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The IRONSTAR 226 SOCHI 2016 amateur competition on the ‘iron’ track at the distance: swimming - 3.86 km, biking course - 180 km and race - 42.195 km.

The competition is held at the Imeretinsky Resort Area. It is an ideal venue for both training and leisure. In a walking distance there is the F-1 track and the Olympic Park that host major national business and sports events. The start, transition and finishing area two minutes away from the Imeretinsky and Radisson Blu Resort Hotels of the Black Sea shore. The airport is 10-minute drive from here. Any day of the sports weekend athletes and their families can walk to the new amusement park.

The swimming stage is held in the Imeretinsky port bay. The water area of the yacht port is well protected from storms by two malls, which ensures the athletes start in the most favorable conditions as compared to the open sea. The bay water temperature is 2 degrees higher than that of the Black sea open area and from June to October it varies from 17 to 25 C.

The cycling stage starts at the Imeretinsky Resort Area and proceeds onto the F-1 track. The participants are to take a lap along the Sochi Car-Racing Track where car race legends used to compete. There is a special ranking envisaged for the fastest F-1 course winner. The competition will result in the fastest ‘iron’ bike racer. Having completed the race at the Sochi Car-Racing Track, the participants will go up the mountains twice by the road to Krasnaya Polyana and will have a speed downhill race.

The race will finish with racing along the route that includes the mall in the Imeretinsky port water area. You can imagine what kind of view it gives!

The ‘iron’ distance finish will take place in a grandiose festive atmosphere supported by music, fireworks and sparklers. All the participants and prize-winners, fans, organizers and volunteers get together at the finishing gate to greet the last heroes and celebrate the closing of the race and the season.


Race course

Route of IRONSTAR 226 SOCHI 2017



The starting town as well as the finish line of IRONSTAR are to be located in the close vicinity of the hotel and the transit area is to be opposite to the main entrance of the Imeretinskiy hotel.
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Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M16-17 (Age Group 16-17 Male Athletes)
0012 1 1 Russia IRON WILL
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
0001 Roman Nikolaev Russia JusTTri Team
0003 Vladimir Trapashko Russia
0010 Sergey Devyataev Russia Trail Running School
0016 Yuriy Skorobogatko Russia Chelny Triathlon Team
0018 Aleksandr Gubeladze Russia
0019 Evgeniy Pilyugin Russia
0021 Maksim Shmelev Russia
0034 Roman Novikov Russia ИОХ РАН
0040 Vitaliy Shumey Russia Club Anonymous Ranners Caballo Blanco
0052 Sergey Morozov Russia Алексей Лукашин
0056 Yuriy Timokhin Russia
0070 Ramil Galiev Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0074 Dmitriy Vershinin Russia
0076 Andrey Elshin Russia Парсек
0085 Renat Kamalyukov Russia KPMG triathlon team / Трое в каноэ
0087 Andrey Solntsev Russia
0106 Anton Dyukarev Russia Tritime
0120 Egor Solovev Russia Федерация триатлона Тверской области
0124 Oleg Borodich Russia Alexoutdoor
0127 Maksim Miroshnik Russia
0128 Maksim Leshchina Kazakhstan
0133 Kirill Mazhukhin Russia Skatovka Sport Team
0153 Vadim Plakhotin Russia Adidas runclub
0156 Ivan Vavilov Russia
0163 Ivan Kazakov Russia Дальгипротранс
0166 Anastas Panchenko Russia JetSki St.Petersburg team
0167 Andrey Samoylov Russia
0168 Evgeniy Gusev Russia
0170 Aleksandr Gulyaev Russia Журнал "Марафонец"
0171 Sergey Molkoedov Russia ЦиклON
0177 Konstantin Agafonov Russia
0183 Denis Tabala Russia
0185 Aleksandr Porfirev Russia
0200 Egor Ryabov Russia
0202 Vitaliy Didenko Russia Maykop Running Club
0203 Aleksey Mastryukov Russia
0209 Madi Suleymenov Kazakhstan
0211 Rustam Mulkulanov Kazakhstan
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
0006 Roman Balashov Russia
0015 Rinat Gabdrakhmanov Russia
0022 Ruslan Ishmuhametov Russia
0031 Aleksandr Khristyuk Russia Трилайф
0032 Ilya Medvedev Russia
0038 Sergey Khamyanov Russia Лыжники-Чайники
0043 Timofey Ershov Russia Pirahna
0045 Sergey Moskvin Russia #снамитысможешь
0046 Evgeniy Ermilov Russia
0051 Sergey Bobin Russia TriAtlet
0053 Aleksey Metelev Russia Minysinsk Team
0063 Andrey Grunichev Russia
0064 Leonid Tokmantsev Russia TriAtlet Ural Triathlon Team
0065 Mikhail Konovalov Russia
0066 Sergey Denisov Russia WinGG's
0067 Oganes Gabrielyan Russia
0068 Oleg Shakirov Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0077 Denis Karyukin Russia
0078 Vladislav Vasilevskiy Russia WinGG's
0080 Vladimir Kaverin Russia Volga Adventure Team
0081 Sergey Didenko Russia Велоотпуск
0084 Maxim Kuzmin Russia
0089 Pavel Vlasenko Russia Сахалинская область
0090 Artyem Afanasev Russia ProCat
0093 Aleksey Grishkin Russia
0099 Evgeniy Lenkevich Russia I Love Running_KMR
0102 Aleksey Volodin Russia
0112 Denis Drobotenko Russia -
0118 Vitalii Kalmykov Russia I LOVE RUNNING
0122 Pavel Khegay Russia
0125 Evgeniy Chernyak Russia
0134 Georgiy Abramyan Russia
0137 Nikita Minashkin Russia
0140 Pavel Gorik Russia
0143 Igor Manzhos Russia
0144 Mikhail Nechaev Russia
0150 Pavel Borisov Russia Sankt-Peterbyrg
0155 Anton Solodskiy Russia
0157 Aleksey Pozdeev Russia
0161 Vadim Semenchenko Russia Темп
0164 Ivan Martynov Russia MBS
0165 Oleg Martynov Russia
0169 Nikolay Karpinskiy Russia Yula team
0175 Ivan Fost Russia ЦиклON
0179 Artem Semyenov Russia MakeCase
0182 Kirill Roshchin Russia
0186 Konstantin Nikitin Russia ЗВЕЗДА
0191 Roman Utkin Russia
0197 Ilya Ivanov Russia КЛБ РЯЗАНЬ
0201 Petr Alekseev Russia
0204 Zhanat Urakov Russia ЦиклON
0205 Marat Zinatullin Russia World Class
0207 Dmitriy Bekmansurov Russia Клуб Триатлона Южный (Пермь)
0210 Nariman Turlybekov Kazakhstan
0219 Alexander Kozlov Russia
0220 Dmitriy Gordin Russia Porters
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
0011 Aleksandr Kudryavtsev Russia
0024 Sergey Babenko Russia
0027 Igor Batrakov Russia
0033 Mikhail Gritsenko Russia trilife
0042 Oleg Zharkov Russia
0050 Aleksey Pankratov Russia TriAtlet
0054 Aleksandr Gusev Russia Тольятти - триатлон
0058 Marsel Khasanov Russia TriTime72
0059 Aleksand Androsov Russia Тритайм
0061 Nikolay Vedmed Kyrgyzstan Крылатая Юность
0073 Lavrentiy Gomzin Russia
0086 Roman Glushchenko Kazakhstan выступаю лично
0092 Aleksandr Maksimenko Russia Trilife
0094 Marat Shayakhmedov Russia Беги, Ростов Беги
0101 Aleksey Tikhomirov Russia ПЫХteam
0104 Rafael Askarov Russia ILoveTriathlon
0109 Sergey Popov Russia
0110 Roman Lobachev Russia ТЕМП
0113 Ilya Bondarenko Russia
0116 Bogdan Potapov Russia Ambermen
0117 Bakhirev Evgeniy Russia Атлант/TriLife
0121 Vasily Nesterov Russia AMBERMAN
0129 Viktor Plotnikov Russia
0131 Igor Bogatyrev Russia Выхухоль
0149 Aleksey Balashov Russia Тольятти-Триатлон
0151 Dmitriy Ogrokhin Russia
0152 Vladimir Koksharov Russia
0159 Evgeniy Drozdovskiy Russia X-WATERS
0162 Aleksey Babkin Ukraine Артемсоль
0173 Evgeniy Tifus Russia ILR KMR
0174 Viktor Meshchenkov Russia
0176 Artem Prilepov Russia
0178 Nikolay Raevsky Russia
0184 Darren Ho Singapore
0189 Anton Vydrov Russia
0195 Aleksandr Moroz Belarus темп
0199 Sergey Tripaka Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0206 Pavel Pilatov Russia КЛЭБ
0215 Aleksandr Kondrashov Russia
0217 Andrey Olkhovskiy Russia
0218 Evgeniy Sarbaev Russia
0224 Maksim Fomenko Russia
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
0005 Roman Ugryumov Russia Trilife
0008 Dmitry Batov Russia
0013 Nikolay Tolstobrov Russia
0017 Vyacheslav Smirnov Russia JusTTri
0023 Vladimir Kapranov Russia
0026 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia
0028 Igor Belskikh Russia
0030 Yuriy Kartsev Russia
0036 Nikolay Fartushnyak Russia ратибор
0044 Timofey Semenskiy Russia
0048 Aleksandr Vasilev Russia Триатлета
0057 Andrey Pushkarev Russia Темп
0075 Aleksandr Buyanov Russia I Love Triathloning & Working On Yourself With CycleON. Rostelecom Team.
0083 Dmitriy Malichev Russia ЛАЭС им.В.И.Ленина
0088 Ruslan Khismatullin Russia Easy Running
0091 Konstantin Ovcharuk Russia MST Siberia Abakan
0095 Andrey Shevchenko Russia
0097 Aleksandr Makarov Russia Сыктывкарский ВелоДрайв, Винёв
0098 Dmitriy Sergeenkov Russia
0100 Sergey Kovalev Russia TriLife
0103 Ivan Markin Russia Неунывающие децибеллы
0108 Aleksey Ryuchin Russia
0115 Ivan Ozornin Russia Training System
0119 Ilya Lebedev Russia
0126 Denis Shestakov Russia Легион
0135 Aleksandr Petukhov Russia Fat Cats
0138 Aleksandr Sayapin Russia
0139 Anton Petukhov Russia
0141 Sergey Gavrilenko Russia TopLigaClub
0147 Aleksey Deryaga Russia
0160 Andrey Kiselev Russia Ankrat
0180 Anatoliy Menskiy Russia
0190 Igor Rudzinskiy Russia
0213 Georges Drouin Russia David Warden Coaching
0214 Vladimir Sokolov Russia world class
0216 Aleksandr Kuts Russia
0221 Dmitriy Braverman Russia Чертаново
0223 Vladimir Mikhaylov Russia Клуб М8
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
0002 Anton Palukhin Russia
0007 Vyacheslav Ivanov Russia Хоста
0025 Andrey Mironov Russia TRILIFE
0035 Aleksandr Bobkov Russia
0041 Mikhail Yarmolyuk Russia Top Liga Club
0055 Ilya Belozerov Russia EGORKAteam
0062 Andrey Khanadeev Kyrgyzstan
0158 Nikolay Terekhin Russia Авангард
0172 Roman Starovoyt Russia
0188 Pavel Nikitin Russia World class Иркутск
0192 Rinat Yakhin Russia СМНГ DVD/DDT
0198 Yury Ivanov Russia TRIKO.CLUB
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
0009 Vladislav Golokhvastov Russia Магнум
0037 Vyacheslav Sharapov Russia клуб бокса Гайва, клуб Nutrilite
0072 Dmitriy Vlaskin Russia зебра
0105 Ivan Rumyantsev Russia
0114 Oleg Kostromkin Russia
0123 Vladimir Piskovitin Russia Iron Gans
0145 Vladimir Drobakhin Russia ЦПС "Темп", ГАУ РК "Коми региональный лесопожарный центр"
0146 Langemann Juergen Germany WVC Kassel
0148 Dmitriy Pashchenko Russia ProCat
0208 Baka Johnny Belgium
0212 Karim Masimov Kazakhstan
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
0039 Mikhail Khamyanov Russia
0079 Aleksandr Belov Russia
0194 Rinat Gabidullin Russia
F16-17 (Age Group 16-17 Female Athletes)
0047 Alina Tulisova Russia Федерация триатлона Тверской области
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
0082 Anastasiya Kostromkina Russia
0107 Liubov Polianskaia Russia RedLava
0154 Ekaterina Artemeva Russia MST-Siberia Abakan
0181 Mariya Kireenko Russia TRIKO.CLUB
0193 Yuliya Kritsyna Russia
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
0060 Tatyana Shcherbanenko Russia ЛК Геология
0130 Elizaveta Tikhonova Russia Трилайф
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
0132 Alla Radchenko Russia Темп
0196 Kseniya Zaytseva Russia
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team




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