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The IRONSTAR 226 SOCHI 2017 amateur competition on the ‘iron’ track at the distance: swimming — 3.86 km, biking course — 180 km and race — 42.195 km.

The competition is held at the Imeretinsky Resort Area. It is an ideal venue for both training and leisure. In a walking distance there is the F-1 track and the Olympic Park that host major national business and sports events. The start, transition and finishing area two minutes away from the Imeretinsky and Radisson Blu Resort Hotels of the Black Sea shore. The airport is 10-minute drive from here. Any day of the sports weekend athletes and their families can walk to the new amusement park.

The swimming stage is held in the Imeretinsky port bay. The water area of the yacht port is well protected from storms by two malls, which ensures the athletes start in the most favorable conditions as compared to the open sea. The bay water temperature is 2 degrees higher than that of the Black sea open area and from June to October it varies from 17 to 25 C.

The cycling stage starts at the Imeretinsky Resort Area, then the participants will go up the mountains twice by the road to Krasnaya Polyana and will have a speed downhill race.

The race will finish with racing along the route that includes the mall in the Imeretinsky port water area. You can imagine what kind of view it gives!

The ‘iron’ distance finish will take place in a grandiose festive atmosphere supported by music, fireworks and sparklers. All the participants and prize-winners, fans, organizers and volunteers get together at the finishing gate to greet the last heroes and celebrate the closing of the race and the season.

Watch how it was in September 2017

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3,86 km
180 km
42,195 km
226 km