Online duathlon series of races IRONSTAR DUATHLON ONLINE CUP. Half-iron distnace: RUN 10 km + BIKE 90 km + RUN 21 km.
We are launching IRONSTAR DUATHLON ONLINE CUP competition series on May 30th. Anyone can take part! Half-iron distance will start on May, 31.

Half-iron distance — RUN 10 km + BIKE 90 km + RUN 21 km.

How to take part

  • Registers with STRAVA and set up synchronization with your sports watch (if synchronization has not been configured before).
  • Register for the race on IRONSTAR website and set a permission to use the training data from your STRAVA profile.
  • Registration closes at 00:00 on the competition day.
  • During the competition day, the participant goes through all the stages in the right order (RUN → BIKE → RUN).
  • The results of each participant automatically are shown on the table of results on IRONSTAR website.
  • At 23:59 the admission of the results ends. If the participant has not managed to complete the distance by this time, he is assigned the DNF status.
  • Within a week after the end of the competition, IRONSTAR checks the accuracy of the results and publishes the final list of winners.
  • Winners in the award categories are awarded with trophies from sponsors.

Competition rules

  • Participants are to use a sports watch that supports uploading data to the STRAVA platform, or a smartphone with this application.
  • STRAVA profile must be open and accessible for all users
  • The order of competition stages is the same as in the duathlon (RUN → BIKE → RUN)
  • Each stage should be recorded on your sports watch, as a separate training session
  • You can take breaks between stages (max 1 hour!) but all stages must be completed during the competition day (00: 00-23: 59).

Requirements for the location of the stages

  • Bicycle stage — indoor (cycle station synchronized with your sports watch) or outdoor
  • Running — indoor (treadmill synchronized with your sports watch) or outdoor
  • During passing through each stage iit is forbidden to pause the watch 
  • The completed distance for each stage must correspond to the chosen one. If the distance is greater, the total elapsed time will be taken. If the distance is less, then this training (stage) does not count.
  • The average speed at the cycling stage should not be higher than 45 km / h. The average pace at the running stage is not faster than 2:45 min / km.
  • On the race day there should be no other workouts with your STRAVA. Otherwise, such a training may be falsely taken into account instead of one of the stages.


Absolute 1-3 place
  • men
  • women
Age Groups 1 place
  • men, women 14 — 18 years old (this group is only for SUPERSPRINT)
  • men, women 18 — 29 years old (16-29 in SPRINT)
  • men, women 30 — 39 years old
  • men, women 40 — 49 years old
  • men, women 50 — 59 years old
  • men, women 60 — 69 years old
  • men, women over 70

Participants who took 1-3 places in the Absolute do not participate in the Age Groups.

Winners determining

  • The winner is the participant who showed the least time when going through stages.
  • STRAVA profile must belong to the participant. All workouts should be open to public viewing. Otherwise, the participant’s results are not confirmed.
  • IRONSTAR has the right to request from the participant additional data (results of the training and other competitions in triathlon, cycling, running). In case of refusal or inability to provide additional supporting data, the results of the participant are unconfirmed.
  • IRONSTAR has the right to refuse to confirm the results to the participant without explanation.
  • Participants with unconfirmed results receive DSQ status and do not claim prizes.
  • All participants who finish with confirmed results receive points in the All Stars ranking.

Good Luck!

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