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The Russian Triathlon Championship IRONSTAR 226 SOCHI 2016 for age group athletes and professionals, iron distance: 3.86-km swim, 180-km bile, 42.195-km run. Everyone who has registered and paid the entrance fee is welcome.

It has finally happened! The first iron distance in the city of Sochi, the capital of 2014 Winter Olympics, at the resort with a fantastic subtropical climate, splendid beaches and modern sports infrastructure. The competition takes place at Imeretinsky Resort & Hotel, an ideal location for trainings and rest due to its developed infrastructure for sports and entertainment. Near the resort district, there is a Formula 1 track and Sochi Olympic park, where key Russian business and sports events are held. The starting camp, the transition area, the starting and the finish lines of all the triathlon stages are a two-minute walk away from the Imeretinsky and the Radisson Blu Resort beach hotels, located on the shore of the Black Sea. A new amusement park open to participants and their families any day during the sports weekend is also situated within a short walking distance.
The swimming stage of the competition is held in the yacht marine of the Imeretinsky Bay. The port’s waters are safely protected from gales with two piers, which provides for better conditions than the open sea. The temperature in the Bay is 2 degrees warmer than the one in the open waters of the Black Sea, and varies from 17 to 25 degrees during the period from June to October.

The cycling stage starts at Imeretinsky Resort & Hotel, runs along Sochi Olympic park and includes the most spectacular road of the country – the road to Krasnaya Polyana. The participants will have to ascend the mountains and go downhill twice. The first half of the distance is a smooth uphill stretch, and the second half is downhill. The cycling course is in compliance with all international standards and is considered the best course in Russia. It lets cyclists enjoy the views of the 2014 Winter Olympics facilities and marvelous mountain landscapes on their way to Krasnaya Polyana and back.

The race ends with the running stage. The itinerary goes along the Black Sea promenade, reaching the border with Abkhazia.

September 24. It’s autumn in Russia - cold weather and rains have already come. In Sochi, meanwhile, the “velvet” season is at its peak. It means caressing sun, warm sea, and temperate air.


Race course

Route of IRONSTAR 226 SOCHI 2016



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Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
0005 Artyem Shumaev Russia ТРИАТЛЕТА
0008 Roman Malyshev Russia ТРИАТЛЕТА
0009 Konstantin Sukhachyev Russia Триатлон Красноярск "Здоровый мир"
0020 Aleksey Zhuravlev Russia TRILIFE
0038 Andrei Morozov Russia Атлон
0046 Sergey Starikov Russia
0048 Ilya Medvedev Russia
0055 Dmitriy Marusin Russia
0058 Alexandr Pavlov Russia
0060 Ilya Zlobin Russia краснознаменск
0061 Dmitriy Bregeda Russia ProCat
0065 Aleksandr Potupchik Russia
0072 Kirill Prokopev Russia
0074 Aydar Valiullin Russia
0077 Vadim Maksimenko Russia Triatlet
0099 Oleg Gaevskiy Russia Газпром инвест Юг
0100 Andrey Elshin Russia Парсек
0107 Dmitriy Razlutskiy Russia
0113 Mikhail Evstigneev Russia
0120 Maksim Melchikov Russia Бодрые
0122 Aleksandr Solomatin Russia
0127 Artem Isaev Russia Трилайф
0130 Dmitriy Momot Russia
0138 Aleksandr Sorokin Russia Триатлета
0145 Vasiliy Ilin Russia Fireteam
0146 Aleksandr Kozlovtsev Russia
0148 Aleksey Shingarev Russia KEEP MOVING
0152 Sergey Ivanov Russia Триатлон-НН
0155 Valentin Zasypkin Russia TRAINING SYSTEM
0177 Nikita Kublikov Russia X-Kirov
0181 Konstantin Pankov Russia SBR88
0183 Evgeniy Nikitin Russia JusTTri Team
0190 Dmitriy Zaloga Russia Ювента Спорт Пермь
0197 Evgeniy Rulevskiy Russia RuLLeZ
0198 Kirill Kirilyuk Russia jusTTri Team
0199 Vladimir Merzlikin Russia
0200 Mikhail Klyachin Russia Триатлон-НН
0214 Vasiliy Mokrousov Russia Триатлон-НН
0216 Nikita Ptushkin Russia
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
0004 Aleksandr Demin Russia TRIATLETA
0006 Vasiliy Demin Russia Триатлета
0011 Igor Manzhos Russia
0018 Aleksandr Volkov Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
0021 Kirill Kimaev Russia
0023 Aleksandr Stratilatova Russia
0030 Dmitriy Ilin Russia Temptraining
0034 Andrey Moiseev Russia
0050 Alexander Gorobchenko Russia
0052 Igor Duka Russia Жирные банковские коты
0054 Aleksandr Igumnov Russia Клуб альпинистов МЭИ
0062 Ivan Serebryakov Russia Трилайф/Парсек
0064 Roman Paramonov Russia
0068 Andrey Gusev Russia БОДРЫЕ
0070 Aleksey Lebedev Russia
0078 Sergey Bukin Russia Dionis TT Penza
0084 Dmitriy Bezyaev Russia Dionis TT Penza
0089 Dmitriy Bezyaev Russia Dionis TT Penza
0094 Denis Makhovskiy Russia трилайф
0096 Vladislav Vasilevskiy Russia WinGG's
0097 Evgeniy Dushenok Russia HARDY
0114 Anton Lutsenko Russia
0116 Konstantin Sviridov Russia
0117 Aleksandr Petrunin Russia Благотворительный фонд поддержки и развития "ДОБРОДЕТЕЛЬ"
0118 David Nicholls Russia
0124 Vyacheslav Smirnov Russia YULA TEAM
0126 Aleksandr Telnov Russia DWC
0128 Aleksey Tolstopyatov Russia Имандра
0132 Roman Bogomolov Russia
0133 Aleksandr Protasov Russia
0135 Maksim Gonchar Russia СИБУР
0139 Aleksey Lukin Russia Alex Baryga Ski Team (ABST)
0141 Ivan Seledkov Russia Лошадиная Сила
0142 Artem Nikishanov Russia Триатлета
0144 Oleg Kuzminskiy Russia Traektoria
0147 Aleksey Chizhov Russia YUMA
0157 Donya Omorov Kyrgyzstan I love runing Kyrgyzstan
0159 Evgeniy Egorov Russia
0162 Ilya Balyko Russia Росэлектроника
0163 Aleksandr Adelev Russia World Class
0169 Ilua Sudakov Russia Kemerovo Triathlon Team
0173 Yuriy Bessonov Russia
0174 Sergey Tumanov Russia
0191 Semen Babanskiy Russia Всегда тепленькие
0195 Pavel Rastrygin Russia HEALTH ACTIVE
0201 Nikolay Les Russia
0208 Ruslan Emelkhanov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0209 Andrey Shikhov Russia
0212 Pavel Gorik Russia
0221 Sergey Zhabin Russia BlueLagoon
0224 Ivan Taraskin Russia Триатлета
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
0007 Dmitriy Bashun Russia Триатлон Красноярск "Здоровый мир"
0013 Vasiliy Baranov Russia
0015 Sergey Gavrilenko Russia TopLigaClub
0025 Aleksey Krasnikov Russia SKI76TEAM
0031 Sergey Chumakov Russia ski76team
0032 Konstantin Zlatoustov Russia
0036 Sergey Maramokhin Russia Alex Baryga Ski Team (ABST)
0037 Vitaliy Biryukov Russia БегОм
0041 Dmitry Sheybak Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0043 Anton Berezutskiy Russia
0056 Sergey Topolyan Russia TopLigaClub
0057 Aleksey Baryshnikov Russia Alex Baryga Ski Team
0066 Aleksandr Korostelev Russia БОДРЫЕ
0073 Sergey Tripaka Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0080 Andrey Dumchev Russia SOCHI SKYRUNNING TEAM
0081 Valeriy Ilyushin Russia Dionis TT Penza
0083 Sergey Buzov Russia Dionis TT Penza
0085 Aleksey Martynov Russia Dionis TT Penza
0086 Sergey Kondakov Russia Dionis TT Penza
0090 Boris Panin Russia Dionis TT Penza
0092 Nikolay Abakumov Russia Титан
0093 Aleksandr Trushin Russia Dionis TT Penza
0103 Danil Ulanov Russia
0108 Evgeniy Rogotnev Russia
0111 Andrey Kireev Russia Trilife (Республика Карелия)
0134 Aleksey Melentev Russia Вологодские равнины
0140 Evgeniy Butorin Russia TRI59
0153 Sergey Babenko Russia
0164 Aleksey Cheskidov Russia ЭВЭН
0167 Aleksandr Ptsarev Russia МЧС Россия
0168 Maksim Kalamaev Russia
0170 Maksim Shaporin Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
0175 Denis Krestin Russia DWC
0178 Aleksey Zubritskiy Russia HORNET TEAM
0184 Aleksandr Kudryavtsev Russia
0189 Aleksandr Gusev Russia Тольятти - триатлон
0203 Denis Borisov Russia
0205 Anatoliy Nesterov Russia Trilife
0220 Maksim Anfimov Russia OneginRun
0225 Anton Kuzmin United Kingdom
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
0010 Sergey Novoselov Russia Triathlon Team Perm
0014 Anton Dolgov Russia Циклон
0016 Sergey Peredelskiy Russia Туапсе
0019 Alexey Taraskin Russia
0022 Aleksandr Vasilev Russia Триатлета
0026 Aleksey Gresko Russia Training System
0033 Konstantin Kravtsov Russia AmurBike (Амурская область)
0039 Rustem Sayfutdinov Russia
0040 Yuriy Kazakov Russia Rosneft Triathlon team
0042 Vyacheslav Ivanov Russia Хоста
0047 Aleksandr Golota Russia
0049 Mikhail Yarmolyuk Russia Top Liga Club
0053 Eduard Tulisov Russia Федерация триатлона Тверской области
0059 Aleksandr Kurganskiy Russia
0067 Stanislav Shkuro Russia
0076 Sergey Kovalev Russia TriLife
0079 Aleksandr Podborskiy Russia Триатлета
0082 Dmitriy Lavrentev Russia Dionis TT Penza
0088 Aleksandr Pichugin Russia Dionis TT Penza
0102 Vitaliy Shlykov Russia
0104 Sergey Akulchev Russia Skolkovo Triathlon Team
0106 Andrey Naumkin Russia Трилайф
0110 Roman Ugryumov Russia Trilife
0115 Aleksandr Korchagin Russia ECSTO
0119 Yaroslav Kvasov Russia
0121 Aleksandr Luft Russia Команда Ух
0125 Denis Polyakov Russia
0131 Aleksey Stoyanov Russia кемерово
0150 Luca Moretti Russia
0158 Andrey Klinov Russia Тяжпрессмаш
0165 Rinat Rakhmatulin Russia
0166 Oleg Rezanov Russia татнефть-самара
0172 Aleksandr Kuts Russia
0179 Denis Snedkov Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0182 Aleksandr Chistyakov Russia
0185 Salavat Valeev Russia
0186 Boris Zheleznyakov Russia Лично
0188 Dmitry Nazarov Russia I Love Running
0192 Aleksandr Buyanov Russia I Love Triathloning & Working On Yourself With CycleON. Rostelecom Team.
0194 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia
0206 Oleg Dobrolyubov Russia Z3team
0211 Aleksandr Batalov Russia
0223 Rustem Gafarov Russia
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
0001 Ilya Belozerov Russia EGORKAteam
0012 Andriyan Khristoforov Russia Здоровый мир
0017 Aleksey Nikiforov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0029 Mikhail Pirozhkov Russia YULA TEAM
0063 Vladislav Golokhvastov Russia Магнум
0069 Yury Ivanov Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0075 Andrey Mironov Russia TRILIFE
0091 Anton Palukhin Russia
0095 Andrey Salnikov Russia КЛБ Марафонец
0109 Andrey Danilov Russia Danilov & Konradi
0123 Igor Kiselev Russia
0129 Andrey Lopatin Russia
0136 Konstantin Rogachev Russia
0149 Sergey Senchenko Russia
0156 Igor Toporkov Russia
0204 Dmitriy Pashchenko Russia ProCat
0215 Rostislav Bzhevskiy Russia
0219 Roman Rusakov Russia СРО МП МОС
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
0003 Igor Zavyalov Russia Ювента
0045 Vyacheslav Sharapov Russia клуб бокса Гайва, клуб Nutrilite
0151 John Baka Belgium
0160 Sergey Karacharov Russia Триатлон-НН
0180 Rinat Gabidullin Russia
0213 Ivan Rumyantsev Russia
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
0002 Aleksandr Belov Russia
0154 Gregori Khanonkin Israel
0207 Sergey Biryukov Russia dwc
M60-69 (Age Group 60-69 Male Athletes)
0044 Anatoliy Afonenko Russia марафонец
0087 Aleksandr Zotov Russia Dionis TT Penza
0187 Marat Khannanov Russia
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
0035 Julia Filina Russia
0193 Tatyana Filippovich Russia SBR88
0210 Marina Belozertseva Russia Swiftman
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
0176 Ekaterina Shershen Russia HORNET TEAM
0202 Natalya Sharova Russia BodyBend
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
0024 Dmitriy Ivanshin Лично
0027 Gulnara Salikhova Russia IRONSTAR TEAM
0071 Nataliya Petukhova Russia TRIKO
0112 Olga Rukosueva Russia Trilife
0217 Nadezhda Anfimova Russia
F50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Female Athletes)
0196 Tatyana Pavlishcheva Russia ДНР ДР СДЮШОР
F60-69 (Age Group 60-69 Female Athletes)
0171 Lyudmila Voronova Russia ТРИЛАЙФ - nsk
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
1003 swim Yra Pylskii Rossia Ювента TRI 59 Пермь
bike Konstantin Kapustin Rossia
run Andrey Mishanin Russia
1007 swim Sergey Polyakov Russia Бэби-клуб Команда Б
bike Aleksei Poliakov Россия
run Aleksey Avdyushkin Россия
1009 swim Aleksandr Appolonov Россия Бэби-Клуб Команда Д
bike Pavel Fileleev Россия
run Oleg Lenkov Russia
1010 swim Mikhail Pankratov Россия Бэби-клуб Команда А
bike Yuri Belonoschenko Россия
run Sergei Boronin Russia
1011 swim Yuriy Kolobov Russia YUMA
bike Yuri Kolobov Россия
run Vlad Piskunov Россия
1012 swim Anton Zaytsev Russia Нейрохирурги России
bike Alan Tserikaev Россия
run Mikhail Ivshin Россия
1013 swim Boris Bartsits Россия #sportapsny
bike Denis Polyakov Russia
run Boris Panshin Россия
1015 swim Boris Lepinskih Россия Training System 2
bike Artyem Kovalev Россия
run Ilya Bublik Russia
1016 swim Gordey Riaboshlyk Россия Живая Сталь
bike Mikhail Petrochenko Russia
run Vitaly Lisapov Россия
1017 swim Alexey Seredkin Россия TriKotlet
bike Alexey Seredkin Россия
run Yuriy Medentsev Russia
1023 swim Marat Gayfullin Россия ТАУ-3
bike Kirill Egorov Россия
run Ildus Karimov Russia
1024 swim Aleksey Nuzhdin Russia ТАУ-2
bike Roman Fayzullin Россия
run Dmitriy Aleksandrov Россия
1031 swim Sergey Polyubin Россия Sable
bike Roman Sobolev Россия
run Ilya Karelin Россия
1033 swim Andrey Chizhov Russia Bonaman 2
bike Andrey Chizhov Россия
run Zhanbulat Kadyrov Россия
1034 swim Aleksandr Lybanev Russia RocknRolla
bike Gennadiy Genus Россия
run Petr Suharev Россия
1035 swim Bashir Khautiev Россия MRunners
bike Alexander Baskakov Россия
run Vadim Garipov Russia
1038 swim Artyem Yarovikov Россия ABST
bike Nikolay Salnikov Россия
run Sergey Nazarov Russia
1039 swim Stanislav Podgurskiy Россия Новые Триатлеты
bike Artem Abramyan Россия
run Marat Shayakhmedov Russia
1041 swim Aleksey Pshenichniy Россия TopLiga
bike Dmitriy Plaksa Russia
run Aleksey Pshenichniy Россия
1043 swim Assan Bazayev Казахстан Vino Team
bike Alexandr Vinokurov Kazakhstan
run Sergey Yakovlev Казахстан
1020 swim Ira Gudkova Россия ТРИ ЧИКИ
bike Mariya Lemeseva Russia
run Yana Hmeleva Россия
1022 swim Anna Etina Russia TITAN PRO
bike Lyubov Pavlosyuk Россия
run Irina Sukhodol Россия
1032 swim Maria Skorikova Россия Bonaman 1
bike Guzel Akhmadulina Россия
run Ekaterina Mitrofanova Russia
1036 swim Liza Gosteva Russia ABST
bike Olga Belozerova Россия
run Anna Maltseva Россия
1000 swim Elizaveta Lebedeva Russia Еnisey Engineering
bike Evgeniy Yakovlev Russia
run Vyacheslav Seryakov Russia
1001 swim Vladimir Koksharov Россия Бег и Гири
bike Dmitriy Ogrokhin Russia
run Elena Patrakova Россия
1002 swim Tatyana Kryuchkova Russia Iron Matrёshki
bike Arseniy Semiletenko Russia
run Vitaliy Mosyagin Россия
1004 swim Valeriya Korneeva Россия Rambler&Co
bike Sergey Podshivalin Russia
run Dmitriy Geranin Russia
1006 swim Anastasia Zhukova Россия Бэби-клуб В
bike Anton Vasyutkin Russia
run Elena Zakharenko Россия
1008 swim Anastasiia Kostromkina Россия Триатлеты Урала
bike Oleg Kostromkin Russia
run Evgeny Kamilov Россия
1014 swim Yaroslava Duk Россия TRAINING SYSTEM
bike Ivan Makarov Россия
run Nikita Belov Россия
1018 swim Mazurov Andrey Россия АСАМЕЯ
bike Evgeniy Yashenkov Russia
run Anastasiya Smirnova Россия
1019 swim Olga Khiuppenen Россия Hot Runny Cabany
bike Artur Sinitsin Russia
run Mikhail Kozhukhovskiy Россия
1021 swim Natalya Shkurko Россия Triathlon Team Perm
bike Konstantin Sadartinov Россия
run Aleksandr Shabalin Russia
1025 swim Ekaterina Episheva Россия Skydivers Fun Team
bike Aleksandr Ushakov Russia
run Sergey Nikolaev Россия
1026 swim Oleg Ivanov Россия Плыви, крути, беги С УМОМ!
bike Yuliya Tolkacheva Russia
run Aleksey Arkhipov Россия
1027 swim Margarita Klimenko Россия Сбер-Блин-Клим
bike Aleksey Klimenko Russia
run Danil Blinov Россия
1028 swim Svetlana Ustinova Russia Trio from Rio
bike Vladimir Yamuder Россия
run Anastasiya Volchanskaya Россия
1029 swim Svetlana Parygina Russia NonStop
bike Gleb Belyaev Россия
run Tatiana Atmacheva Россия
1030 swim Daria Gaeva Russia Адамант-226
bike Andrey Andriyanov Россия
run Valeriy Okhotin Россия
1040 swim Sergei Haritonov Россия Звездный десант
bike Alena Dobyko Russia
run Alena Dobyko Россия
1042 swim Ivan Volkov Россия Decathlon
bike Tim Butusov Россия
run Yana Terenina Russia


Race number Name and Surname Country Triathlon leg
0161 Mikhail Kolmakov Russia ТРИАТЛОН-НН
0888 Yaroslav Swyatoslavsky Russia HEALTH ACTIVE
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
1005 swim Vladmir Polskiy Russia Сильные Духом
bike Aleksey Chibisov Россия
run Sergey Burlakov Россия
1037 swim Denis Polyakov Russia Марафон в темноте
bike Elena Fedoseeva Nina Melnikova Россия
run Rassokhin Artem Yuriy Sdobnikov Россия




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