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August 27, 2016. The Russian Cup IRONSTAR SPRINT TRIATHLON KAZAN 2016 for amateur athletes, distance: 0.75-km swim, 20-km bike, 5-km run. Everyone who has registered and paid the entrance fee is welcome.

The race will take place in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan and one of the most beautiful towns in our country. Kazan is saturated with an athletic spirit after Universiade 2013 and the 16th FINA World Championships. Now, the city is waiting for new victories and winners!

The competition will start on the Kazanka River embankment, where the swimming stage will be held. The itinerary does not have any sharp turns. The world’s leading athletes have already tested the waters. Now it is high time for you to do your best.

The cycling stage will proceed along the spectacular streets of the Universiade 2013 capital, passing its principal sights.

The running stage will take place in the very heart of Kazan – on the Kazanka embankment. The finish will be breathtaking. 


Race course

Маршрут IRONSTAR 113 KAZAN 2016



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Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
2000 Boris Platov Russia
2002 Ruslan Minikeev Russia
2006 Ildar Baryshev Russia
2007 Artur Sayfullin Russia
2009 Marat Valeev Russia
2012 Anton Rasskazov Russia
2015 Albin Gimazov Russia
2017 Vladimir Zhuravlev Russia
2018 Evgeniy Bazarov Russia Iloverunning
2022 Denis Konovalenko Russia Шангрила
2032 Denis Nebylichenkov Russia
2035 Ilya Trubin Russia Chelny Triathlon Team
2039 Artem Ginevsky Russia Skolkovo Triathlon Team
2043 Ilya Solomin Russia
2059 Ilya Nikolaev Russia
2061 Alisher Alimov Russia
2063 Artur Akhmetshin Russia КУКАН
2084 Artem Pochtar Ukraine
2088 Stanislav Artsishevskiy Russia
2089 Andrey Bakhaev Russia Temptraining
2099 Dmitriy Melkov Russia S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
2106 Alexander Gagloev Russia
2109 Yaroslav Silenko Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
2114 Rashit Khamidullin Russia
2119 Sergey Sokolovskiy Russia S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
2121 Aibek Bekbosynov Kazakhstan Fidelity
2123 Matvey Zubov Russia
2139 Evgeniy Sonin Russia Крылья
2141 Aleksey Klimin Russia Триатлон-НН
2147 Pavel Borchenko Russia
2151 Dmitriy Timofeev Russia
2152 Aleksandr Trebunskiy Russia Казанский национальный исследовательский технологический университет
2155 Denis Ryabtsev Russia Нижний Новгород
2160 Aleksandr Svinin Russia
2162 Arseniy Dorozhkin Russia Kazan Innovative University (IEML)
2163 Aleksandr Kharlamov Russia
2170 Marat Nogumanov Russia
2178 Artem Grabovich Russia
2181 Maksim Blazhko Russia
2183 Almaz Khamidullin Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
2184 Adel Valiullin Russia
2185 Andrey Ivanov Russia World Class Пушкинский OUTDOOR TEAM
2186 Nikita Kononenko Russia
2193 Maksut Nizamutdinov Russia
2200 Aleksandr Bezruchenko Russia
2208 Ilya Oleynikov Russia Triatlet
2214 Artem Muzyka Russia SKOLKOVO Triathlon Team
2215 Nikolay Chasovitin Russia
2221 Ruslan Galiullin Russia
2225 Nikita Sysoev Russia
2232 Damir Sitdikov Russia
2233 Stanislav Bulgarevich Russia Olymp
2238 Nikita Oparin Russia Swift time
2255 Aleksandr Rybakov Russia
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
2008 Nikita Shadrintsev Russia МГТУ им. Н.Э.Баумана
2011 Ruslan Galimzyanov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
2020 Artur Nurmukhamedov Russia SKOLKOVO triathlon team
2024 Ildar Ishbulatov Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
2025 Aleksey Neustroev Russia Triatlet
2027 Georgiy Kryukov Russia
2034 Ilia Zabegaev Russia SKOLKOVO
2040 Andrey Anikanov Russia
2052 Aleksey Shulga Russia
2053 Timur Sergeev Russia
2054 Albert Latypov Russia TimerYoldyzlar
2055 Bulat Valeev Russia Chelny Triathlon Team
2064 Sergei Shubin Russia Iloverunning
2067 Aleksey Totmyanin Russia
2076 Azat Murtazin Russia
2081 Andrey Vlasov Russia НИКА
2087 Maksim Malkov Russia KPMG Running club
2091 Dmitriy Ovechkin Russia Triathlon Top Liga Club
2103 Stanislav Borovikov Russia Феррум-К
2113 Artem Zakirov Zakirov Russia
2122 Aleksey Burchenkov Russia
2133 Aleksandr Obishchenko Russia Tristars
2135 Yuriy Kokhan Russia RullezTeam
2143 Dmitriy Dolzhenkov Russia SAP
2154 Vladimir Bobylev Russia
2158 Roman Kiselev Russia Сталепромышленная компания
2166 Ruslan Sadikov Russia
2167 Ayrat Kalimullin Russia
2172 Aleksey Klenin Russia Виктория
2176 Georgiy Abramyan Russia
2179 Rustam Timerbaev Russia
2180 Marat Fakhrutdinov Russia Initrun
2187 Aleksandr Esev Russia
2195 Andrey Lebedev Russia TYR Russia
2197 Timur Gazizov Russia ЦиклON
2207 Almas Zhapabayev Kazakhstan Нет
2223 Ildar Gimadutdinov Russia
2224 Fanis Nurmukhametov Russia Касаясь Толстоты
2229 Dmitriy Kormishin Russia
2240 Aleksey Bezrukov Russia
2241 Bulat Ismagilov Russia Альметьевск
2245 Pavel Lyubin Russia
2247 Artem Kuznetsov Russia HEALTH ACTIVE
2248 Efim Klimov Russia KLM
2250 Daniel Sadykov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
2253 Ildar Mukhambetov Russia
2254 Ilsur Mubarakov Russia
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
2004 Bakhtiyer Babaev Tajikistan S2S
2037 Timofey Chekhoev Russia Сколково
2038 Dmitriy Vedernikov Russia
2044 Denis Turantaev Russia Фитнес лайф
2047 Aleksey Zhuravlev Russia БОДРЫЕ
2056 Ilshat Latypov Russia
2066 Ruslan Yanchilik Russia
2075 Ivan Ostanin Russia
2078 Aleksandr Korostelev Russia БОДРЫЕ
2086 Azamat Tokushev Russia
2096 Aleksey Kavtsevich Russia
2107 Vladimir Bukhtoyarov Russia Триатлет
2110 Aleksey Levkin Russia World Class
2118 Dmitry Astrein Russia
2131 Jens Heitland Germany David Warden Coachig / DWC
2137 Pavel Artyushenko Kazakhstan
2146 Vitaliy Ufimtsev Russia Алексеевский лыжный клуб
2177 Aleksey Utev Russia DUCK TEAM
2188 Oleg Andreev Russia Coca-Cola Russia Triathlon Team
2194 Aleksandr Yankovskiy Russia
2201 Yurkin Andrey Russia
2206 Andrey Ermin Russia
2228 Mikhail Chistyakov Russia
2235 Ayrat Khayrullin Russia Альметьевск
2239 Georgiy Larin Russia
2242 Andrey Podovalov Russia Альметьевск
2243 Marat Girfanov Russia Альметьевск
2244 Kirill Rassomakhin Russia Pro-Trener
2249 Albert Khalyapov Russia
2252 Delyus Sirazetdinov Russia
2257 Ilkhom Ismailov Russia
2259 Nikolay Sokolov Russia Top Liga
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
2014 Sergey Tambovtsev Russia ЦиклON
2016 Dmitriy Savin Russia Дантист
2030 Vladislav Tevikov Russia Z3TEAM
2033 Denis Kondrashin Russia IWB
2045 Roman Nizhankovskiy Russia World Class
2083 Vadim Zelenskiy Russia Zelenski Run Club
2092 Marat Bashirov Russia Йошкар-Ола
2097 Alvaro Solorzano Costa Rica Cycleon
2101 Genrikh Erdman Russia TITAN
2105 Vyacheslav Maratkanov Russia Random team
2112 Aleksandr Kuzminov Russia
2125 Yuriy Zafesov Russia
2165 Yuriy Bazilevskiy Russia
2171 Shamil Zakirov Russia
2173 Dmitriy Filatov Russia
2175 Nariman Tauzari Russia Terminatorlar
2182 Vasiliy Mishchenko Russia
2203 Stepan Churakov Russia
2226 Dmitry Egorov Russia World Class
2230 Vadim Gareev Russia
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
2057 Dmitry Denisov Russia
2065 Stanislav Ivanov Russia World Class OUTDOOR Team Пушкинский
2073 Vladimir Radygin Russia
2080 Andrey Arkhipov Russia
2095 Mikhail Kossilov Russia RRC Run Club
2098 Sergey Levitskiy Cyprus CypRusInternationalTA&weGo!
2104 Konstantin Mishchenko Russia Runclub Митино
2116 Evgeniy Malgin Russia
2117 Oleg Zhirov Russia
2145 Aleksey Pshenichnyy Russia TopLiga
2189 Renat Nugaybekov Russia
2199 Ildar Shakirov Russia Adidas Runners
2213 Rustem Gilmutdinov Russia ILR
2231 Igor Plechko Russia
2246 Nikolay Odintsov Russia red lava
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
2169 Valeriy Romanov Russia Компания ЕВРОЗАПЧАСТИ
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
2005 Vitaly Golovatyuk Russia
2029 Sergey Bykovskiy Russia
2153 Vladimir Eryshev Russia Алекс Фитнес
2161 Oleg Zhelezin Russia
M60-69 (Age Group 60-69 Male Athletes)
2041 Pavel Subbotin Russia
M70 (Age Group 70 Male Athletes)
2013 Boris Kirillov Russia
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
2021 Anna Malysheva Russia I LOVE RUNNING
2031 Polina Kozinskaya Russia
2036 Elena Aleksandrova Russia
2048 Tanya Anikina Russia
2058 Polina Kuznetsova Russia
2079 Katerina Zaozerskaya Russia
2126 Alexandra Garbuzova Russia
2130 Irina Ivanova Russia BONAMAN
2132 Anya Zakharova Russia Центр Спортивной Подготовки
2140 Agata Efimova Russia I love running
2148 Darya Khan Kazakhstan Fidelity
2150 Ekaterina Mikhalkina Russia
2156 Anna Varfolomeeva Russia ILOVERUNNING
2159 Alevtina Grushina Russia
2168 Anna Russkikh Russia AIRTAL TEAM
2174 Marina Badanina Russia
2191 Alena Zatonskaya Russia Pro Trener
2196 Polina Spiridonova Russia БОДРЫЕ
2204 Dilyara Yamaleeva Russia Планета Фитнес
2212 Polina Konysheva Russia
2219 Saniya Yarullina Russia
2227 Sofiya Chudinova Russia Iloverunning
2234 Sofiya Chudinova Russia I love Running
2236 Ilsiya Shaydullina Russia Планета Фитнес
2251 Maria Parfenova Russia world class
2256 Alena Skvortsova Russia Kopernik Running Club
2258 Oktyabrina Kalinkina Russia
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
2003 Anna Krylova Russia Bryukhankov team
2050 Mariya Berezina
2071 Olga Kasatkina Russia Триатлон-НН
2085 Linara Korchagina Russia I love Running
2094 Marina Konovalova Russia Wow
2100 Elena Golovko Russia
2108 Tatyana Partina Russia Триатлет
2120 Ekaterina Bobina Russia TRIATLET
2127 Yuliya Antipina Russia
2134 Vera Kokhan Russia RullezTeam
2136 Kamilla Stepanova Russia
2138 Olga Ganyushkina Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
2142 Irina Eremina Russia
2157 Sophia Grinberg Russia I love running
2190 Ekaterina Rogova Russia
2202 Anna Kostina Russia БК "Улитыч"
2205 Albina Gaynullina Russia
2209 Evgeniya Makarova Russia I love triatlon
2210 Nazhiya Khamitova Russia
2216 Albina Mardanova Russia
2218 Ludmila Maletskova Russia I love Running
2237 Yana Ivannikova Russia Циклон
2709 Irina Shadrina Russia World Class
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
2010 Ekaterina Afanasova Russia
2026 Karina Ligacheva Russia
2042 Anna Tambovtseva Russia
2049 Aida Koshabaeva Kazakhstan Fidelity
2051 Anna Malysheva Russia World Class
2068 Svetlana Krulik Russia Негонки
2077 Olga Sovaeva Russia
2093 Alina Novikova Russia World class
2102 Elena Altukhova Russia
2115 Gulnaz Yaminova Russia
2124 Kseniya Pulyatkina Russia ВТБ
2144 Natalya Zagorskaya Russia
2164 Anna Kolchina Russia
2192 Elena Lukyanova Russia VIP Sunshine
2198 Marina Vorobeva Russia
2217 Yuliya Ivchenko Russia ILR
2220 Ilsiyar Aitova Russia
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
2046 Olga Nizhankovskaya Russia World Class
2111 Natalya Ryzhova Russia World Class
2129 Oksana Zhilyaeva Russia
2270 Polina Kitsenko Russia ProTrener
F45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Female Athletes)
2001 Aleksandra Popova Russia Run4life
2074 Tatyana Martynenko Russia
2211 Zulfiya Gilmutdinova Russia I love Running
F50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Female Athletes)
2062 Alla Korotkova Russia World class
2069 Olga Maksimova Russia
2070 Svetlana Petrova Russia
F55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Female Athletes)
2072 Elena Kasatkina Russia Триатлон-НН
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
3001 swim Artem Lavrinenko Россия Jailbreak
bike Dmitry Tsyshkov Россия
run Konstantin Zlobin Russia
3007 swim Danil Avdeev Россия newexperience
bike Dmitriy Obuhov Russia
run Anton Sokolov Россия
3008 swim Alexey Burlo Россия RGRUNNERS
bike Aleksandr Isaev Россия
run Vladimir Bolotin Russia
3000 swim Tanya Kruchkova Россия Тройка
bike Dima Kirilovichev Россия
run Tatyana Zelenova Russia
3002 swim Elena Klimenko Россия NAWINIA
bike Roman Bauer Россия
run Aleksandr Grigorev Russia
3003 swim Victoria Chub Россия IWM
bike Oleg Urvan Россия
run Alexander Pokoyakov Russia
3004 swim Anastasiya Gizatova Russia Северный олень
bike Gazinur Farrukhshin Россия
run Andrey Savelev Россия
3005 swim Victor Prokofiev Россия GST GROUP
bike Vladimir Volkov Россия
run Mariya Burchenkova Russia
3006 swim Dmitry Nikitin Russia ILOVERUNNING_Reutov
bike Dmitry Nikitin Россия
run Victoriya Nikitina Россия
3009 swim Elvira Minnullina Russia Патимэйкеры
bike Yuriy Nesterov Россия
run Rustem Nasybullin Россия
3010 swim Daniil Kuzmichev Russia PERM
bike Nataliia Zakharchenko Россия
run Evgenii Osinnikov Россия




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