IRONSTAR & WORLD CLASS INDOOR St. Petersburg 25.01.2020

Stay in the triathlon during the off-season! Join IRONSTAR INDOOR triathlon and be in shape!
IRONSTAR & WORLD CLASS INDOOR St. Petersburg 25.01.2020


IRONSTAR INDOOR TRIATHLON is a triathlon competitions held indoors. Its special feature is the absence of a precise distance. The participants are to perform at their best in the time given. Therefore, this format is suitable to both newcomers who are just getting into triathlon and experienced athletes for whom it is an opportunity to try their best. Each participant will receive a Finisher’s Medal.


Participants can go through all the stages individually or as a part of a relay team. Form your own team of three to distribute the triathlon stages between you. All the relay participants start simultaneously.


After each race, the athletes will be awarded points according to their place in the overall ALL STARS rating. So IRONSTAR INDOOR races is a great opportunity to earn points before season is actually started!

The competitions are open to everyone, regardless of their membership with the World Class Fitness-Club Chain.


Individual athletes

10 min swim in swimming pool (25 meters)
Transition 1 – 5 minutes 
30 min on stationary bike
Transition 2 — 5 minutes 
20 min run on treadmill

Relay teams (3 participants)

30 min swim in swimming pool (25 meters)
30 min on stationary bike 
30 min run on treadmill 

All relay team members start at one time 

Admission Information

The following documents are required for admission to participate and receive a race pack:


·        ID card (passport or other eligible identification document)

·        Sport insurance (optional). Insurance can be purchased online with the entry OR after the entry purchase — from your personal account

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IRONSTAR & WORLD CLASS INDOOR St. Petersburg 25.01.2020