IRONSTAR DUATHLON ONLINE CUP — SUPERMIX distance: BIKE 5 км + RUN 2 км + BIKE 5 км + RUN 2 км + BIKE 5 км

First IRONSTAR race where you choose your own time and place to participate!

Everyone can join! Grab your bike and running shoes and let’s go!

You have 2 days to complete the distance. Transition area time — 30 minutes (every next minute will be counted in your overall time).

You can compete in all of 3 distances: SUPERSPRINT, 1/4 and SUPERMIX. The main thing is to meet the competition deadlines. It is required to register for each distance.

Each participant will receive:

  • Automated results via Strava

  • Fair refereeing — we’ll check everyone, we will disqualify for cheating and violation of the rules.

  • Universal race number.

  • Online Finisher Diploma.

  • Points in the All Stars ranking for participants with confirmed results.

  • Opportunity to purchase a cool IRONSTAR branded merch: a backpack, a cap and a stylish T-shirt.


June 20-21, 2020 


  • 1/4

Competition format

  • Individual only

Competition venue

  • Participants choose the route of the selected distance for themselves

  • Training data is synchronized via the STRAVA platform

Competition rules

  1. Register on STRAVA and synchronize with a sports watch

  2. Register for ITONSTAR race and gives permission to use training data from your STRAVA profile

  3. At 00:00 on June 20th (Saturday) admission of the results opens, all workouts performed up to this time are not taken into account

  4. During the weekend, the participant runs and cycles the selected distance, goes through all the steps in the right order: SUPERSPRINT и 1/4 — (RUN → BIKE → RUN) | SUPERMIX — (BIKE → RUN → BIKE → RUN → BIKE)

  5. The results of each participant automatically are shown on the table of results on IRONSTAR website in 24 hours after competition ends

  6. At 23:59 on June 21st the admission of the results ends. If the participant has not managed to complete the distance by this time, he is assigned the DNF status.

  7. Within a week after the end of the competition, IRONSTAR checks the accuracy of the results and publishes the final list of winners.

  8. Winners in the award categories are awarded with trophies from sponsors

Admission information

  • Only persons over the age are allowed to participate: 

    • SUPERSPRINT — from 14 y.o.

    • SUPERMIX — from 16 y.o.

    • 1/4 — frmo 16 y.o.

  • The age of participants is determined as of December 31, 2020


  • The participant who submitted the application and paid the fee is considered registered. Each participant who has passed the registration procedure falls into the starting protocol published on the race page on the IRONSTAR website.

  • By registering and paying a fee, the participant agrees with the IRONSTAR DUATHLON ONLINE rules and to the processing of personal data.


  • The participant is responsible for any possible damage to his health received during training.

  • The participant is responsible for complying with regional and municipal restrictive measures related to COVID-19.

  • The participant is responsible for the knowledge and understanding of the rules.

Competition rules:

  • Participants are to use a sports watch that supports uploading data to the STRAVA platform, or a smartphone with this application.

  • STRAVA profile must be open and accessible for all users

  • The order of competition stages SUPERSPRINT и 1/4 — (RUN → BIKE → RUN)

  • The order of competition stages SUPERMIX — (BIKE → RUN → BIKE → RUN → BIKE)

  • Each stage should be recorded on your sports watch, as a separate training session

  • There is NO Cut-off-times for each stage

  • You can take 30 min. breaks between stages. Every next minute above these 30 min. will be counted in your final competition results.

  • All stages must be completed before 23:59 on June 21 (Sunday) 
  • When participating in several distances, you must completely go through all the stages of one distance before starting another
  • Cycling and Running stage — ONLY OUTDOOR. Cycle stations, simulators and treadmills are not allowed.
  • During passing through each stage iit is forbidden to pause the watch 
  • The completed distance for each stage must correspond to the chosen one.
  • If the distance is greater, the total elapsed time will be taken. 
  • If the distance is less, then the participant will be disqualified.
  • The average speed at the cycling stage should not be higher than 45 km / h. The average pace at the running stage is not faster than 2:45 min / km.
  • On the race day there should be no other workouts with your STRAVA.
  • The participant must upload all the training (stages) to STRAVA until 23:59 on June 21st (Sunday)

A participant who does not fulfill these requirements will be disqualified.

Winners determining

  • The winner is the participant who showed the least time when going through stages
  • STRAVA profile must belong to the participant. All workouts should be open to public viewing. Otherwise, the participant’s results are not confirmed.
  • IRONSTAR has the right to request from the participant additional data (results of the training and other competitions in triathlon, cycling, running). In case of refusal or inability to provide additional supporting data, the results of the participant are unconfirmed.
  • IRONSTAR has the right to refuse to confirm the results to the participant without explanation.
  • Participants with unconfirmed results receive DSQ status and do not claim prizes


All participants who finish with confirmed results receive points in the All Stars ranking:


  • Max: 375

  • Min: 110

  • Lowering scale: 26 points/min


  • Max: 1500

  • Min: 375

  • Lowering scale: 15 points/min


  • Max: 750

  • Min: 260

  • Lowering scale: 19 points/min


Absolute 1-3 place:

  • men

  • women

Age Groups 1-3 place:

men, women 14 — 18 years old (this group is only for SUPERSPRINT)

men, women 18 — 29 years old (16-29 in SPRINT)

men, women 30 — 39 years old

men, women 40 — 49 years old

men, women 50 — 59 years old

men, women 60 — 69 years old

men, women over 70

Participants who took 1-3 places in the Absolute do not participate in the Age Groups.


  • Protests are submitted electronically via the form on the F.A.Q. page within 12 hours of the publication of preliminary results. 
  • Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the F.A.Q.

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