Competitions IRONSTAR DUATHLON ONLINE CUP at a distance of SPRINT: 2 km running + 20 km cycling + 5 km running
Get ready for the season with IRONSTAR!

IRONSTAR launches a series of online duathlon competitions. This is a great opportunity to practice in a competitive environment and prepare even better for the new season. All you need to participate is sneakers, bike and Strava sync.

The distance is overcome on the street — let the machines and treadmills wait at home. The Sprint distance race will take place on June 5-6.


RUN 2 km + BIKE 20 km + RUN 5 km 

Participation format:

Individual, participants independently cover the entire distance


  • Participants determine the route of the chosen distance for themselves 
  • Synchronization of training data is carried out through the STRAVA platform (the profile must be open) 
  • The results will be published on the IRONSTAR website 

Sports mechanics:

  • The participant registers in STRAVA (if he was not registered before) and sets up synchronization with his sports watch (if synchronization has not been set up before)
  • The participant registers for the race on the IRONSTAR website and gives permission to use the training data fr om his STRAVA profile
  • At 00:00 on June 5 (Saturday), the reception of results opens, all workouts completed up to this moment are not taken into account.
  • During the weekend, the participant runs and rides the selected distance, goes through all the stages in the right order: (RUN → BIKE → RUN).
  • The preliminary results of each participant automatically fall into the table of results on the IRONSTAR website within 48 hours.
  • At 23:59 on June 6 (Sunday), the acceptance of results ends. If the participant did not manage to completely pass the selected distance by this time, he is assigned the DNF status.

Requirements for participants

Admission to participation:

Persons who have reached the age are allowed to participate:
  •  Distance OLYMPIC — 16 years
  • The age of the participants is determined as of December 31, 2021

Check in:

  • The registered participant is the participant who has applied and paid the fee. Each participant who has passed the registration procedure gets into the start list published on the race page on the IRONSTAR website.
  • By registering and paying the fee, the participant agrees to the rules of IRONSTAR DUATHLON ONLINE and to the processing of personal data.

A responsibility:

  • The participant is responsible for any damage to health received during training.
  • The Member is responsible for complying with regional and municipal COVID-19-related restrictive measures.
  • The participant is responsible for knowing and understanding the rules

Requirements for completing the stages:

  • Participants are required to use a sports watch that supports uploading data to the STRAVA platform or the STRAVA app on a smartphone
  • The STRAVA member's profile must be publicly accessible (all users can view physical activity).
  • The order of passing the stages — (RUN → BIKE → RUN)
  • Each stage should be recorded on the watch as a separate workout
  • There is no lim it on the passage of each stage
  • You can take rest breaks between stages. If the break is more than 30 minutes, then each subsequent minute is added to the total time of the participant. For example, if the break is 47 minutes, 47-30 = 17 minutes will be added to the total time.
  • All stages must be completed by 23:59 on June 6 (Sunday)
  • When participating in several distances, you must complete all stages of one distance before starting another.
  • The running and cycling stages must be done outdoors. Bicycles, exercise bikes and treadmills are prohibited
  • When passing each stage, it is forbidden to pause the clock (stop recording the time spent)
  • The distance covered for each stage must correspond to the selected If the distance covered by the participant is greater than the required one, then the total time spent covering the entire distance without benefits for overfulfillment is counted.
  • If the distance covered by the participant is less than necessary, then the participant will be disqualified. Small error is allowed.
  • The average speed during the cycling stage should not exceed 55 km / h. Average pace during the running stage is not faster than 2:45 min. Km. 
  • On race days there should be no other workouts that go to STRAVA
  • The participant is obliged to upload all workouts (stages) to STRAVA by 23:59 on June 6 (Sunday)

 A participant who does not fulfill these requirements will be disqualified!

Determination of the winners

The procedure for determining the winners:

  • When determining the winners, the total time taken to complete all stages is taken into account. The winner is the participant with the lowest time.
  • The account on the STRAVA platform must belong to the member. All training sessions must be open to the public. Otherwise, the participant's results are unconfirmed.
  • IRONSTAR has the right to request additional confirmation data from the participant (results riathlon, cycling, running trainings and competitions). In case of refusal or inability to provide additional confirming data, the participant's results are unconfirmed.
  • IRONSTAR reserves the right to refuse a participant to confirm the results without giving reasons. Participants with unconfirmed results receive DSQ status and do not participate in the distribution of prizes


All finishers with confirmed results receive points in the ALL STARS ranking according to the following scheme:

SPRINT — max: 700

This competition is part of the IRONSTAR ONLINE DUATHLON CUP. According to the results of all competitions of the cup, the winners in the overall standings among men and women (1-3 place) will be determined and awarded. Winners will be determined by the amount of ALL-STARS points earned for participating in the cup competition.


Protests are submitted electronically through the feedback form on the Help page within 12 hours after the publication of the preliminary results.

 Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ

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