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IRONSTAR SUPERMIX ZAVIDOVO 2017 is a mix of two courses - 1/4 and 1/8 of "iron" distance. 

Summary distance: 0.5 km - swimming, 22 km - biking, 5 km - running + 1 km - swimming, 45 km - biking, 10 km - running. 

The participant goes both distances in turn, with a short break, and the result is evaluated in a separate rating – in accordance with the total time of passage of two distances.

This format will be the interesting challenge for the athletes who are looking for something new in triathlon.

In addition to the uniqueness of the distance, it is also the first home start of the IRONSTAR that will take place just 100 km from Moscow, on the prestigious resort of Zavidovo.

Zavidovo is a unique natural area perfect for sports and family holidays. Moreover, Zavidovo is located in the transport accessibility from Moscow: it takes 2 hours to reach it by commuter train or car.

The swim race starts on the banks of the Doybitsa River, which flows into the Volga. The bike and run courses will be held along the picturesque trails of the territory of the “Yamskoy Les” natural park. Sandy beaches, forest trails, clean water, and premium infrastructure are waiting for you. 

Register now and plan your trip in advance. 


Tverskoy boulevard, 2
Varaksino, Tver region - 171266

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Race course





Race number Name and Surname Country Team
M18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Male Athletes)
2003 Andrey Bakhaev Russia Temptraining
2011 Sergey Karpenko Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
2014 Anton Veligodskiy Russia
2027 Yaroslav Vorobev Russia ТЕМП
2033 Boris Pivovar Russia
2034 Dmitriy Firsov Russia I Love triathlon Dubai
2041 Vadim Garipov Russia MRunners
2056 Evgeniy Rulevskiy Russia RuLLeZ
2059 Pavel Mikheev Russia
2068 Artyem Parienko Russia SBR88
2074 Valentin Zasypkin Russia Training System
M30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Male Athletes)
2000 Daniyar Khabiev Russia Triatleta
2006 Yuriy Makarov Russia
2008 Anton Bereznyak Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
2013 Sergey Kudryashov Russia
2018 Nikita Terekhov Russia
2023 Nikolay Mrochkovskiy Russia
2024 Vasiliy Ryzhako Russia
2026 Artur Asadullin Russia ОРИЕНТИР
2028 Aleksei Ivanov Russia
2032 Aleksandr Agatiy Russia
2042 Petr Gyske Russia adidas runners Moscow/ЦиклON
2043 Aleksey Khramov Russia SBR88
2046 Mohamed Attia Russia
2050 Ivan Khlobystov Russia Trilife
2055 Aleksandr Trifonov Russia Темп
2060 Pavel Bozhik Russia Чёрная каракатица
2062 Aleksey Savchenko Russia SBR 88
M35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Male Athletes)
2001 Artur Shachnev Russia
2002 Aleksandr Kislinskiy Russia
2004 Nikolay Mazur Russia Temptraining
2007 Maksim Shaporin Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
2012 Dmitry Sheybak Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
2021 Mikhail Rozanov Russia МАУФСЦ Кубинка
2022 Aleksandr Zelenov Russia
2025 Rinat Mustafin Russia IRONSTAR / ILR FAMILY
2030 Andrei Medvedev Russia Trilife
2036 Aleksey Tikhomirov Russia ПЫХteam
2038 Evgeniy Bakunov Russia TriStars
2039 Artur Ocheretnyy Russia S.A. Ricci Endurance Triathlon Club
2040 Pavel Fedoseev Russia IRONZEL sport team
2045 Ruslan Emelkhanov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2053 Dmitry Nikitin Russia TRI SGS
2069 Aleksandr Topchubaev Russia
2072 Artur Sinitsin Russia I Love Running
2073 Denis Senyanskiy Russia TENSO-M Ironman Team
M40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Male Athletes)
2005 Marchin Tokazh Russia Цыклон
2016 Vladimir Shipkov Russia Z3TEAM
2019 Vladislav Tevikov Russia Z3TEAM
2029 Vyacheslav Maratkanov Russia Random team
2051 Mikhail Martyanov Russia Trilife
2065 Vladimir Grigoryev Russia Maggie Simpson
2067 Evgeniy Maslov Russia IRONSTAR
M45-49 (Age Group 45-49 Male Athletes)
2010 Aleksandr Ushakov Russia RedLava Team
2015 Mikail Agaev Russia самостоятельно
2031 Aleksey Nikiforov Russia ROSNEFT Triathlon Team
2049 Oleg Ozerov Russia
2052 Andrey Salnikov Russia КЛБ Марафонец
2066 Timur Shimanovskiy Russia sbr88
M50-54 (Age Group 50-54 Male Athletes)
2009 Grigoriy Gankin Russia Sberbank Triathlon Team
2020 Konstantin Gavrilov Russia
2063 Vladimir Gavrilov Russia SBR 88
2064 Konstantin Shimanovskiy Russia SBR 88 IRONMAN TEAM
2070 Yuriy Kolobov Russia GoPro
M70 (Age Group 70 Male Athletes)
2054 Anatoliy Afonenko Russia марафонец
F18-29 (Age Group 18-29 Female Athletes)
2058 Yuliya Makarova Russia
F30-34 (Age Group 30-34 Female Athletes)
2037 Tatyana Filippovich Russia SBR88
2044 Elizaveta Korotkova Russia
2047 Darya Nikolaevskaya Russia
2048 Katya Kiryukhina Russia Zubov Team
2057 Olga Doronina Russia Sekta
F35-39 (Age Group 35-39 Female Athletes)
2035 Kseniya Fedoseeva Russia
2061 Yuliya Tolkacheva Russia Студия Фитнес-Коучинга Юлии Толкачевой
F40-44 (Age Group 40-44 Female Athletes)
2071 Tatyana Mukonina Russia RullezzTeam
Race number Triathlon leg Name and Surname Country Team




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