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IRONSTAR OLYMPIC TRIATHLON KIROV 2017 - amateur competition for age groups in the following distances: 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Kirov is surrounded by woods and you can breathe freely here in the clean air. This is a small town with picturesque streets, historical buildings and new, modern neighborhoods with cozy cafes and quiet gardens. It is the birthplace of the famous Dymkovo toy, the Russian fur and peat capital. Since July 2016 it’s also the host of the triathlon competitions.

The Kirov race begins in the great outdoors, outside of city limits, near the village of Strizhi. The swim course starts on the shore located on the second kilometer of the Strizhi-Orichi highway.

The bike course leads participants from Strizhi into the center of Kirov. Along the way you will have chance to see the main attractions of the city, its museums and churches.

The race is completed by the run course – 4 laps across Kirov’s main streets. You will come to the finish line in the heart of the city in Theater Square.

The Kirov triathlon race in 2016 became one of the safest in Russia. The special atmosphere was created for athletes by locals cheering them on throughout the race. According to the Kirov Region Minister of Sports Svetlana Medvedeva, who also participated in the race, the competition has exceeded all expectations. The local authorities will do everything they can to ensure that the 2017 race will be conducted at a higher level.


Race course




Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M16-17 (Age Group 16-17 Male Athletes)
0238 Kirill Shaparevich Russia
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
0008 Ilya Zlobin Russia
0020 Dmitrii Makarov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0023 Stanislav Artsishevskiy Russia
0033 Timur Khabibulin Russia
0039 Maksim Shpakovskiy Russia
0045 Maksim Melchikov Russia Бодрые
0048 Ramil Galiev Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0079 Nikita Strizhov Russia Triathlon-NN
0084 Nikita Kononenko Russia
0093 Melnik Sergey Russia EY Triathlon
0120 Dmitriy Khadzhiev Russia
0157 Aleksey Koryakin Russia
0158 Aleksey Liddovskiy Russia Нет
0161 Aleksandr Porfirev Russia
0164 Mikhail Zhurbenko Russia
0167 Evgeniy Mikhaylov Russia
0174 Aleksey Pashnin Russia СГУ им.Питирима Сорокина
0183 Ivan Tsukanov Russia ЖБК "Лепсе"
0185 Roman Ulanov Russia лыжный клуб ШИЖМА
0192 Evgeniy Kulikov Russia
0193 Nikita Kublikov Russia X-Kirov
0200 Artur Gasparyan Russia Armenian Triathlon Club
0207 Pavel Mikheev Russia
0218 Konstantin Lopatin Russia Темп
0220 Vitaliy Shumey Russia Club Anonymous Ranners Caballo Blanco
0226 Vasiliy Mokrousov Russia Триатлон-НН
0230 Aleksandr Zamyatin Russia
0232 Vyacheslav Redkin Russia верёвочный парк развлечений Гамми
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
0002 Maksim Mezhevikin Russia БОДРЫЕ Бузулук
0005 Evgeniy Ustinov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
0006 Aleksey Timofeev Russia
0007 Dmitriy Kormishin Russia
0015 Sirin Zaripov Russia
0021 Pavel Rusakov Russia
0029 Ivan Glushkov Russia
0036 Ruslan Sadikov Russia
0040 Aleksey Kubyshev Russia TRI Kirov
0043 Nikolay Smirnov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0047 Andrey Gusev Russia БОДРЫЕ
0050 Nikolay Vedernikov Russia
0054 Andrey Igumnov Russia
0055 Denis Gladkiy Russia НГУ / Creatiff Inside
0063 Ivan Krupyanko Russia
0065 Konstantin Medvedev Russia
0067 Georgiy Abramyan Russia
0069 Oleg Maksimov Russia Triathlon Team Perm
0070 Aleksey Klimin Russia Триатлон-НН
0075 Vadim Skobelkin Russia TRI Kirov
0077 Aleksandr Shabalin Russia TRIATHLON TEAM PERM
0078 Evgeniy Balagurov Russia Триатлон-НН
0080 Aleksandr Blagorozhev Russia ВелоНововятск
0085 Olympia Digital Russia
0089 Andrey Chicherin Russia ПЫХteam
0090 Almaz Nazipov Russia
0094 Rustam Timerbaev Russia
0098 Sergey Batalov Russia АО "Воткинский Завод"
0106 Alexey Semyonov Kazakhstan Semipalatinsk
0111 Semen Serikov Russia IRONSTAR
0117 Nikolay Efremov Russia David Warden
0121 Aleksandr Gorbunov Russia Tri-Kirov
0122 Petr Botev Russia
0123 Alexander Laptev Russia
0140 Konstantin Gusev Russia
0149 Roman Bushuev Russia
0160 Vladimir Ermakov Russia Азимут
0165 Sergey Skurikhin Skurikhin Russia
0172 Alexandr Sokolov Russia Trening Balance Centr
0178 Aleksandr Batalov Russia Run Club Kirov
0188 Ivan Pinchuk Russia
0189 Andrey Lobanov Russia
0196 Timur Sulteev Russia
0199 Roman Korneev Russia
0203 Sergey Kosarev Russia Триатлон-НН
0206 Maksim Zorin Russia
0208 Sergey Khamyanov Russia Лыжники-Чайники
0217 Anton Bobrov Russia
0229 Mikhail Sannikov Russia
0234 Egor Pospelov Russia ВТО-43
0235 Nikolay Byakov Russia
0237 Stepan Pivovarov Russia Keepmoving
0239 Aleksey Leontev Russia
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
0003 Evgenii Ivanov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0004 Sergey Alpatov Russia
0012 Dmitry Denisov Russia НТС
0013 Andrey Kormiltsev Russia НТС
0014 Yuriy Titov Russia
0017 Aleksandr Fominykh Russia HTC
0024 Evgeniy Mashchenko Russia
0026 Azat Sadykov Russia а3
0027 Vadim Nuriakhmetov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0031 Rafik Gizyatov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0032 Lavrentiy Gomzin Russia
0037 Mikhail Luchikhin Russia BODRY
0049 Evgeniy Morozov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0051 Semen Ivanov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0059 Aleksey Shirokov Russia VEB
0060 Aleksey Shevtsov Russia VEB
0061 Vitaliy Ufimtsev Russia Алексеевский лыжный клуб
0099 Denis Smirnov Russia Outdoor Team НИжний Новгород
0101 Roman Kiselev Russia Сталепромышленная компания
0103 Aleksandr Plyusnin Russia
0104 Utkin Vyacheslav Russia
0109 Pavel Kaysin Russia Triathlon team perm
0124 Vladimir Khristenko Russia
0131 Sergey Kazakov Russia
0134 Aleksandr Esev Russia
0136 Mikhail Timkin Timkin Russia Тандем
0138 Mikhail Kuzminykh Russia Велоклуб Тандем
0159 Rafael Askarov Russia ILoveTriathlon
0163 Berger Aleksandr Russia "ВелоДрайв"
0166 Andrey Andrey Russia
0173 Aleksandr Bolotov Russia Triatlon Team Perm
0175 Ilya Baranov Russia
0177 Arkadiy Gurevich Russia ILT
0179 Sergey Zorin Russia Чайковские тюлени
0182 Sergey Rozov Russia Dawid Warden Caoching
0195 Mikhail Klepikov Russia X-Kirov
0198 Ilya Derbenev Russia
0201 Maksim Shusharin Russia Пермские львы
0202 Dmitriy Moshonkin Russia
0214 Dmitriy Dubrovin Russia TRI KIROV
0215 Viktor Orlov Russia Спорт FM Киров
0225 Konstantin Sadartinov Russia Triathlon Team Perm
0228 Vladimir Shirokikh Russia Вояки
0231 Maksim Dubrovin Russia TRI Kirov
0233 Aleksey Ryakin Russia TRI KIROV
0241 Aleksandr Maltsev Russia Лыжный клуб "ШИЖМА"
0242 Yuriy Islentev Russia TriKirov
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
0001 Stanislav Kuznetsov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0009 Aleksey Zhuravlev Russia БОДРЫЕ
0011 Aleksandr Korostelev Russia БОДРЫЕ
0018 Ruslan Grabar Russia БОДРЫЕ
0034 Aleksey Spiridonov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0042 Dmitriy Tretyakov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0071 Vladimir Bagin Russia
0072 Aleksandr Cheremiskin Russia
0074 Sergey Tambovtsev Russia ЦиклON
0086 Aleksey Levkin Russia World Class
0102 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia
0112 Oleg Garifulin Russia
0116 Marat Bashirov Russia Йошкар-Ола
0129 Andrey Novikov Russia
0148 Rustem Mukhametzhanov Russia
0150 Vadim Gareev Russia
0151 Denis Repin Russia велоклубы X-Kirov, "Сотня", "Велоклуб Жуковский"
0152 Aleksandr Makarov Russia Сыктывкарский ВелоДрайв, Винёв
0156 Danil Pichkalev Russia
0181 Nariman Tauzari Russia Terminatorlar
0187 Vitaliy Shulepov Russia
0213 Aleksandr Kokovin Russia
0236 Arkadiy Kiselev Russia
0240 Sergey Shutov Russia
0243 Andrey Rudin Russia SwiftMan
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
0016 Vladimir Radygin Russia
0022 Sergey Novoselov Russia Triathlon Team Perm
0046 Vasiliy Revin Russia БОДРЫЕ
0082 Stanislav Ivanov Russia World Class OUTDOOR Team Пушкинский
0091 Konstantin Bespalov Russia
0096 Mikhail Lykov Russia
0130 Dmitriy Nikitin Russia Велоклубы "Тандем", "Сотня"
0135 Dmitriy Nakaryakov Russia БОДРЫЕ
0137 Anton Sannikov Russia Уралец Мастерс
0154 Vladimir Shishkin Russia
0155 Andrey Shakhtorin Russia
0176 Evgeny Semenov Russia
0184 Lev Khmelnitskiy Russia TriTime72
0194 Sergey Potapov Russia
0212 Kyhkynga_ya_ru Ivantsov Russia Vokueva team
0219 Igor Lagunov Russia динамо
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
0132 Oleg Kutolin Russia
0139 Ayrat Gaynullin Russia Kolorit Run
0143 Igor Paryshev Russia Личн.
0162 Evgeniy Chistyakov Russia
0204 Viktor Krutikhin Russia Лыжный клуб "Шижма"
0210 Konstantin Surnin Russia
0211 Evgeniy Bochkarev Russia школа
0224 Oleg Kostromkin Russia ЕГОРКАteam
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
0066 Vladimir Eryshev Russia Алекс Фитнес
0186 Vasiliy Belyaev Russia
0191 Leonid Kapin Russia
0216 Mikhail Khamyanov Russia Лыжники- Чайники
0221 Sergey Fokin Russia
0227 Vasiliy Mylnikov Russia лично
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
0038 Kseniya Svalova Russia БОДРЫЕ
0044 Polina Spiridonova Russia БОДРЫЕ
0097 Tanya Anikina Russia
0107 Darya Senkina Russia БОДРЫЕ
0108 Elvira Minnullina Russia
0115 Sofiya Bashirova Russia -
0144 Natalya Bologova Russia
0146 Anya Zakharova Russia Центр Спортивной Подготовки
0190 Veronika Gabitova Russia Москва Паратриатлон
0209 Marina Belozertseva Russia Swiftman
0223 Anastasiya Kostromkina Russia ЕГОРКАteam
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
0081 Mariya Bogdanchikova Russia EVO SWIM
0087 Mariya Chistostupova Russia
0197 Olga Kondrateva Russia Крылья
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
0019 Elena Altukhova Russia
0073 Galina Osina Russia
0110 Marina Vorobeva Russia
0114 Elena Leonova Russia Sport-Plan
0170 Andrey Agafonov
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
0064 Mariya Alikina Russia 105 ЭЛЕМЕНТ
F45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Female Athletes)
0076 Natalia Shkurko Russia Triathlon Team Perm
F50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Female Athletes)
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
1003 swim Aleksey Krutikhin Russia ИП Крутихин
bike Igor Trushkov Россия
run Aleksey Krutikhin Россия
1004 swim Vitaliy Titov Россия НАНОЛЕК
bike Aleksandr Pinkus Russia
run Oleg Stronin Россия
1005 swim Roman Iusupov Россия Внезапная
bike Aleksandr Samson Россия
run Aleksandr Samson Russia
1008 swim Gennadiy Yakovenko Russia Лайт
bike Oleg Kolobov Россия
run Mikhail Vlasov Россия
1009 swim 11 11 Россия 111
bike Hhh Hhh Россия
run Andrey Rudin Russia
1000 swim Maria Zhukova Россия JammyFit Wild Woman
bike Maria Mironova Россия
run Natali Mikryukova Россия
1007 swim Elena Zaytseva Россия Dymka Toys (Дымка Тойс)
bike Aleksandra Alminova Russia
run Oksana Alminova Россия
1002 swim Stas Murashov Россия 3S
bike Aleksandra Gulyaeva Russia
run Sergey Posokhin Россия




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