IRONLADY is a women's race, which is held on the eve of the IRONSTAR triathlon competition especially for the beautiful ladies. The distance is 5 km.
Do you participate in the triathlon in Sochi? Are you going to support your athlete? Do you like running and want to feel the "iron" atmosphere of the main start of the year? This race is for you!

IRONLADY starts off on Friday opposite the main entrance of the Imeretinsky Hotel. You will run by the picturesque route along the embankment of the Black Sea and the pier of Imeretinskaya Bay. The next day, along the same route will run "iron" people and participants of IRONSTAR triathlon. But first, here will be you. Good luck!

For the participation you must be 16 years old or elder and have a health certificate with permisson for running 5 km distace or more. We accept medical certificates in any language.

The certificate:

✔ should have the stamp of a medical institution, the signature and stamp of a doctor, the date of issue, the name of the participant.

✔ should have the conclusion that the participant is allowed to compete in triathlon at a distance not less than the one he (she) is going to overcome.

✔ should be valid at the competition. Its overall validity term has to be 6 months from the date of issue, unless stated otherwise.

When you receive a race package, you can pass a copy of the certificate, but you must have the original with you to present it to the organizers.

List of required documents.

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5 km
5 km
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