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The IRONSTAR OLYMPIC TRIATHLON SOCHI 2016 competition for amateurs and elite at the Olympic distance include: swimming - 1.5 km, cycling - 40 km, and race - 10 km.

Sochi is an ideal venue for holding triathlon competition as it has up-to-date infrastructure and a favorable climate. Take part in the sports history!

The race starts at the Imeretinsky port bay hedged by the two malls and thus protected from waves and winds. The water temperature here is 2 degrees higher than in the open see, and during the mellow season it may rise up to 25 C.

The cycling stage begins at the Imeretinsky resort area and proceeds onto the picturesque motorway connecting Adler and Krasnaya Polyana. The athletes are to complete a long way up and a speedy way down.

The racing course goes along the unique route comprising the race along the mall protecting the Imerety water area from waves to the lighthouse and back. This part is perfectly seen from the shore, therefore, the athletes will always be in the center of fans’ attention and feel their support. The race will end in a spectacular finishing stage.

Both the athletes and their fans enjoyed staying at Sochi. 80% of IRONSTAR participants come with their families. There are such facilities as the Olympic park, the F-1 track, the amusement park in a walking distance. Besides, it is possible to visit the city of Sochi and Rosa Khutor that offer various leisure activities options.


Race course




The starting town as well as the finish line of IRONSTAR are to be located in the close vicinity of the hotel and the transit area is to be opposite to the main entrance of the Imeretinskiy hotel.
You can get a special price for your accomodation by using promo-code ISTRIATHLON.


Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
2023 Ivan Kochukov Russia
2035 Dmitriy Gorlov Russia
2036 Egor Fokin Russia Нет
2045 Alex Gievsky Russia
2048 Ivan Makeenkov Russia
2061 Andrey Gavrikov Russia Adidas Run Club
2076 Dmitry Zuev Russia Омские Птицы
2079 Nikita Aleksandrov Russia Ula
2081 Yaroslav Savitsky Russia newmoscowteam
2085 Evgenii Sitnikov Russia Омские птицы
2087 Aleksandr Zhatko Russia TrisSTyle
2088 Sergey Danilyuk Ukraine
2091 Ivan Ryabenko Russia
2102 Nikita Strizhov Russia Triathlon-NN
2116 Pavel Gorbach Russia
2121 Eduard Mingazhev Russia
2123 Pavel Kucheryavenko Russia
2126 Daniil Shipilov Russia Space Marathon
2141 Dmitriy Ryukhtin Russia
2152 Aleksandr Anchin Russia JusTTri
2157 Dmitriy Litvyakov Russia IQSports
2158 Artem Gudov Russia
2165 Aleksandr Zhabotinskiy Russia CocaColaRussiaTriathlonTeam
2167 Igor Varakuta Russia
2168 Kirill Mazhukhin Russia Skatovka Sport Team
2175 Vadim Garipov Russia MRunners
2178 Ruslan Shakirov Russia I love running
2190 Artur Goncharenko Russia
2191 Sergey Yadoyan Russia
2200 Yaroslav Soyuzov Russia скайдом.рф
2209 Konstantin Ivanov Russia
2215 Valentin Dubrovin Russia Adventures inside
2218 Pavel Mikheev Russia
2246 Dmitriy Shchendrigin Russia
2254 Anton Kasterin Russia
2275 Arthur Martirosov Russia RedLava
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
2014 Anton Kharchenko Russia ЦиклON
2020 Andrey Chicherin Russia ПЫХteam
2037 Sergey Dmitriev Russia I LOVE CYCLING
2051 Vyacheslav Slavakov Russia Top Liga Run
2063 Stanislav Igoshin Russia
2067 Anzor Bersirov Russia
2068 Aset Temergaliev Russia ЦиклON
2072 Sergey Bomkin Russia
2074 Nikolay Chasovitin Russia
2082 Vladislav Neklega Russia Newmoscowteam
2092 Vasiliy Balandin Russia
2093 Aleksey Gazin Russia
2108 Aleksey Tregubov Russia
2111 Dmitriy Ederman Russia
2113 Maxim Nemtsov Russia
2114 Mikhail Zotov Russia
2151 Semyen Sushentsev Russia Rosinka
2156 Andrey Sukharev Russia
2177 Mark Mayer Russia I Love Triathlon
2183 Ilya Tovpenets Russia
2184 Aleksandr Shmelev Russia CycleON
2192 Donald Kellock United Kingdom ARC
2205 Vladimir Pleshkov Russia
2210 Dmitriy Matveev Russia I love triathlon
2216 Sergey Telitsin Russia
2225 Stanislav Sviridov Russia Team Strela
2227 Aleksey Dudarek Russia
2229 Sergey Popov Russia
2230 Alexander Glazyrin Russia i love triathlon
2235 Sergey Mityushkin Russia TriStars
2240 Dmitriy Rabovolik Russia
2242 Anton Zinakov Russia RedLavaTeam
2245 Dmitriy Golovashchenko Russia
2248 Anton Dmitriev Belarus TRISTYLE
2257 Jamil Abdullayev Russia TriStyle
2260 Bauyrzhan Bekov Kazakhstan TriStyle
2262 Evgeniy Moseykin Russia
2266 Aleksey Kh Khaletskiy Russia
2267 Konstantin Gorbach Russia RRC Run Club
2270 Aleksandr Parkhomenko Russia Регион 26
2271 Petr Botev Russia
2272 Vladimir Uspenskiy Russia
2276 Maks Shelkovyy Russia World Class
2278 Aleksandr Tsygankov Russia
2279 Alexander Sivkov Russia
2282 Vasiliy Chetverikov Russia
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
2002 Yury Bozhko Russia
2006 Timur Sergeev Russia
2010 Evgeniy Mashchenko Russia
2012 Aleksandr Rostovtsev Russia Ростов Дон Бегущий
2016 Artur Shachnev Russia
2018 Igor Chernovol Russia
2031 Aleksey Utev Russia DUCK TEAM
2032 Albert Latypov Russia TimerYoldyzlar
2033 Alexander Kirpichnikov Russia
2041 Dmitry Nikitin Russia TRI SGS
2055 Aleksandr Makar Russia
2057 Ruslan Byalkin Russia Trilife
2070 Vladimir Slobodyan Russia I LOVE RUNNING
2071 Leonidas Vasilev Russia
2078 Shamil Ismailov Russia нет
2083 Takhir Minazhetdinov Russia Школа Бега "Бегай с умом"
2089 Dmiriy Vedernikov Russia
2095 Timofey Chekhoev Russia Сколково
2106 Aleksey Makeenkov Russia Без клуба
2107 Nikolay Yaroshchuk Russia I LOVE RUNNING Кемерово
2117 Mikhail Avdeev Russia
2118 Dmitry Tsyshkov Russia
2122 Georgiy Kryukov Russia
2130 Aleksandr Andreev Russia МИЛМА-BostikTEAM
2133 Evgeniy Ryzhov Russia
2135 Leonid Ponomarev Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
2140 Aleksey Malkov Russia
2142 Vladimir Dadaev Russia
2143 Konstantin Ivanov Russia Redlava
2145 Vladimir Kapralov Russia
2146 Alexey Ashrafzyanov Russia Tetra Pak Triathlon Team
2148 Andrey Kutuzov Russia I Love Triathlon
2159 Maxim Kuznetsov Russia Health Active
2160 Boris Bartsits Russia #sportapsny
2163 Pavel Makarov Russia ТИТАН
2172 Oleg Borovkov Russia REDLAVA
2188 Dmitriy Pyrev Russia Ilovetriatlon
2195 Vasiliy Illarionov Russia World Class Город Столиц
2198 Sergey Selin Russia
2203 Sergey Averkiev Russia ПХ
2204 Denis Balykov Russia
2208 Sergey Eliseev Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2213 Yuriy Tkachev Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2214 Ignat Dirks Russia
2223 Ilya Moroz Russia WorldClass Triumf
2224 Aleksandr Igonin Russia #ляцдримтим
2238 Andrey Gorozhankin Russia
2244 Artem Lebedev Russia Tri motion
2250 Davit Harutyunyan Armenia
2261 Aleksandr Kislinskiy Russia
2268 Oleg Kamfenkel Russia Laza run club
2273 Aleksandr Adeev Russia
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
2003 Dmitriy Lisin Russia Training System
2008 Aleksandr Kochukov Russia TL
2013 Genrikh Erdman Russia TITAN
2027 Mikhail Martynenko Russia TopLIga Club
2029 Konstantin Antonovich Russia Zelenograd the Best
2039 Boris Vasilev Russia
2040 Andrey Grinenko Russia
2054 Sergey Tambovtsev Russia ЦиклON
2058 Igor Ryzhov Russia Pro Trener
2065 Sergey Odnosteblets Russia
2066 Aleksey Levkin Russia World Class
2069 Shamil Zakirov Russia
2077 Andrey Von Russia
2084 Vladislav Onishchenko Russia DWC
2094 Vladimir Sokolov Russia world class
2104 Alexander Lebedev Russia
2124 Sterlin Mikhail Russia
2129 Boris Granovskiy Russia
2154 Anton Dolgov Russia Циклон
2166 Vyacheslav Varakuta Russia Индивидуальная гонка
2174 Andrey Martynov Russia Dionis TT Penza
2180 Sergey Rezantsev Russia
2181 Anton Petukhov Russia
2182 Roman Tokarenko Russia I love Triatlon
2187 Sergey Semenov Russia ILR Family
2196 Roman Osipov Russia ILT
2199 Andrey Filonov Russia
2201 Ivan Pulin Russia
2220 Dmitriy Mikhaylov Russia Циклон
2243 Aleksandr Krapivin Russia Tri-Motion
2247 Vladimir Klyushkin Russia РОЗА ХУТОР курорт
2258 Gleb Nikitin Russia
2264 Mikhail Lebedev Russia
2274 Mikhail Mamuta Russia
2280 Vyacheslav Maratkanov Russia Random team
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
2005 Vladimir Mysev Russia
2007 Vitaliy Maznov Russia Кудо
2009 Pavel Lebedev Russia ЦиклОН
2019 Lev Khmelnitskiy Russia TriTime72
2021 Aleksey Kirillov Russia
2024 Sergey Mogilatov Kazakhstan
2042 Konstantin Timoshechkin Russia
2044 Aleksey Ivchenkov Russia нет
2050 Oleg Ozerov Russia
2056 Sergey Levitskiy Cyprus CypRusInternationalTA&weGo!
2073 Evgeny Titkov Russia
2098 Vyacheslav Sarafanov Russia Оха Сахалинская область
2103 Anton Guzeev Russia SGS Team
2105 Dmitriy Kravchenko Russia
2120 Matvey Lyapin Russia
2125 Andrey Danilov Russia Danilov & Konradi
2127 Aleksandr Anchin Russia
2136 Sergey Pogonin Russia триатлон центр крылатское
2139 Vladislav Cherchenko Russia
2144 Igor Volkov Russia EVASTARTEAM
2171 Vasiliy Nomokonov Russia IQSports
2176 Mikhail Spirin Russia
2185 Vladmir Polskiy Russia
2217 Alexey Katrich Russia Worldclass
2228 Stefan Schmid USA TSV Steingaden
2234 Evgeny Semenov Russia
2236 Oleg Slominskiy Russia
2256 Dmitry Granov Russia RedLava
2259 Dmitry Ponomarev Russia Planet Extreme Team
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
2001 Arkadiy Afanasev Russia
2034 Evgeniy Fokin Russia Катран г.Сочи
2038 Sergey Zubov Russia
2049 Sergey Ryabenko Russia
2096 Oleg Kutolin Russia
2128 Bruno Leproux France N/A
2134 Viktor Krutikhin Russia Лыжный клуб "Шижма"
2153 Mikhail Khadzhinov Russia
2164 Aleksandr Folomkin Russia
2197 Vladimir Krasilnikov Russia ILOVETRIATHLON
2202 Petr Kozlov Russia
2211 Vladimir Trofimov Russia Росинка
2237 Konstantin Levitskiy Russia
2253 Sergey Kuzmin Russia
2269 Vitaliy Grinkeev Russia Гвардеец
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
2043 Alexander Likhopud Russia
2046 Andrey Vandyshev Russia
2193 Vitaly Golovatyuk Russia
2265 Sergey Golub Russia
M60-69 (Age Group 60-69 Male Athletes)
2099 Aleksandr Goryachev Russia
2173 Aleksandr Zotov Russia Dionis TT Penza
2207 Aleksandr Misyura Russia -
M70 (Age Group 70 Male Athletes)
2132 Valentin Belov Russia
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
2052 Anna Matyashina Russia
2060 Ekaterina Vasilenok Russia Adidas Run Club
2112 Mariya Trubitsyna Russia
2149 Aleksandra Asanova Russia
2150 Anastasiya Vinogradova Russia I love triathlon
2155 Ekaterina Inina_ponurovskaya Russia I love triathlon
2189 Yuliya Makarova Russia
2233 Irina Gudkova Russia #ЛЯЦДРИМТИМ
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
2000 Regina Rakhimova Russia I love running_ufa
2011 Ekaterina Bobina Russia TRIATLET
2015 Olga Doronina Russia Sekta
2017 Artem Marushkin Российский марафон
2030 Mariya Berezina
2059 Anastasia Pankratieva Russia Sberbank Triathlon team
2062 Lyudmila Privivkova Russia
2101 Elena Panteleeva Russia
2110 Evgeniya Izidorova Russia
2162 Vladimir Bobylev
2179 Tatyana Babenko Russia
2194 Olga Zima Russia Topligaclub
2221 Alexandra Kremenets Russia SBR88
2231 Ekaterina Nebolsina Russia Health Active
2241 Anna Zemnukhova Russia Dionis TT Penza
2249 Olga Ganyushkina Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
2255 Anna Lipina Russia
2277 Tatyana Partina Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
2281 Svetlana Musienko Russia
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
2004 Elena Altukhova Russia
2090 Irina Veremeva Russia
2100 Olga Kuranova Russia ЦиклON-IPM
2109 Elmira Mamleeva Russia Health Active
2115 Oksana Borovkova Russia
2119 Tatyana Evmenova Russia I love triatlon
2137 Sofya Kuts Russia
2138 Anna Gavryuk Russia Top Liga Club
2147 Nargis Sharipova Russia
2170 Yuliya Nesova Nesova Russia
2206 Nataliya Petukhova Russia TRIKO
2239 Yuliya Urozhaeva Russia
2263 Dmitriy Sokolikov Tristyle
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
2053 Natalya Ryzhova Russia World Class
2075 Anna Sikhidi Russia I love running Dubai
2080 Ekaterina Petrovich Russia
2186 Tatyana Polskaya Russia Iron MatrЁshki
2226 Marina Letaeva Russia Fitness One Running
2251 Nata Frayman Russia Pro Trener
F45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Female Athletes)
2047 Elena Kurganova Russia Fitform
2161 Sergey Ryabtsov Pro Trener
2169 Elena Tarasova Russia ПАО МТС Бане
F50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Female Athletes)
2022 Natalia Buraya Russia Triatleta
2219 Tatyana Lavrenteva Russia Dionis TT Penza
2252 Galina Strygina Russia world class
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
3010 swim Viktor Semidotskiy Russia Fortrun
bike Alexey Antonov Россия
run Irina Baranova Россия
3014 swim Ivan Iutin Россия Заря
bike Sergei Rokitynsky Россия
run Ivan Iutin Russia
3015 swim Egor Krupchatnikov Russia KRUZO
bike Oleg Zotov Россия
run Leonid Zotov Россия
3002 swim Svetlana Nikishina Russia Three Deers
bike Nataliya Biryukova Россия
run Olga Malakhova Россия
3006 swim Marina Frolova Russia SIBUR Triathlon Ladies Team 1
bike Tatiana Smirnova Россия
run Anna Meshkova Россия
3011 swim Evgeniya Kostina Russia GW TEAM
bike Mariya Stanilovskaya Россия
run Julia Shakhnovskaya Россия
3013 swim Zavalyueva Olga Россия OXYZet
bike Oksana Ponomarenko Россия
run Oksana Ponomarenko Russia
3003 swim Marina Malikova Russia VENTO-family
bike Ilya Malikov Россия
run Alexey Malikov Россия
3004 swim Alexey Pospelov Russia Matrixnet
bike Dmitry Veltishchev Россия
run Anna Veronika Dorogush Россия
3005 swim Ivan Puzyrevskiy Россия Заводной апельсин
bike Nikolay Suboch Россия
run Svetlana Metalnikova Russia
3007 swim Ekaterina Zaytseva Russia I love running Perm
bike Pavel Savchenko Россия
run Irina Buzina Россия
3008 swim Dmitriy Litvyakov Россия IQSports
bike Katerina Mileeva Russia
run Vlad Talyshev Россия
3009 swim Artem Istratov Россия СОЛНЕЧНЫЙ УДАР
bike Evgeniy Zagulyaev Russia
run Alina Kizina Россия
3012 Milan Pavlovic Serbia Patlidzani
Rada Bakic Serbia
3016 swim Vitaly Kochetkov Россия KOCHETKOVY TEAM
bike Vitaly Kochetkov Россия
run Mariya Kochetkova Russia




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