarenkov Россия
0502 swim Alexey Pospelov Russia Dudes
bike Sergey Pimenov Россия
run Olga Mikhajlova Россия
0503 swim Albina Antipina Russia ДримТимЕПТ
bike Vladimir Kurilov Россия
run Pavel Kondakov Россия
0504 swim Viktoriya Pershina Russia Заря
bike Sergey Rokityansky Россия
run Aleksandr Smirnov Россия
0506 swim Julia Bogdanovskaya Россия identika
bike Alexey Gurin Россия
run Aleksey Gurin Russia
0507 swim Maria Borovikova Russia 3xEnergy
bike Rishat Khatmullin Россия
run Elena Kokoeva Россия
0508 swim Mariya Guseva Россия MIRBIS Athletics
bike Valeriy Pilipenko Russia
run Anastasiya Zhikhar Россия
0510 swim Ekaterina Kvokova Россия TRIУЛИТКИ
bike Vladimir Nazarenko Россия
run Daria Shmyr Russia
0513 swim Ekaterina Sakharova Russia Tripeople
bike Anton Chasovikov Россия
run Dmitriy Gavrilov Россия




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