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29 October 2015

INDOOR is one of the ways to get prepared for the season!

What is so good about indoor triathlon? Read the report by Anastasia Kuznetsova – the winner of IRONSTAR INDOOR TRIATHLON, October 24, 2015!

Anastasia Kuznetsova: I want to thank you for the excellent race! This was my first experience in such format – the maximum approximation to the conditions of a real triathlon, as far as it possible! A marvellous idea!

Why triathlon? I’ve practiced horse riding (dressage) for 12 years, and have become a candidate for master of sport. In 2006 – 2008, I was the national team member. Due to certain circumstances, I had to make a pause in sport 4 years ago, and after that, I took a decision to leave professional sports.

I’ve known Alexey Baryshnikov, IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI finisher who ranked second, since I was a child. A couple of years ago Alexey organized an amateur ski team, Alex Baryga Ski Team. So, what are skiers to do in summertime? We chose triathlon. Alexey did his best to involve everyone he could. During the first year, I was just watching and didn’t know the how and why of things. However, this year I started running, and in July, I decided to try triathlon. The first bike, then another one… Then joint trainings with ABST at weekends. I still ran a little bit, and participated in mass heats. In the end of July, we decided to participate in Vesta bank 3grom competition. I made my debut with overall time 1:37:46 and ranked fifth in my class. The season was coming to an end, and I started thinking of what I was going to do in winter. Then I occasionally came across the Indoor page on your website. I found it interesting, and registered for the first lap in August.

I didn’t expect to win. As Vladimir Voloshin said on the morning of the competition, “it’s mostly for the fun of it”. This format is great because of its informal atmosphere and the chance to feel the support of the people who come – and it is extremely important. Having finished and left World Class “The City of Capitals”, I got into the car and thought: “Wow! This is really one of the ways to get prepared for the season”. I’ve got quite an ambitious competition plan for the next year, so I’ve made up my mind to participate in all IRONSTAR INDOOR laps. I have already registered, and I’m waiting for November 28. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the Olympic distance in Sochi in 2016 – IRONSTAR OLYMPIC TRIATHLON”.

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