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The IRONSTAR SPRINT TRIATHLON SOCHI 2017 is held at the distance: swimming - 0.75 km, cycling - 20 km and race – 5 km.

Sprint is a distance that perfectly suits both newcomers in triathlon and experienced athletes. It allows to try one’s hand at a short distance to move on to more serious goals and to show one’s best results.

The competition takes place at the Imeretinsky Resort Area. The swimming stage starts at the Imerety port bay hedged by the two malls and thus protected from waves and currents. The water temperature here is 2 degrees higher than that in the open Black Sea, and from June to October it varies from 17 to 25 degrees. Dry suits are allowed in case the water temperature is below 24.6 C.

The bike race will start at the Imeretinsky Resort Area to proceed along the Formula-1 Track. The participants are to complete a circle at the SOCHI Car-Racing Track.Then the participants will go up the mountains along the most up-to-date and picturesque road in Russia connecting Adler and Krasnaya Polyana. 

The competition will finish with the race that goes along a picturesque mall protecting the Imeretinsky Bay from waves and that is perfectly seen from the shore. The finish is on the square near the Imerety Hotel. It will be accompanied with cheers by fans who will be the focus of attention all along the competition and who will support the athletes.

June 3, 2017 is the start of the resort season in Sochi. Comfortable temperature, beautiful views of the Olympic capital and its surroundings, the unique atmosphere of all IRONSTAR events will be waiting for you to celebrate the spectacular opening of the sports season!


Race course




The starting town as well as the finish line of IRONSTAR are to be located in the close vicinity of the hotel and the transit area is to be opposite to the main entrance of the Imeretinskiy hotel.
You can get a special price for your accomodation by using promo-code ISTRIATHLON.
Accommodation and travel packages are provided by OLYMPICO Events company

In case of questions please contact us at
phone: +7 (989) 756-18-44


Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
2002 Artyem Solovyev Russia
2008 Shutov Maksim Russia Если я выйграю - то я женюсь )))
2013 Boris Pustovoytov Russia
2032 Dmitriy Gorlov Russia
2035 Nikita Strakhov Russia
2044 Stanislav Artsishevskiy Russia
2072 Viktor Borisov Russia
2073 Anton Tugushev Russia Российская таможенная академия
2077 Ivan Makeenkov Russia
2084 Vadim Pavlov Russia
2086 Anton Gorlov Russia Аэробия
2095 Maksim Blazhko Russia
2121 Anton Nesterenko Russia Бизнес Молодость
2123 Ruslan Rasulov Russia Бизнес Молодость
2126 Anton Safonov Russia
2132 Timothee Duthoit France
2137 Nikolay Danilov_nitusov Russia Атлон
2141 Aleksandr Baranov Russia
2146 Dmitriy Ryukhtin Russia
2155 Roman Gilmanov Russia
2159 Vitaliy Terletskiy Russia Ивановский любительский триатлон
2176 Platon Kiselev Russia
2187 Maksim Gorshkov Russia Агентство связи
2193 Dmitriy Smirnov Russia
2200 Mikhail Chigirinskiy Russia
2205 Ivan Psyel Russia
2219 Aleksandr Yatsenko Russia HEALTH ACTIVE
2227 Roman Morozov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2240 Kirill Frolov Russia
2262 Denis Skibinskiy Russia MySportExspert
2297 Petr Arsenov Russia
2305 Aleksey Debrov Russia Без клуба
2306 Yuriy Deryabin Russia
2307 Matvey Zubov Russia ZubovTeam
2319 Sergey Boyarshinov Russia
2320 Andrey Gavrikov Russia Adidas Run Club
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
2019 Antoniy Erokhin Russia
2023 Aleksandr Parkhomenko Russia Регион 26
2024 Alexander Samkov Russia Team Sibur
2026 Pavel Rusakov Russia
2028 Dmitriy Golovashchenko Russia
2038 Abdulkadir Dokumaci Turkey Istanbul
2062 Vitaliy Novikov Russia
2064 Aleksey Bezrukov Russia
2070 Vyacheslav Slavakov Russia Top Liga Run
2081 Evgeniy Rikhmaer Russia
2088 Vyacheslav Luganskiy Russia
2090 Vladislav Vasilevskiy Russia WinGG's
2091 Anton Shchukin Russia Раннерс
2094 Daniil Starostin Russia
2096 Aleksey Zotov Russia Zotov team
2099 Konstantin Garkusha Russia Up&Run Club
2106 Dmitriy Smirnov Russia
2107 Dmitriy Shustov Russia
2110 Vyacheslav Shustov Russia
2114 Ilya Mazhukhin Russia Skatovka Sport Team
2120 Roman Rozhdestvenskiy Russia
2124 Marat Ziyazetdinov Russia Федерация Триатлона Башкортостана
2128 Evgeniy Yurchenko Russia БМ - Циклон
2133 Mikhail Trusov Russia Studio 8
2134 Nikolay Tumanov Russia
2140 Stanislav Borovikov Russia Феррум-К
2145 Artem Istratov Russia
2148 Ivan Krupyanko Russia
2149 Andrey Shorikov Russia Бизнес Молодость/Циклон
2152 Beksultan Dzholdasbekov Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
2158 Sergey Bertov Russia
2160 Ilya Suslin Russia
2170 Vladimir Suglobov Russia
2185 Aleksandr Panov Russia
2191 Sergey Korchagin Russia
2196 Alexander Polovian Russia Hornet Team
2197 Artem Semyenov Russia MakeCase
2198 Stanislav Ognev Russia HEALTH ACTIVE
2209 Georgiy Klitsenko Russia Rosneft Triatlon Team
2214 Valeriy Rybak Russia Темп
2221 Kirill Volkov Russia
2226 Vadim Lyubomirov Russia
2231 Igor Pyatnitsky Russia
2238 Alexander Sivkov Russia
2239 Denis Konovalenko Russia ОРИЕНТИР
2245 Dmitriy Zhuchev Russia Health Active
2246 Aleksey Zhukov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2256 Andrey Tkachyev Russia
2261 Denis Zaytsev Russia ROSNEFT
2269 Fedor Terebenin Russia Pro-спорт
2272 Andrey Lebedev Russia TYR Russia
2273 Aleksey Averbukh Russia "Это всё Рэпчик"
2274 Stanislav Karpushkin Russia
2275 Sergey Golubev Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2280 Yuriy Kokhan Russia RullezTeam
2285 Kirill Kuznetsov Russia Skolkovo triathlon team
2286 Sergey Burlakov Russia Saint-Gobain Rus
2289 Mikhail Glushkov Russia Scott
2293 Alexandr Nikitin Russia ST-1
2300 Anton Smolskiy Russia Top Liga
2302 Anton Kuznetsov Russia HEALTH ACTIVE
2314 Boris Proshin Russia Бассейн Акватория
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
2009 Evgeniy Zagulyaev Russia adidas runclub Sochi
2010 Konstantin Ivanov Russia Redlava
2014 Aleksey Korenev Russia ТЕМП
2015 Albert Latypov Russia TimerYoldyzlar
2022 Andrey Kormiltsev Russia НТС
2027 Yuriy Islentev Russia TriKirov
2030 Yuriy Titov Russia
2031 Evgeniy Ryzhov Russia
2036 Dmitriy Epimakhov Russia David Warden Coaching
2048 Sergey Pyzhikov Russia Ironzaichiki
2053 Ilya Levontin Russia
2056 Aleksey Utev Russia DUCK TEAM
2058 Sergey Torbeev Russia
2065 Aleksandr Khvatov Russia
2067 Mikhail Peteshov Russia
2076 Ilya Slepov Russia RunLab
2093 Timur Sergeev Russia
2098 Takhir Minazhetdinov Russia Школа Бега "Бегай с умом"
2143 Ilya Rizaev Russia RullezTeam
2151 Pavel Artyushenko Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
2156 Dmitriy Chipura Russia
2157 Ilshat Latypov Russia
2163 Timur Grib Russia
2165 Semen Morozov Russia WebHubPub
2180 Aleksandr Badin Russia
2181 Igor Smirnov Russia
2182 Sergei Gusarov Russia
2186 Dmiriy Vedernikov Russia
2188 Vladimir Dadaev Russia
2192 Timofey Chekhoev Russia Сколково
2211 Aleksandr Alshannikov Russia SAP CIS Triathlon team
2223 Stanislav Volkov Russia нет
2228 Pavel Fedoseev Russia IRONZEL sport team
2230 Boris Bartsits Russia #sportapsny
2232 Marat Agabalyan Russia Temp Training
2233 Evgeniy Pavlov Russia Athletcity
2236 Aleksandr Pustovoyt Russia HORNET TEAM
2247 Anton Belyakov Russia Ё-team
2249 Vladimir Kapralov Russia
2255 Viktor Zaitsev Russia
2276 Aleksey Chevyrov Russia IronForce
2278 Zhirov Konstantin Russia Steel People DMD
2295 Valeriy Annikov Russia ООО "Магна"
2296 Daniyar Uteulin Kazakhstan World Class Almaty
2309 Aleksandr Sagun Russia
2310 Petr Andreev Russia
2311 Mikhail Kiselev Russia Cycleon
2312 Sergey Fedorov Russia
2316 Denis Pak Russia
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
2011 Vadim Tevelev Russia SportProject
2074 Mikhail Misnik Russia Внесистемные беглецы
2082 Alexey Pikulev Russia ТРИАТЛЕТ
2105 Aleksey Levkin Russia World Class
2108 Mikhail Levin Russia
2115 Roman Agapov Russia World Class
2127 Syed Zain Ul Abidin Banuri Banuri United Arab Emirates I Love Triathlon Dubai
2138 Andrey Korolev Russia World class
2142 Andrey Von Russia
2150 Konstantin Vasilev Russia I LOVE RUNNING
2154 Denis Gaivoronskii Russia World Class "Город столиц"
2171 Ivan Pulin Russia
2175 Roman Osipov Russia ILT
2183 Henry Karpin Russia Redlava
2190 Aleksey Barannikov Russia Pro Trener
2199 Vasiliy Mishchenko Russia
2203 Sergey Rezantsev Russia
2210 Andrey Savelev Russia ЦиклON
2212 Valeriy Esaulenko Russia
2216 Aleksey Mosin Russia RuLLeZ team
2225 Oleg Volodin Russia Health Active
2234 Lev Orlov Russia
2237 Vladimir Klyushkin Russia РОЗА ХУТОР курорт
2253 Mikhail Mamuta Russia RedLava
2259 Alvaro Solorzano Costa Rica Cycleon
2265 Evgeniy Khalilov Russia MySportExpert
2266 Oleg Marochkin Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
2284 Yury Shaposhnikov Russia RuLLeZ team
2299 Boris Granovskiy Russia
2317 Gleb Nikitin Russia
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
2003 Lev Khmelnitskiy Russia TriTime72
2025 Vladimir Mysev Russia
2029 Vitaliy Maznov Russia Кудо
2040 Evgeniy Chusovskoy Russia
2046 Aleksey Kirillov Russia
2052 Roman Doroshenko Russia Ironzaichiki
2125 Dmitriy Kravchenko Russia
2130 Vladimir Yashkov Russia
2162 Sergey Pogonin Russia триатлон центр крылатское
2173 Sergey Astanin Russia
2174 Alexey Katrich Russia Worldclass
2202 Andrey Karpov Russia
2215 Yuriy Minaev Russia Zenon Cycling
2235 Roman Sobolev Russia ProTrener
2248 Fabian Dmello United Arab Emirates I Love Running Dubai
2263 Sergey Skibinskiy Russia MySportExspert
2267 Vladislav Cherchenko Russia
2281 Sergey Koba Ukraine MySportExpert
2308 Dmitry Ponomarev Russia Planet Extreme Team
2318 Dmitriy Globenko Russia
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
2021 Arkadiy Afanasev Russia
2043 Maksim Alekseev Russia adidas Runners Moscow
2057 Evgeniy Fokin Russia Катран г.Сочи
2167 Mikhail Khadzhinov Russia
2218 Nikolay Kirillov Russia
2220 Andrey Suetin Russia АО СЗТТ
2290 Andrey Yankin Russia Top Liga Краснодар
2294 Vsevolod Chashchin Russia ССО "ОПТИМИСТ"
2315 Konstantin Sinkov Russia Темп
M55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Male Athletes)
2055 Vitaly Golovatyuk Russia
M60-69 (Age Group 60-69 Male Athletes)
2254 Evgeniy Marochkin Russia SAP CIS Triathlon Team
M70 (Age Group 70 Male Athletes)
2224 Valentin Chernov Russia WeGym-Кутузовский
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
2012 Galiya Berdnikova Russia #Womenbz
2016 Nataliya Yadykina Russia Team Sibur
2017 Vladislav Fedoseykin
2020 Alexandra Shmeman Russia
2051 Anna Novikova Russia
2054 Nadezhda Karpenko Russia TRIATLET
2068 Kseniya Kukushkina Russia
2078 Ekaterina Makeenkova Russia
2085 Olga Stepanova Russia
2102 Anastasiya Ivanova Russia TRIKO.CLUB
2104 Anastasiya Zotova Russia Zotov team
2111 Svetlana Tomashevskaia Russia Z3TEAM
2144 Lyudmila Simonenko Russia Studio 8
2164 Valeriya Kalinina Russia
2177 Svetlana Sarapkina Russia I Love Running
2184 Yuliya Prudnikova Russia Sochi Skyrunning Team
2208 Diana Ignatenko Russia
2242 Sofiya Bashirova Russia -
2258 Anastasiya Krylova Russia
2260 Marina Zasurtseva Russia
2264 Nina Sukhareva Russia MySportExpert
2271 Anna Maslova Russia Акватикс
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
2006 Mariya Kiseleva Russia
2034 Ekaterina Bobina Russia TRIATLET
2045 Kseniya Chernysheva Russia
2079 Irina Starostina Russia I love triathlon
2097 Natalya Tamashaytis Russia
2103 Olga Kasatkina Russia Триатлон-НН
2129 Natalia Fominykh Russia Студия 8
2168 Ekaterina Gavrilova Russia
2179 Yuliya Trukhina Russia WorldClassOutdoor
2204 Anastasia Panina Russia
2213 Elena Panteleeva Russia
2241 Aygul Bikmullina Russia нет
2250 Li Khoroshaya Russia
2257 Mariya Kochetkova Russia
2268 Anastasia Loktionova Russia
2279 Vera Kokhan Russia RullezTeam
2292 Marina Konovalova Russia Wow
2709 Irina Shadrina Russia
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
2018 Irina Bulkatova Russia IronKotiki
2033 Evgeniya Gladkina Russia Nanoteam
2037 Anna Burkova Russia
2041 Svetlana Nesterenkova Russia Ростовский шоссейный клуб
2047 Elena Sergeeva Russia Adidas Runners Sochi
2069 Svetlana Lvova Russia Coca Cola Russia Triathlon Team
2080 Elena Vashurina Russia S. A. Ricci Gazprombank Endurance Club
2083 Olesya Demchenko Russia
2089 Irina Litvinova Russia Rosneft triathlon team
2092 Olga Gashkova Russia I love running
2112 Olga Lapshenkova Russia ЦиклON
2113 Anna Gavryuk Russia Top Liga Club
2117 Inna Sennikova Russia I love running Tyumen
2119 Anna Malysheva Russia World Class
2166 Elena Morozova Russia МЕТИЗ
2169 Alina Novikova Russia World class
2178 Polina Vaysman Russia World Class Город Столиц
2189 Anastasiya Ryabtsova Russia Pro Trener
2195 Yuliya Nesova Nesova Russia
2243 Inna Lyalina Russia
2244 Ksenia Pulyatkina Russia ВТБ Страхование
2277 Zhanna Palyutina Russia
2288 Oksana Borovkova Russia
2291 Nadezhda Glushkova Russia Scott
2313 Catrin Snow Russia
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
2063 Olga Nizhankovskaya Russia World Class
2071 Natalya Ryzhova Russia World Class
2109 Arina Dmitrieva Russia
2135 Dorota Pawlik Poland
2136 Anna Bedy_ska Poland
2139 Nadya Koroleva Russia world class
2194 Viktoriya Aparina Russia Studio8
2217 Elena Lukyanova Russia VIP Sunshine
2229 Natalya Karpova Russia
2270 Evgeniya Kostina Russia
2282 Tatyana Mukonina Russia RullezzTeam
2283 Olga Gavrilova Russia Health active
F45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Female Athletes)
2004 Marina Shiyanova Russia I Love Running
2059 Akulina Kashinova Russia
2060 Alla Kazantseva Russia
2075 Irina Zhishkevich Russia
2118 Anna Belova Russia
2172 Sergey Ryabtsov Pro Trener
2201 Nataliya Zimarina Russia Miss Fitness
2298 Marina Sushkova Russia No
F50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Female Athletes)
2087 Natalya Sycheva Russia СК "Бегай с умом"
2153 Anna Murganova Russia
2301 Alla Korotkova Russia World class
F55-59 (Age Group 55-59 Female Athletes)
2101 Elena Kasatkina Russia Триатлон-НН
2147 Mariya Isaeva Russia Триатлон-НН
2161 Marina Fedorova Russia
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
3003 swim Valery Shagaev Россия Энергия
bike Yury Zafesov Россия
run Viktor Simonenko Russia
3007 swim Andrey Rozhkov Россия Move to Win
bike Andrey Prokudin Russia
run Alexander Shataylo Россия
3009 swim Maksim Shutov Россия САНДИМАКС
bike Aleksandr Kuzminov Russia
run Konstantin Kimstach Россия
3011 swim Mikhail Shats Россия Команда Шаца
bike Leo Shlykov Russia
run Andrey Bocharov Россия
3000 swim Anna Veryevkina Russia ЗАГОРЕЛЫЕ ДЕВЧОНКИ
bike Yuliya Orlova Россия
run Anastasiya Polishchuk Россия
3001 swim Diana Trubkovich Россия Fess Team
bike Anastasiyu Petryaevu Россия
run Aleksandra Bazarbaeva Russia
3014 swim Elvira Gimadeeva Россия Акульчев 3
bike Ilmira Nureeva Россия
run Leysan Islamova Russia
3015 swim Irina Belousova Россия Акульчев
bike Zenfira Nasyrova Россия
run Irina Khaeva Russia
3002 swim Petr Gulyi Россия ФЭСН РАНХиГС
bike Georgii Gridin Россия
run Yulia Ignateva Russia
3004 swim Konstantin Lemeshev Russia Поршни Руссланд
bike Alexander Maltsev Россия
run Olga Novozhilova Россия
3005 swim Victoria Chub Россия IWM
bike Mikhail Starov Russia
run Aleksandr Kamakin Россия
3008 swim Valentin Meshcheryakov Россия Siberwood
bike Anzhelika Kryzhanovskaya Россия
run Anzhelika Kryzhanovskaya Russia
3012 swim Ekaterina Zaytseva Россия Весенний сбор
bike Alexandr Miroshnichenko Россия
run Anastasiya Novozhenina Russia
3013 swim Svetlana Popova Россия Акульчев
bike Artem Sahmanov Россия
run Elmira Gayfutdinova Russia
3016 swim Mihail Semenov Россия Акульчев
bike Aliya Tunuldukova Russia
run Aigul Sibaeva Россия
3017 swim Aleksey Dmitriev Russia Гипертонус
bike Anna Belaya Россия
run Konstantin Petrov Россия
3019 swim Pavel Komarov Россия Имеретинский
bike Olga Openchenko
run Vasilevskiy Vladimir Россия


Race number Name and Surname Country Triathlon leg
2251 Kseniya Vybornykh Natalya Studenikina Russia Спорт для жизни
2252 Denis Polyakov Russia Спорт для жизни
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team
3010 swim Aleksey Gorelov Россия Спорт для Жизни
bike Anton Kharchenko Россия
run Alexandr Pokhilko Russia




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