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The Russian Cup, the Open Championships and Krasnodar Region Championship IRONSTAR SPRINT TRIATHLON SOCHI 2016 for age group athletes and professionals over the distances: 0.75-km swim, 20-km bike, 5-km run. Everyone is welcome.

Sochi is the best venue for holding fast and safe races. Besides, all the events at such sports weekend are going to be very spectacular due to the splendid views of 2014 Winter Olympics capital and its outskirts. Numerous tourists coming to Sochi will provide the support necessary for the sportsmen.  

The swimming stage of the competition is held in the yacht marine of the Imeretinsky Bay. Yacht port’s waters are safely protected from gales with two piers, which secures more advantageous conditions in comparison with the open sea to the sportsmen. The temperature in the Bay is 2 degrees warmer than the one in the open waters of the Black Sea, and varies from 17 to 25 degrees during the period from June to October.

The cycling course starts in «Imeretinsky» Resort & Hotel and runs along Sochi Opympic Park. The participants of the competition will have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the views of 2014 Winter Olympics objects while cycling along the flat country road at the maximal speed, full of adrenaline, inspired by the spirit of the 2014 Winter Olympics victories.

The race ends with the running stage around «Imeretinsky» Resort & Hotel to the cries of the supporters and the roar of the Black Sea surf.

June 4, 2016. The beginning of the holiday season in the city of Sochi. While many people have just started dreaming about the sun and the sea, the triathletes will be already enjoying the beauties of 2014 Winter Olympics capital at the distance and while relaxing.


Race course





Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
2003 Ivan Yastreb Russia
2011 Aleksey Varfolomeev Russia
2014 Anatoliy Nesterenko Russia Top Liga
2018 Roman Garin Russia
2035 Gennadii Genus Russia
2038 Andrey Bakhaev Russia Temptraining
2049 Sokolov Pavel Russia
2057 Vasiliy Mokrousov Russia Триатлон-НН
2059 Andrei Shevchuk Russia Procat - triathlon
2061 Dmitriy Bregeda Russia ProCat
2062 Stanislav Evdokimov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2063 Misha Popov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2067 Ayaz Shabutdinov Russia
2068 Andrey Kazakov Russia
2069 Pavel Roganov Russia MysportExpert/Corratec Team
2070 Denis Skibinskiy Russia MySportExspert
2084 Pavel Kabanov Russia World Class
2085 Karlen Kalashyan Russia
2086 Evgeniy Egorov Russia
2098 Nikolay Chasovitin Russia
2099 Ilya Solomin Russia
2103 Aleksey Borisov Russia
2130 Igor Kotkov Russia Триатлон-НН
2140 Pavel Vasilenko Russia
2144 Andrey Kogtev Russia
2148 Nikita Chizhov Russia BONAMANTEAM
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
2000 Maksim Zhukov Russia
2004 Anton Smolskiy Russia Top Liga
2008 Aleksey Pimenov Russia Реальные Кабачки
2010 Aleksey Panin Russia
2012 Aleksey Okhlopkov Russia
2024 Aleksandr Borisov Russia
2027 Aleksey Tolstykh Russia Toyota
2033 Sergey Terskov Russia Аэробия
2040 Komil Ruzaev Russia
2041 Eldar Sufiyanov Russia Sinergia Triathlon Team
2073 Pavel Simakhov Russia
2074 Sergey Bertov Russia
2076 Segey Darovskih Russia
2077 Ivan Chernega Russia Орловские ворота-Trilife
2083 Anton Kudryavtsev Russia Pro Trener
2088 Aleksey Romanov Russia Ерино
2089 Ilya Gubarev Russia
2096 Vasiliy Kapitonov Russia Транснефть - Центральная Сибирь \ Trilife
2100 Artur Asadullin Russia
2109 Yuriy Kokhan Russia RullezTeam
2117 Andrey Vlasov Russia НИКА
2119 Andrey Tumanov Russia major lift
2120 Oleg Kamfenkel Russia Laza run club
2122 Denis Kornilov Russia
2124 Makarov Yury Russia Cycleon
2133 Dmitriy Ovechkin Russia Triathlon Top Liga Club
2135 Sergey Smirnov Russia
2136 Stanislav Karpushkin Russia
2139 Vadim Ryabtsev Russia X
2147 Vasiliy Ryzhako Russia
2149 Kirill Temnikov Russia ВОNAMANTEAM
2151 Maksim Loginov Honduras TriStars
2152 Aleksandr Nikonov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2154 Stanislav Volkov Russia нет
2156 Alexander Perepelkin Russia RulezTeam
2157 Leonid Melnikov Russia GoSwim
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
2016 Aleksandr Yankovskiy Russia
2017 Ruslan Druzhinin Russia
2023 Andrey Potapov Russia
2044 Denis Pak Russia
2050 Sergey Laushkin Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2051 Demid Kuzmichev Russia
2053 Denis Nesterenkov Russia Ростовский шоссейный клуб
2054 Anton Chuchko Russia Циклон
2055 Alexey Savikov Russia TopLiga Krasnodar "Modern Pentathlon"
2065 Dmitriy Shuboderov Russia
2066 Konstantin Temnikov Russia
2071 Pavel Prytkov Russia
2078 Denis Vasilev Russia Trilife
2087 Dmitriy Gavryuk Russia
2092 Vladimir Mikhaylik Russia
2094 Ilya Anastasev Russia
2095 Andrey Stupachenko Russia
2101 Aleksandr Vasilev Russia GARAGE
2111 Aleksandr Kim Russia нет
2116 Dmitriy Perepechaev Russia 100%СПОРТА
2125 Oleg Prokopchuk Russia
2126 Konstantin Kimstach Russia
2132 Brsoyan Mushegovich Russia лично
2143 Sergey Gazizov Russia
2150 Vladimir Pogrebenko Russia
2153 Andrey Mikhaylov Russia ТРИАТЛОН НН
2155 Aleksey Levkin Russia World Class
2158 Rustam Kilmukhametov Russia
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
2006 Aleksandr Kochukov Russia TL
2007 Pavel Lebedev Russia ЦиклОН
2020 Aleksandr Lebedevich Russia
2021 Yuriy Novikov Russia
2042 Alvaro Solorzano Costa Rica Cycleon
2043 Alexey Shastun Russia
2046 Sergey Skibinskiy Russia MySportExpert
2060 Daniil Kuzmichev Russia
2075 Sergey Tambovtsev Russia ЦиклON
2082 Aleksandr Kuzminov Russia
2097 Vladimir Ignatev Russia Триатлон- НН
2116 Evgeniy Maslov Russia IRONSTAR
2123 Andrey Shishkov Russia
2128 Roman Lipatov Russia
2129 Vasiliy Mishchenko Russia
2142 Vadim Shashkov Russia Атриум фитнес
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
2013 Rufat Hasanov Russia
2015 Mikhail Papasov Russia МИКИС
2052 Dmitry Ponomarev Russia Planet Extreme Team
2056 Vyacheslav Sushintsev Russia
2093 Vladimir Mysev Russia
2137 Evgeniy Chusovskoy Russia
2141 Sergey Vishnyakov Russia
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
2019 Vladimir Murugov Russia
2026 Nikolay Kirillov Russia
M60-69 (Age Group 60-69 Male Athletes)
2005 Evgeniy Marochkin Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
2118 Vladimir Petrov Russia
M70 (Age Group 70 Male Athletes)
2127 Boris Kirillov Russia
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
2029 Ekaterina Shavanova Russia
2030 Anna Borisova Russia
2034 Varvara Zverkova Russia JusTTri Team
2036 Anna Lazareva Russia Baby-club Zhulebino
2037 Nina Sukhareva Russia MySportExpert
2048 Anastasiya Zubkova Russia
2064 Yuliya Savkina Russia
2072 Polina Gozhanovskaya Russia
2079 Anna Nesterova Russia
2102 Agata Efimova Russia I Love Running
2107 Alevtina Grushina Russia
2113 Ilona Popova Russia
2115 Anastasiya Karimova Russia Transparency International
2138 Anastasia Strogova Russia
2145 Kolomyychenko Evgeniya Russia Runlab
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
2001 Olya Lazareva Russia Rullez Team
2002 Anna Krylova Russia Bryukhankov team
2009 Anastasia Panina Russia
2028 Valeriya Sergeeva Russia Rambler
2031 Ekaterina Bobina Russia TRIATLET
2047 Mariya Berezina
2081 Marina Frolova Russia
2090 Olga Kasatkina Russia Триатлон-НН
2091 Lyudmila Evstratova Russia Alumni "I love swimming"
2106 Vera Kokhan Russia RullezTeam
2110 Aleksandra Gunyaeva Russia
2121 Nadezhda Manannikova Russia JusTTri
2131 Yuliya Sivashova Russia Pro Trener
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
2022 Olga Zakurina Russia
2025 Anna Malysheva Russia World Class
2039 Sofya Kuts Russia
2058 Evgeniya Kostina Russia
2108 Tatiana Podvoyskaya Russia
2114 Gulnara Salikhova Russia IRONSTAR TEAM
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
2032 Viktoriya Shubina Russia World Class
2080 Natalya Ryzhova Russia World Class
2104 Eleonora Semenovskaya Russia SBR88
2105 Inessa Emelina Russia I love running
F45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Female Athletes)
2112 Marina Shiyanova Russia I Love Running
F55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Female Athletes)
2146 Elena Kasatkina Russia Триатлон-НН
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
3004 swim Zhenia Trifonova Russia Hungry Birds
bike Alina Bondarenko Россия
run Elena Loginova Россия
3007 swim Marina Alaricheva Russia Rusfond team
bike Evgenia Lobacheva Russia
run Olga Kaverina Russia
3001 swim Igor Volkov Russia EVASTAR
bike Igor Volkov Russia
run Larisa Volkova Russia
3005 swim Svetlana Parygina Россия AIRTAL TEAM
bike Dmitriy Belyaev Russia
run Anna Russkikh Россия
3006 swim Aleksey Kuznetsov Россия #otzyvchivoetelo
bike Irina Shadrina Россия
run Irina Shadrina Russia
3008 swim Eldar Kenkerli Россия команда *Звездный Десант*
bike Zlata Chepurnaya Russia
run Aleksandr Sadokov Россия


Race number Name and Surname Country Triathlon leg
2045 Evgeniy_vladimir Kurov_sigidov Russia
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
3003 swim Ivan_aleksandra Galyuzhin_yakovleva Russia Марафон в темноте
bike Denis Polyakov Россия
run Larisa_daria Ovcynova_chelyapina Россия




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