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The Russian Cup, the Open Championships and Krasnodar Region Championship IRONSTAR OLYMPIC TRIATHLON SOCHI 2016 for age group athletes and professionals, Olympic distance: 1.5-km swim, 40-km bike, 10-km run. Everyone who has registered and paid the entrance fee is welcome.

Sochi is the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics and is the most beautiful southern city in Russia. The unique infrastructure and the favorable climate make it the best venue for holding triathlon races.

Athletes aren’t the only ones who will like this location – their family members and supporters will be happy to spend a weekend here as well. There is a new amusement park within walking distance and the hotel windows offer great views of the Formula 1 track. A spectacular promenade stretches along the seafront. Imagine also the caressing waves of the Black Sea, the endless coastline with its beaches and bays, mouth-watering smells coming from cafes and restaurants, and you will understand why we invite you to come to Sochi.

The competition starts at Imeretinsky Bay. The Port’s waters are enclosed, which ensures more comfortable conditions than the open sea. Water temperature during the “velvet” season reaches 25 degrees.

The cycling course is marked around Imeretinsky Resort & Hotel and Sochi Olympic Park. The course is especially suitable for fast races and has no ascents, which is great for clocking in your best time at the cycling distance.

The race ends with the running course along the Black Sea.

September 24, 2016. It is the “velvet” season in the south of Russia. A perfect chance to finish the IRONSTAR race and spend a weekend at the best Russian resort.

The professionals who have taken part in Russian Triathlon Federation Championship IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI and 2015 SOCHI ETU TRIATLON EUROPEAN CUP FINAL, have noted how fast the Sochi course is: it has neither height drops nor sharp turns.


Race course




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Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
2007 Dmitriy Gorlov Russia
2008 Mirkhan Sagitov Russia ADIDAS Runners SOCHI
2012 Denis Tabala Russia
2015 Denis Nikiforov Russia Nike Russia
2020 Denis Tarasov Russia
2021 Mikhail Grishin Russia
2024 Ilya Sivtsev Russia
2029 Aleksandr Osipov Russia We Gym
2038 Artem Ginevsky Russia Skolkovo Triathlon Team
2045 Ruslan Rayd Russia
2076 Matvey Zubov Russia
2086 Temirzhan Abdrakhmanov Kazakhstan AlmatyBroTeam-КФЛТ
2093 Mihail Peshkov Russia TopLigaKrasnodar
2097 Konstantin Lopatin Russia Темп
2099 Artem Muzyka Russia SKOLKOVO Triathlon Team
2108 Anvar Tuykin Russia INIT RUN
2122 Sergey Borisov Russia Iron DEER
2139 Vyacheslav Sukhov Russia Adidas triathlon team
2155 Evgeniy Muravev Russia Free Run
2156 Ilya Konyshev Russia
2159 Immanuil Lyuboshits Russia
2177 Nikita Oparin Russia Swift time
2197 Alisher Alimov Russia
2216 Aleksey Astashkin Russia
2219 Nikita Tyumenev Russia
2225 Fedor Kitashov Russia
2226 Denis Skibinskiy Russia MySportExspert
2231 Ilgar Yusifzade Russia БАРС Груп
2236 Valery Pluzhnikov Russia RUN UP
2252 Aleksandr Zhabotinskiy Russia CocaColaRussiaTriathlonTeam
2258 Vladislav Torbin Russia Welkome TRI KRD
2264 Yaroslav Pavlishchev Russia ДНР ДР СДЮШОР
2281 Mikhail Trusov Russia Studio 8
2282 Artem Grabovich Russia
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
2004 Vadim Kaufman Russia
2010 Andrey Balashov Russia
2011 Timur Gazizov Russia ЦиклON
2016 Aleksey Orlov Russia Выборг
2018 Aleksandr Nikonov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2034 Alan Guschin Russia
2035 Ilia Zabegaev Russia SKOLKOVO
2039 Andrey Anikanov Russia
2047 Evgeniy Brezhnev Russia
2048 Andrey Lapchenko Russia
2049 Dmitriy Kobgunov Russia Triathlon Sochi
2050 Andrey Yatskov Russia
2051 Yuriy Dolzhenko Russia Google
2052 Aleksey Panin Russia
2055 Aleksandr Obishchenko Russia Tristars
2057 Georgiy Abramyan Russia
2061 Stanislav Borovikov Russia Феррум-К
2067 Valeriy Rybak Russia Темп
2075 Aleksey Burchenkov Russia
2084 Maksim Marin Russia
2098 Dmitry Shcherbo Russia
2100 Alexandr Nikitin Russia ST-1
2104 Maksim Nikitin Russia
2110 Aleksey Tolstykh Russia
2113 Nikolay Mrochkovskiy Russia
2125 Ivan Kryukov Russia Русский Алтай
2132 Aleksey Zotov Russia Zotov team
2134 Pavel Lyubin Russia
2142 Kirill Garmatnyy Russia Атлант
2143 Ilya Sushin Russia
2146 Dmitriy Ovechkin Russia Triathlon Top Liga Club
2149 Anton Vdovin Russia
2150 Denis Minkin Russia
2158 Petr Botev Russia
2168 Kirill Ivanteev Russia Ёлка Девелопмент
2169 Andrey Gerasimov Russia
2172 Yuriy Makarov Russia
2174 Alexey Levchenko Russia
2175 Aleksey Vertinskiy Russia
2180 Dmitriy Bezyaev Russia Dionis TT Penza
2184 Andrey Lebedev Russia TYR Russia
2188 Aleksandr Alekseev Russia
2189 Andrey Grunichev Russia ТЕМП
2205 Ivan Khlobystov Russia Trilife
2213 Dmitriy Antonov Russia Moose Racing Team
2234 Vitaliy Suprunenko Russia
2238 Eldar Sufiyanov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
2239 Aleksandr Lybanev Russia Трилайф
2261 Arkadiy Kadokin Russia
2262 Pavel Bozhik Russia Чёрная каракатица
2265 Vladimir Lomtev Russia
2271 Roman Lotsman Russia
2283 Yuriy Islentev Russia TriKirov
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
2001 Petr Polyakov Russia
2003 Sergey Zaichenko Russia
2006 Yuriy Arkhipov Russia
2009 Dinislam Sagitov Russia Adidas runclub Sochi
2030 Pavel Terentev Russia
2037 Timofey Chekhoev Russia Сколково
2041 Andrey Tokarenko Russia
2053 Oleg Prokopchuk Russia
2056 Vasiliy Illarionov Russia World Class Город Столиц
2066 Aleksandr Kim Russia нет
2069 Anton Leonov Russia
2077 Mikhail Kaigorodov Russia Procat
2080 Igor Zhilenko Russia
2082 Vadim Mityanin Russia
2085 Roman Malyuga Russia KPMG Triathlon Team
2089 Sergey Drozdov Russia
2090 Aleksandr Kugaevskiy Russia Training System
2091 Aleksey Levkin Russia World Class
2095 Alexey Rudenko Russia Газпромбанк
2106 Roman Evgrafov Russia Terminatorlar
2111 Oleg Mazurov Russia ЦиклОН
2118 Mikhail Kiselev Russia Cycleon
2120 Aleksandr Enilin Russia
2123 Ildar Karimov Russia
2124 Pavel Makarov Russia ЭВЭН
2126 Anton Strakhov Russia Альфа Битца
2128 Aleksey Kuznetsov Russia
2129 Konstantin Antonovich Russia Zelenograd the Best
2133 Kirill Chechelev Russia TriOpaliha
2154 Igor Bilous Russia SKOLKOVO Triathlon Team
2166 Sergey Stavenko Russia
2173 Aleksey Melentev Russia Вологодские равнины
2181 Petr Dolgov Russia Dionis TT Penza
2187 Slava Ostrovskiy Russia
2191 Vladislav Melnik Russia
2198 Aleksandr Shepelev Russia
2200 Dmitriy Gavryuk Russia
2202 Vladimir Pernikov Russia I love running kemerovo
2203 Andrey Monosov Russia
2211 Ilya Anastasev Russia
2214 Alexey Maslov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2228 Vitaliy Kazakov Russia PORTALLE
2237 Stepan Vakhmin Russia SVCoaching
2240 Mikhail Berlizev Russia TriAlco
2246 Vitaliy Kuznetsov Russia
2253 Rinat Soltanov Azerbaijan Baku Tri Club / TRI 4 LIFE
2254 Ruslan Muslimov Russia
2255 Andrey Rudin Russia SwiftMan
2259 Yuriy Korchyemkin Russia Swiftman
2267 Alexander Kirpichnikov Russia
2273 Mikhail Sirin Russia Бегущий человек
2274 Sergey Podrepnyy Russia
2275 Igor Tolstov Russia
2276 Sergey Morozov Russia World Class
2279 Rustam Baderdinov Russia URBAN Group
2280 Joseph Steinfelds USA
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
2000 Sergey Kovalyev Russia
2031 Aleksandr Babushkin Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ в Екатеринбурге
2032 Sergey Kim Russia VHV TRIATHLON TEAM
2033 Vladislav Tevikov Russia Z3TEAM
2043 Pierric Duthoit Russia
2054 Igor Ryzhov Russia Pro Trener
2068 Andrey Shevchenko Russia
2073 Vitaliy Maznov Russia Кудо
2088 Vladimir Klyushkin Russia РОЗА ХУТОР курорт
2092 Ivan Makarov Russia Training System
2096 M Kutup Indzhebay Russia Рэд лава
2103 Vadim Krasnikov Russia
2105 Aleksey Kuzovlev Russia
2109 Denis Volman Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
2112 Petr Koltypin Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
2115 Aleksey Roshchin Russia Лично
2117 Vyacheslav Maratkanov Russia Random team
2119 Mikhail Kulkov Russia КОМАНДА-А
2138 Sergey Skibinskiy Russia MySportExpert
2140 Artem Yarovikov Russia ABST
2147 Anton Guzeev Russia SGS Team
2152 Roman Nizhankovskiy Russia World Class
2161 Vladimir Sitnov Russia Сбербанк триатлон team
2178 Sergey Mishin Russia ЦиклON
2182 Sergey Rozhkov Russia Dionis TT Penza
2186 Aleksey Mosin Russia RuLLeZ team
2199 Vladimir Yarovoy Russia MOEX Thriatlon Team
2212 Maksim Matveev Russia
2217 Genrikh Erdman Russia TITAN
2223 Dmitriy Pronin Russia циклон
2232 Anton Pronin Russia TopLigaClub
2268 Nariman Tauzari Russia Terminatorlar
2270 Dmitry Egorov Russia World Class
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
2002 Grigoriy Voronin Russia нет
2014 Dmitriy Batakov Russia Опытные хомяки
2025 Dmitriy Balashov Russia Moose Racing Tri Team
2040 Sergey Solodov Russia
2070 Vladimir Bezrukov Russia Крым Мото
2072 Evgeniy Malgin Russia
2079 Rustem Mukhametshin Russia протренер
2094 Yuriy Belov Russia ПАО "Газпром"
2102 Aleksandr Grachev Russia
2157 Aleksandr Kefeli Russia
2163 Ildar Shakirov Russia Adidas Runners
2190 Sergey Koba Ukraine MySportExpert
2195 Denis Gritsaenko Russia CycleON
2201 Igor Volkov Russia EVASTARTEAM
2206 Yury Alenichev Russia
2207 Evgeny Titkov Russia
2208 Oleg Ozerov Russia
2209 Aleksey Kiselev Russia
2244 Ilya Bolshov Russia Borovichi
2256 Vladimir Pryanichnikov Russia Peterstar
2260 Thomas Dorenwendt Germany
2269 Sergey Gzhelyak Russia Циклон
2278 Rustem Ramazanov Russia
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
2022 Igor Dudar Russia ABST
2026 Arkadiy Afanasev Russia
2036 Dmitriy Dordulya Russia нет
2042 Bruno Leproux France N/A
2060 Viktor Krutikhin Russia Лыжный клуб "Шижма"
2063 Aleksandr Folomkin Russia
2071 Konstantin Sinkov Russia Темп
2074 Vladimir Volkov Russia
2078 Vasiliy Izosin Russia Веломан
2131 Andrey Yankin Russia Top Liga Краснодар
2144 Vadim Ogloblin Russia ABST
2145 Andrey Makarchev Russia
2160 Boris Lyuboshits Russia
2179 Evgeniy Bochkarev Russia Яранич
2183 Nikolay Kirillov Russia
2185 Sergey Levozhinsky Russia TopLigaClub
2241 Petr Kozlov Russia
2243 Vadim Saushev Russia Триатлета
2247 Oleg Sidorenko Russia федерация триатлона
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
2127 Konstantin Ptsarev Russia личное
2170 Sergey Golub Russia
2229 Leonid Kapin Russia
2263 Aleksandr Isaev Russia Триатлон-НН
M70 (Age Group 70 Male Athletes)
2019 Boris Kirillov Russia
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
2013 Anna Svishcheva Russia
2059 Ekaterina Sorokina Russia Триатлета
2062 Mariya Shishkanova Russia
2064 Anastasiya Kostromkina Russia ЕГОРКАteam
2107 Anastasia Kuznetsova Russia ABST
2136 Yuliya Savkina Russia
2165 Varvara Zverkova Russia JusTTri Team
2167 Nina Sukhareva Russia MySportExpert
2171 Marina Badanina Russia
2176 Oksana Stanevich Russia SAP Triathlon Team
2192 Maria Parfenova Russia world class
2194 Irina Baryshnikova Russia ABST
2221 Anna Belaya Russia Top Liga
2233 Kseniya Svalova Russia БОДРЫЕ
2251 Darya Gavryushenko Russia
2266 Anna Pakshaeva Russia
2272 Galima Akhmadullina Russia Skolkovo Triathlon Team
2277 Polina Gryaznova Russia
2284 Maria Sushchevich Russia
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
2044 Mariya Berezina
2065 Margarita Puchkova Russia
2081 Yuliya Golyakina Russia
2137 Tatyana Morozova Russia
2148 Galiya Valitova Russia
2151 Elena Novoselova Russia
2164 Olga Boyko Russia
2196 Anna Krylova Russia Bryukhankov team
2210 Natalya Erbet Russia
2215 Anastasia Pankratieva Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
2218 Anastasiya Lykhina Russia БегОм
2235 Olga Ganyushkina Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
2248 Elizaveta Korotkova Russia
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
2017 Olga Kuranova Russia ЦиклON-IPM
2023 Karina Ligacheva Russia Циклон
2027 Alesya Kvasova Russia
2028 Yuliya Aksenova Russia Sovcombank Triathlon team
2083 Natalya Mityanina Russia
2087 Evgeniya Kostina Russia
2101 Alla Radchenko Russia Темп
2114 Yuliya Urozhaeva Russia
2116 Elena Altukhova Russia
2135 Nina Zaytseva Russia ILR
2141 Sofya Kuts Russia
2162 Kseniya Pulyatkina Russia ВТБ
2204 Elena Leonova Russia Sport-Plan
2224 Evgenia Beloshitskaya Russia TopLigaClub
2249 Elena Lukyanova Russia VIP Sunshine
2250 Galina Shipovalova Russia TRIATLETA
2257 Olga Dmitrieva Russia ЦСКА
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
2121 Olga Gavrilova Russia Health active
2153 Olga Nizhankovskaya Russia World Class
2193 Oksana Zhilyaeva Russia
2242 Tatyana Mukonina Russia RullezzTeam
F50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Female Athletes)
2005 Natalia Buraya Russia Triatleta
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
3005 swim Denis Drobotenko Россия Gaiva
bike Dmitriy Vinogradov Россия
run Aleksey Kirillov Russia
3006 swim Vyacheslav Kolesnikov Россия WellTri Team
bike Andrey Larkov Russia
run Aleksey Tronin Россия
3007 swim Alexey Burlo Россия RGRUNNERS
bike Dmitriy Filimonov Россия
run Vladimir Bolotin Russia
3008 swim Vladimir Repev Russia ТАУ-1
bike Timur Khalimov Россия
run Vladimir Galkin Россия
3009 swim Sergey Kalinin Russia Team Fathers Sons
bike Andrei Saryan Россия
run Dmitry Lysenko Россия
3012 swim Rustam Yuldashev Россия NAWINIA-1
bike Roman Bauer Россия
run Aleksandr Grigorev Russia
3022 swim Damir Fattakhov Россия Железяки
bike Efim Klimov Russia
run Delus Sirazetdinov Россия
3023 swim Vladimir Leonov Россия IRONSTAR
bike Evgeniy Maslov Russia
run Oleg Samokhvalov Россия
3028 swim Kuznets Kir Россия STT
bike Kirill Kuznetsov Россия
run Kirill Kuznetsov Russia
3029 swim Valeriy Leschanov Россия KOLESOSPORTA.RU
bike Alexander Rusin Russia
run Oleg Sadzhaya Россия
3000 swim Maria Stanilovskaya Россия World Class Pavlovo
bike Yuliya Dubinskaya Russia
run Nina Nemtzcova Россия
3014 swim Irina Skrynnik Russia Слабоумие и отвага
bike Tatiana Voronova Россия
run Irina Skrynnik Россия
3017 swim Anna Selezneva Russia Мельдоний
bike Marina Konovalova Россия
run Vera Mikhaylova Россия
3001 swim Olga Ryabinkina Russia На гребне волны
bike Evgenii Rvyanin Russia
run Ivan Vinogradov Russia
3002 swim Ilona Popova Россия IMA
bike Maxim Bezuglov Россия
run Anna Veryevkina Russia
3003 swim Ekaterina Kiseleva Russia WineLovers
bike Irina Bulkatova Россия
run Egor Kolosov Россия
3004 swim Dmitry Yashenko Россия Заводной апельсин
bike Yuliya Strelkova Russia
run Sergey Dronov Россия
3010 swim Valentina Gavrilova Россия Sbergile
bike Oleg Varennikov Russia
run Dmitriy Smirnov Россия
3011 swim Anna Malysheva Russia #otzyvchivoetelo
bike Irina Shadrina Россия
run Alexey Kuznetsov Россия
3013 swim Elena Klimenko Россия NAWINIA-2
bike Oleg Urvan Россия
run Alexander Pokoyakov Russia
3015 swim Polina Vaysman Россия Family Team
bike Ivan Zimakov Россия
run Denis Gaivoronskii Russia
3016 swim Aleksandr Timofeev Russia Чеснофеево
bike Aleksandr Timofeev Россия
run Ksenia Chesnokova Россия
3018 swim Alexander Vertyankin Russia Адреналин
bike Fedor Rodin Россия
run Irina Khizhina Россия
3019 swim Svetlana Kirsanova Россия Ironmatrёshki New
bike Aleksandr Denisov Russia
run Tatyana Kryuchkova Россия
3020 swim Sergey Kharitonov Россия Звездный Десант 1
bike Alexandr Sadokov Россия
run Zlata Chepurnaya Russia
3021 swim Dmitriy Kurdyukov Russia Сбербанк
bike Kristina Kalashnikova Россия
run Dmitry Kolesnik Россия
3024 swim Dina Safiullina Россия Tri dream Team
bike Artyem Safin Russia
run Anton Kuznetsov Россия
3025 swim Evgeniy Denisov Россия Струбцин
bike Ilya Gagarkin Russia
run Alena Gribenyuk Россия
3026 swim Yuriy Malinin Russia ARGO Team (Арго)
bike Yuliya Burlina Россия
run Anna Vlyazlo Россия
3027 swim Dmitriy Mitrofanov Russia Sport Project 3
bike Kozlova Elena Россия
run Dmitrieva Alina Россия


Race number Name and Surname Country Triathlon leg
2220 Kseniya Vybornykh Natalya Studenikina Russia Спорт для жизни
2230 Aleksandr Ivanov Russia




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