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IRONSTAR 113 SAMARA 2020 triathlon race for amateurs on “half-iron” distance: 1.93 km swimming, 90 km cycling, 21.1 km running.
IRONSTAR lights up a new star! Volga’s one.
New start will be held in beautiful, amazing and welcoming Samara! In the city that just recently hosted World Football Championship and will be glad to meet again sportsmen and their support teams!

In Samara is one of the longest and most beautiful long Volga river walks – more than 5 kilometers! Namely there, in the center of the city, on Central river walk of Volga will take start international triathlon competition IRONSTAR SAMARA 2020. The start will be made from sand beach.

Swimming stage will be interesting, with river’s flow: the participants have to swim down and against the flow, and it will add dynamic and thrill to the race.

Bicycle stage will be flat and speedy one. The trail will run along central streets of Samara, hence by its main symbols and sight sees. Along the way you will see oldest in Russia Brewery, River Port, Square of Glory, famous “Ladya” stellar, “Soyuz” rocket launcher (namely here all the missiles carried to the Space all Soviet and Russian cosmonauts were constructed) and other significant places.

Running race stage will also be flat and speedy one. It will run along Volga’s river walk. Fantastic sight sees are guaranteed!

This is the track for the records. Come to Samara for your personal one!
Big festival of the Sports is waiting for you in Samara:

— favorite distances: Olympic and half-iron ones
— ladies’ race IRONLADY
— kids’ race STARKIDS
— sports exhibition-fair ЭКСПО
— Pasta Party
— briefing for the participants

See you in Samara!

Cut-Off Times

  • Swimming: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Сycling: 4 hours
  • Running: 3 hours 50 minutes
  • Total cut-off time: 8 hours



Tier 1: 8500 ₽ Sold out
Tier 2: 11000 ₽ Sold out
Tier 3: 13000 ₽
Tier 4: 15000 ₽
Tier 5: 16000 ₽


Tier 1: 13000 ₽ Sold out
Tier 2: 15000 ₽
Tier 3: 17000 ₽
Tier 4: 19000 ₽
Tier 5: 21000 ₽

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