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International competitions in Sochi opened the triathlon season in Russia
6 June 2017

International competitions in Sochi opened the triathlon season in Russia

On June 3 IRONSTAR SPRINT & 113 SOCHI 2017 - the first triathlon competition of the 2017 season - started in the Imeretinsky Resort District of Sochi. The competition brought together over 1,000 athletes representing 15 countries, including not only Russia, the Baltic and CIS states, but also Finland, Germany, France, Spain, India, Turkey, Costa Rica and the UAE. 

The start was given to two types of competitions: the sprint distance that included 0.75 km of swimming, 5 km of racing and 20 km of cycling and the ‘half-iron’ distance that comprised 1.93 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of racing. There were over 5,000 fans and nearly 300 volunteers that supported the athletes.

Official results are available on the RussiaRunning website of the official timekeeper.

Apart from the individual competition, there was also the team stage. All in all, 91 relay teams took to the start line of both distances.

Once again in Sochi para-triathletes took to the start line. The athletes with various degrees of disability competed on equal footing with other participants. There were athletes whose leg or arm has been amputated, there were those visually impaired. For the first time in Russia the event involved a deaf-blind athlete and the one suffering from ICP.

On June 2, on the eve of the main competition, the Imeretinsky Resort District also hosted the IRONLADY 5-km women’s race and the STARKIDS children’s charity race.  

The next IRONSTAR triathlon event is scheduled for July 15 in Kirov. On July 29 IRONSTAR is to hold its first home event in Zavidovo, 100 km from Moscow. On August 26 Kazan will host the next triathlon event and on September 23 the Imeretinsky Resort District of Sochi will be the venue of the main and final competition of the year at the Olympic and full iron distances. The schedule of events can be viewed on our site